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Superior Court
Orange County
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What others have said about Hon. Stephanie George


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10594
I like this judge. I admire her no-nonsense approach to criminal cases. In addition, I even admire the way she keeps the proceedings succinct by curtailing any rambling & incoherent attempts by some defendants and their attorneys to excuse their obvious lack of preparation. Admittedly, I was kind of taken aback when she started having defendants taken in to custody right there in the courtroom. But- I hardly see how she could be racist, bigoted or partial in any way, however, since I myself witnessed a prissy, WASP-sh and yuppie-eque young Newport Beach hussy being handcuffed in a DUI case for what I guess was failing to complete ANY of her sanctions or attend ANY classes within the time frame of about six months.
Luckily, my client had prepared numerous exhibits and letters of reference for support for his own case. There was some other person there for exactly the same thing as my client, and it came to light that this other person had been put on warrant status FORTY times since his conviction and was still there asking for special favors. Ridiculous. Even though this judge sends people to jail, sometimes they are being sent there only for an overnight stay, to teach them a lesson for wasting everyone's time. Even my client thought this made sense. I would recommend to any defendants in this courtroom, to 1. not expect any special favors, 2. stand at parade rest, and 3. to keep their mouth shut unless asked direct questions, to which they should respond with direct answers.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10361
I've been around for awhile and I know that both the prosecution and the defense attorneys feel the same way towards her. If you have good law and facts supporting your position she will listen to you.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10260
The chickens finally came home to roost on November 6, 2016, when Judge Stephanie George was ARRESTED and booked on suspicion of child endangerment after Orange County Sheriff's responded to a domestic disturbance report.

(Please remember that pending conviction criminal defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence, at least inside the courtroomzß

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA10096
This judge is simply terrible. She is reads your entire case out loud to the entire courtroom and tells you to shut up if you try and speak regardless of what you are trying to say. She is the only judge Ive seen act like she does and everyone in the courtroom was surprised. This judge needs to be replaced


Comment #: CA9833
Rating:Not Rated
This woman has no clue about the real world or hardship. She is a bully, opinionated, and extremely racist. If your ethnicity is not caucasian, you are already guilty and "WILL" be taken into custody. I sat through her proceedings, listen to the cases, and some very similar in nature. But each ethnic person was denied to defend themselves, and were immediately taken into custody. She projects her own insecurities upon defendants, as well as her stereotypes. How and why OC would allow such an individual be a part of their system reflects the entire OC Courts position. As someone who has interviewed numerous individuals . OC Courts has the worst reputation among all the courts in S. CA,also inclusive with the Sheriff Dept. She is known as "Judge Hanger" this woman will be the reason behind a massive lawsuit towards the OC Courts. Trust me! If anyone has been wronged by this judge my advice is to immediataly take action, file a lawsuit.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6970
This woman is a conceited bully. Its a known fact by every attorney who appears in her court. As an attorney I have the ability to "paper" a judge, and be moved to another courtroom. I did that to this judge, who then ORDERED me into her chambers. I softly said, "Not without a court reporter" - causing her to SQUEAL, (and change her mind). She made me sit and wait for more than 5 HOURS... at which time she announced, "I am not accepting your challenge, I am, on MY OWN motion, sending your case to another department." This is NOT legal, to ignore my challenge... but as in all things - she does not give a hoot. SHE IS STEPHANIE GEORGE. WHO appoints these idiots? and WHY?


Comment #: CA2767
This defendant's arrest history was for a DUI as a 19 year old. Their second DUI was 6 years later for driving with a BAC level of .04%. Though well below the normal limit, this violated the zero tolerance policy attached to a DUI minor offernder. The defendant was ordered to serve 30 days. They served this time and were ordered to fines and alcohol classes. The classes lapsed and a warrant was issued. The defendant in question came to the court on their own free will to pay all fines and attempt to reinstate probation/classes.

Judge George gave the defendant NO opportunity to speak, belittled them, ordered them into custody, then gave 30 more days in jail. This is a non-violent offender, with only ONE legitimate DUI. This type of reckless behavior by a JUDGE is inexcusable. This defendant does not belong with the dregs of society, filling up our jails, costing tax payers money.

This type of event is scarring, does not solve any problems, and makes our society worse off.

She should be stripped of her ability to preside over a court of law, and even her license to practice law.


Comment #: CA2456
Rating:Not Rated
Angry and irrational. Difficult to understand her thinking. Purposely forces jail for a person who is willing and able to pay all fines, in order for him to lose his job, while allowing a drunk teenager driving 95 on I5 to run free.


Comment #: CA2441
Rating:Not Rated
I see from the comment below that this woman is an angry lady yelling at everybody in court. Well I guess her apple son did not fall far from the tree. Her son has been bullying my son and other kids at his elementary middle school in Las Flores. To say that I am outraged that this woman has taught her son to act as she does to bully everyone is a mild understatement. William Kirkendale

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA504
Another angry lady trying to make herself look good by yelling at everyone in the room. More pro-prosecution than others.