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Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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What others have said about Hon. Craig Elliot Veals



Comment #: CA9547
Mental Illness Straight from the bench. Not a judge you want to go to trial with. Takes many glasses of wine to recover from a day in his insane asylum.


Comment #: CA8968
Judge Veals is what most here refer to him as. A fairly incompetent idiot!
While we as prosecutors can usually sway him to do what we like, he is just a fool most of the time. We appreciate him being able to be swayed towards the People's table, but really it just is such a trip to get there. How he was elected just boggles the mind.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA8756
Judge Veals is a really good judge. He is smart and actually reads the files and pleadings filed in preparation for hearings. He understands complex legal issues, and is actually willing to listen and consider a position, even if it means that his initial opinion was incorrect (or he got swayed by the prosecutor - his former calendar prosecutor was a hard ass without a brain to match). Judge Veals cares more about being fair and just than his own ego, unlike many other judges. He cares about the defendants, and the man works hard. He is tough. With him, you should never risk missing a hearing, never risk catching new cases while out on OR (risking revocation, bail increase and remand to jail), don't make mistakes (in court or otherwise), and have the defendants "do right" as well as their attorney. Don't waste his time with frivolous requests or expect to "get out of it" without good cause and a strong case. But he spends his time on each case, reaches fair decisions and I would highly recommend him. (Just watch out that his prosecutor doesn't try to predispose him against your client - so work for your client while in this courtroom. Judge Veals is an overall 9 for sure. That is the best I would go, because I don't think there is a 10 on the bench.


Comment #: CA8670
In spite of the fact that this Judge is fairly pro-prosecution, it is painful to see the degree of incompetence that this court officer exudes. Every appearance before him is akin to attending a circus. Just sad. He will be a lifer here though. Unfortunately for all of us.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA8038
Not a judge that is even handed, nor a judge who is smart enough or well educated enough to follow the law. He is a numbers man pure and simple. He's processing cases on an assembly line and will violate rights to do so. Really an odd guy with a huge ego problem. Stay away.


Comment #: CA8008
Rating:Not Rated
This department is a crack-up to work in. Make sure you bow to the royalty. And I agree with the previous post regarding the D.A. Wow! What psycho.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7933
I am a criminal and civil practitioner who has tried maybe six or seven criminal cases in front of Judge Veals in recent years. I have found him to be more than fair. He follows the law and has been very pleasant to me and to others as well. He is one of the few judges who actually speaks to my clients with concern and treats them with dignity and compassion. While I have not been thrilled with every ruling, I have understood them and have appreciated his explanation and careful consideration in making them. I am scheduled to start another trial in his court in a few weeks and wouldn't think of going anywhere else.


Comment #: CA7827
This judge must be bipolar. While he is very pro prosecution, he is a certifiable nut job.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA7706
While I ordinarily would not take the time to respond to the likes of the enraged diatribe posted a few days ago regarding Judge Veals, I had to make an exception here. These comments conspicuously appeared the day after Judge Veals sentenced a defendant for having violated his probation for the second time, and given the tenor of the comments, there is no question about who posted them. I was present in Judge Veals court and listened to the proceedings. Conveniently absent from the commentor's comments is even a passing reference to the facts. Those facts are essential for proper context. Judge Veals pointed out during the hearing that the defendant had been convicted for repeatedly raping an 11-yer old girl. He was somehow placed on probation in another court and told to register as a sex offender. He violated probation by failing to register to and picked up a new case for that. He then violated probation on the sex registration case and received additional time in custody. He then abandoned probation again, this time illegally leaving California. He apparently relocated to Texas and was soon prosecuted there for various offenses, one of them being a drug case. He had several pounds of marijuana in his possession in that case and received a sentence of I believe eight years. The defendant returned to California after serving this sentence. He neither reported to probation to clear up his warrant nor updated his sex offender registration as required by law. He was arrested on the bench warrant and his case was transferred to Judge Veals' court for resolution. The attorney who argued for the defendant of course had no reasonable excuse to present on his client's behalf. His very anemic plea essentially was for the court to give the defendant some slack since he had served a significant prison sentence in Texas once he had abandoned his probationary obligations in California. Throughout the entire process, Judge Veals listened to him patiently and attentively, and outlined in painstaking detail every fact upon which he would base his decision. The judge noted this was the third day of argument on the subject, and that the court had even put the matter over on earlier occasions to afford the attorney an opportunity to appear on the case (he had earlier sent an underling to argue the case and, apparently unhappy with the way things developed, asked through his proxy to put the case over yet again). Judge Veals ultimately refused to reinstate the defendant's probation and sentenced him to the low term of 16 months in prison(the defendant was eligible to receive 3 years of imprisonment). It is unfortunate that anyone would so irresponsibly attack so well-meaning, exceptional, and hard working a judge as Craig Veals, especially in response to the case that triggered it all, but mindless character assassination apparently will always be the last resort of those who can't make their point professionally, objectively, and on the facts.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA7689
Walking into the courtroom of Craig Veals is like entering the eighth Circle of Hell. It is unbearable. The judge himself is a card-carrying imbecile who attempts to be pleasant while giving the most draconian sentences possible. He is a mean, evil man. His calendar DA is a dirtbag of the first order -- a petty punitive and stupid person. Paper this judge, stay away at all costs.