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Superior Court
Orange County
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Attorney Average Rating:   3.1 - 11 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   1.0 - 1 rating(s)
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* Scholarship (1=Awful,10=Excellent)
* Industriousness (1=Not at all industrious,10=Highly industrious)
* Ability to Handle Complex Litigation (1=Awful,10=Excellent)
* Punctuality (1=Chronically Late,10=Always on Time)
* General Ability to Handle Pre-Trial Matters (1=Not all Able, 10=Extremely Able)
* General Ability as a Trial Judge (1=Not all Able, 10=Extremely Able)
Flexibility In Scheduling (1=Completely Inflexible,10=Very Flexible)

Criminal Rating Criteria (if applicable)

* Evenhandedness in Criminal Litigation (1=Demonstrates Bias,10=Entirely Evenhanded)
General Inclination Regarding Bail (1=Pro-Defense,10=Pro-Government)
Involvement in Plea Discussions (1=Not at all Involved, 10=Very Involved)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Pretrial Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Trial Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)
General Inclination in Criminal Cases Sentencing Stage (1=Pro-prosecution,10=Pro-defense)

Civil Rating Criteria (if applicable)

* Evenhandedness in Civil Litigation (1=Not at all Evenhanded,10=Entirely Evenhanded)
Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Geoffrey T. Glass


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA5079
Set aside an entire morning for a simple CMC appearance. He will often take the bench late (30 mins. late last time). He has a long calendar (about 30 to 35 cases). He spends an inordinate amount of time on each case. He will read your CMC and respect your unavailability.

He is humorless and short (but there are way worse). He will deride you for not following local rules, especially if you don't get your trial doc's in on time. He insists that you submit jury instructions before trial, but then only actually demanded a list of the numbers.

He seems like he tries to be fair, but I have not actually had him decide an important issue. I would agree with other comments that he seems to want to make easy issues more difficult.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4457
He is easily confused, and didn't understand some very basic civil procedure issues. On some motions he spent way too much time for no good reason, then he spent too little time on more complex matters, while never actually seeming to understand them.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4342
Often I try and consider a judge's demeanor as a matter of style rather than temperament. However, in the few appearances I've had in front of him, I can say this judge's temperament comes off as rude, obnoxious, arrogant and sometimes ruthless. I'm not saying that he is actually rude, obnoxious etc., only that he comes off that way. His style is atrocious.

He has an open motion calendar, but his trial schedule is inflexible, largely due to the quirky system Orange County Superior uses in its trial settings. You get a trial date but you could be forced to hang around for days, if not weeks, to go to trial.

Like the other judges in Orange Superior, Judge Glass probably doesn't care very much about availability, competing trial schedules, or if you or your client dropped dead of a heart attack.

He has shown an incredible amount of restraint around pro se litigants, stopping short of giving legal advice but often prodding them in the right direction, hoping they get his hints. So I can appreciate the kindness that he shows to lay people.

Where lawyers are concerned, it's another story. He cuts lawyers short, often not letting them finish their arguments. He will talk over you.

And then finally there's the petty complaints. If you did everything right in the case, filed it, made proper objections, cited proper law, and otherwise did everything right, he still blames you for some petty "mistake."

He's rather destructive to lawyers. In the end, though, I have a gut feeling that he will do the right thing, or at least that's my hope.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA4335
I agree with almost all the previous comments. Judge Glass, though knowledgeable about the procedures, has a terrible temperament. He does not treat the attorneys with respect, but belittles them. He automatically assumes the worst of each attorney, from what I have observed (and from personal experience). He thoroughly interrogates the attorneys, many times in a contentious manner.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3541
Judge Glass hates his job. He treats all who appear before him with absolute contempt. He is never on time but will sanction you for tardiness. His court staff are like the KGB and will rat you out if they hear anything untoward regarding their master. He's an automatic 170.6. They should have a stack of pre-filled DQ forms at the door of the courtroom.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3307
After my first appearance before Judge Glass, I was prepared for being belittled when we eventually had a hearing on the merits in the case in which I represented the petitioner (writ case). But, to be honest, his temperament was ok. I could see him go back and forth with some of the other attorneys in other case, but he was just being socratic. He was hard on them, but at the end he would correctly sum up their positions and either rule or take the matter under submission. On one case he went off an attorney, but the attorney kind of deserved it--he simply would not answer whether his client would be filing responses to RFAs. It was painful to watch. And don't interrupt him.

Is his disposition somewhat unpleasant. Yeah, and he has this interesting way of holding his head down like he's either thinking or sleeping when someone's explaining something to him. He did chuckle once.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2965
Treats lawyers like they are idiots. Patronizing and condescending. Avoid doing court call with him. He simply cannot handle it when two attorneys are on court-call. He gets very confused by court-call. Another model judge in SoCal...

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA2262
I concur with the other comments. How can this man continue to sit on the bench. Ding him if at all possible.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA2254
Capricious, temperamental, cannot control temper, forms bias before hearing on merits and sticks with it, regardless of evidence, surprisingly poor knowledge of civil procedure.


Comment #: CA2100
Arrogant, condescending, and patronizing. The minute he walked into the court room he said to everyone: "I won't allow re-trying your case. You're not allowed to submit any evidence, so don't even try". That was his "good morning". Those kind of judges need to be reminded that they have been appointed or elected by the people to serve them. They need to take a course on "customer service" and anguer management. This man is horrible. I petty his wife and his children who must put up with such abusive personality.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1920
This judge is rude, arrogant and biased. He doesn't read the briefs and he treats everyone in the courtroom unprofessionally. The man is obnoxious and wholly unsuited to be a jurist. Other counties have removed such judges from the bench. I will never have a case in front of him again, and will bounce him every time. Unbelievable.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA1232
Words to describe Judge Glass: rude, arrogant, disrepectful to lawyers; angry; obnoxious behavior towards lawyers; likes to demean lawyers and has a general nasty disposition. Almost like he hates his job.