Hon. John Shepard Wiley, Jr. See Rating Details
Superior Court
Los Angeles County
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Attorney Average Rating:   8.7 - 11 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   3.0 - 3 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. John Shepard Wiley, Jr.


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10049
He does not know basic civil procedure. I was
surprised by his incompetence. His opinions have no analysis. He choose sides and simply copy arguments of one side as his opinion. He does not engage in any rational discussion.
He is the Manuel Real of state courts.


Comment #: CA7369
Great judge. I had 3 cases in LASC, and-by far-Judge Wiley was the most competent, fair, informed on matter at hand. Clearly read all moving papers before ruling. We need a lot more like him!


Comment #: CA6771
My employer (LA County) had brought an ex-parte before this judge. There had been a private mediation and although the settlement had not even gone before the Board of Supervisors an emergency hearing was held because I was refusing to sign the agreement.
I had experienced tremendous difficulties with the attorney I had retained (Leo James Terrell).
In short I was alleging that Terrell did not represent me properly and forced me into signing a handwritten settlement after hours of hearing him yell at me, marginalize me, and misleading me.
This settlement was "signed" in the back of my car in a parking lot with Terrell hovering over me. I was extremely distraught and was all alone.
I appeared before Wiley on my own (as I was not speaking to Terrell at that point).
Terrell actually was siding with LA County...I am not an attorney but it seems that there is a conflict here as he was about to receive over $67,000.
Unfortunately Wiley refused to hear my pleas. Instead he stated that he had a mesothelioma case that needed to be heard and essentially he had no time. He then stated that Terrell fought hard for me and did a good job. The reason why I gave a 2 was because I cant say that he wasn't polite. As to respect for justice, I did not receive that in my case before him.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA6646
Best trial judge in Los Angeles County if not California. I've appeared before him in numerous complex cases in CCW.

He's always completely engaged in the cases, wants to do justice but also wants to follow the law. Is not afraid to make law if he thinks it is appropriate.

He's a legal scholar who was a UCLA Law professor. So it's best to be prepared and not b.s. him. But his judicial temperament is such that even lawyers who are unprepared and b.s. artists are treated politely in his court.

Sadly he is seeking appellate appointment, so he may not be with us in the trial courts much longer. Would be best suited to work on State Supreme Court.

Note that of all the judges with more than a few ratings his is the highest. Except for one sour grapes litigant it's pretty clear Judge Wiley is head and shoulders about the judges in the L.A. Courts. (And, sorry to say, it's a pretty sad bunch.)

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5739
The best Judge the LASC has to offer.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3571
A highly intelligent jurist; a true legal scholar. He is very pleasant, courteous and works well with attorneys and litigants to get a case settled. If you cannot settle, he is marvelous at trial. If only they could all be like him ...

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3399
Judge Wiley is intelligent and very fair. I have had nothing but good experiences with him both at Mosk and CCW. I didn't win motions with him all the time, but always felt like he read the papers and ruled fairly.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2771
I'd be hard pressed to think of anything negative about the man. He goes out of his way to show respect to everyone in his courtroom, and is otherwise just a pleasant, likeable guy. He reads the papers, and is prepared to discuss them. Tends to come up with pragmatic rulings -- even if they sometimes stray a little from where he strictly ought to come down. He is a little pushy on case and trial management.


Comment #: CA2617
Judge Wiley does not know the difference between a bench trial and a motion for summary judgment. He also has no idea how to apply the standard: "in a light most favorable to the non-moving party". Instead, he expends his energies complaining about budget cuts in the judiciary. What inevitably follows is judicial misconduct. Avoid this judge at all costs. He should be permanently removed from his office.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1791
Was only in front of him twice on motions before he was assigned to CCW to do complex litigation but he was smart, actually thought about what he was doing, and had a sense of humor. Wish I was still in his court. If there's any justice at all, he's headed for higher court(s).

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA1224
Judge Wiley does it by the book, which some practioners like me appreciate. No ex partes except as authorized by statute. No trial continuances unless you really move heaven and earth. That said, he is impartial, thoughtful, and certainly one of the finer judges on the bench.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1067
Great judge. Fair, impartial, thoughtful and seems to really care about his work. If only we had more like him in Central, law could actually be fun.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA540
I like him a lot on an overall basis. He also listens well, is bright, and shows a willingness to deviate from his tentative if the right circumstances are shown. Very pragmatic. Only negative is that he is a little pushy on case management scheduling--I understand given that deadlines do settle cases, but a little more leniency might be good in certain cases.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA396
In 27 years of practice, this is one of the finest judges I have appeared in front of. I had a complex habitability case in front of him with some one hundred plaintiffs and very obnoxious opposing counsel. Judge Wiley was always prepared; he had the keen intelligence to quickly grasp and analyse complex issues and his judicial temperament made every appearance easy on the stomach.