Hon. Raymond L. Haight III See Rating Details
Superior Court
San Bernardino County
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What others have said about Hon. Raymond L. Haight III


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13693
Rating:Not Rated
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have engaged in their 18 hour stalking binge repeating the same conduct that they have disseminated for the last ten months. It is 11 pm in the District of Columbia and the disseminate naked and obscene images of ELena Blank hoping to fabricate more obscene and vindictive conduct tomorrow. They have perpetuated the dame conduct for ten months and repeat it ad nauseum. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are highly dangerous and vindictive and highly violent

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13692
Rating:Not Rated
Jared Kushner invites rape and sexual violence against Elena Blank by beaming her VAGINA to various individuals including Anne Lee in Orange County with instructions to locate and sexually harass her. His insane and obscene vindicte conduct is out of control and he trhives on his PERCEIVED POWER, as it concerns a vagina of a woman in the US. He believes by dissmienating naked and obscene images of a person that he has some power o the US. His insane conduct is out of control and display the vindictive and obsessive, obscen mind set of Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner is out of control and highly dangerous. The only purpose is to specify that Elena Blank is highly controlled by jared Kushner.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA13630
Rating:Not Rated
Timothy Ewanyshyn uses Prism to violate the safe guards of the Safe at Home program. He broadcasts the privileged location and address of a Safe at Home program and the people that are protected in a Safe at home program and deliberately and willfully endangers their safety. Hi sinsane conduct is out of control and he violates CA Penal code section 646.9 and CA penal code section 502 on a daily basis with thousands of incidents. The violation of the Safe at home porgram is based upon his malicious criminal stalking and harassment and his dangerous conduct which is out of control. He has contacted any potential employer with his insane defamation/stalking/harassment preventing any potential employment. A normal business would not subject themselves to the liability of endangering their employees and other individuals with his insane criminal stalking and harassment. His business is called the La Quinta Law Group and numerous police complaints exist which document his insane violation of a Safe at Home porgam and the provision of the location of domestic violence victims to a restrained ex-spouse, restrained by a domestic violence restraining order. He has harassed and stalked the children protected under the domestic violence program, obtained their phone number and has verbally abused these children with phone calls.


Comment #: CA13554
Raimond Haight is one of the worst judges in San Bernardino County and disseminates naked and obscene images of a domestic violence victim in a home protected under a domestic violence program. His insane conduct is out of control as is his criminal stalking and hrassment and encourgaement of psyhocpaths and drug addicts to rape, assulat and kill the single mother. His conduct violates CA penal code section 646.9 and he encourages mentally ill individuals to harass, stalk, kill and assault a woman. His conduct encourages obscene harassment and assault and he encourages a vicious ex-husband to act in a violent manner and to violate every single applicable court order including a restraining order. He enables a restrained ex-husband to locate his ex-wife and disseminated naked images to him when the same person has repeatedly specified that he will kill his ex-wife. He facilitates the obsession of other individuals instead of stepping in and protecting children and a single mother.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA12755
Raymond Haight disseminates fraudulent reports, defaming domestic violence victims to a police department and has instructed the relevant police office, who was summonsed to his home in Redlands not to appear in court. This police officer was provided with a packet of "documents" which cannot be legally authenticated. His conduct is witness intimidation and coercion. He failed to notify the relevant agency of the fraudulent reports that were provided to him and refused to notify law enforcement of the electronic stalking and harassment that he is aware of centered around domestic violence victims. Instead he perpetuates third party defamation around false reports to harass, intimidate and coerce, failing to act according to Judicious canon of ethics. A judge is not allowed to conduct himself in this manner and has to adhere to the law. His conduct does not inspire public confidence in the ability of the judiciary to apply the law according to Judicial canon of ethics canon 1, 2, 3, 6.


Comment #: CA11188
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Haight does not have the temperament to be a judicial officer and does not act in a calm and rational manner; displaying a hysterical tendency when addressing family law matters. This judicial officer refuses to address the relevant family law standard and bases his decisions on matters that are not before the court. This judge is fixated, rigid and is incapable of displaying an open mind and does not have the temperament to act as a judicial officer. His term as presiding judge will come to an end in December 2017. To date this Presiding Judge has not implemented any procedures or a domestic violence protocol as required by the CA judicial council, preferring instead to increase and expose children to additional domestic violence, since it's his way or the highway.