Hon. Brian S. McCarville See Rating Details
Superior Court
San Bernardino County
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What others have said about Hon. Brian S. McCarville



Comment #: CA37991
Rating:Not Rated

so obvious

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA37989
Judge McCarville is the most bias judge I have ever encountered. I have been in practice for 15 years and I have never experienced the type of prejudice from a Judge in my life. He doesn't understand complex contract-real estate cases. He spent the entire time my case was in front of him talking about his "capitol murder" trial. He didn't research the law, made split second unjustified opinions and openly berated me and my co-counsel in Court and then took it back after he realized he was wrong. He needs to hurry up and retire so a more competent judge can take his place. If you are a lawyer who represents a person of color in his Courtroom, do yourself a favor and 170.6 him immediately. I promise you, he will not be fair or follow the law.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA36597
A very irresponsible judge who did not give the defendant any reason for defense or any evidence, and helped local government departments to pronounce the verdict privately, which violated the law of the United States.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA32817
The local emergency rules, the minute order that issues upon the filing of the complaint, and a clerk all stated that no appearance at the initial TSC was necessary. I didn’t appear at the initial TSC, but it went forward anyway, and this judge apparently went ballistic. I’m not impressed so far.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA26728
McCarville, is a DISGRACE to the bench! He is RUDE, ARROGANT, CONDESCENDING, and ABUSIVE. He does NOT follow the law, rules arbitrarily, hands out meritless restraining order like staff at COSTCO handing out samples. He needs to be unceremoniously REMOVED from the Bench, and not allowed to "Retire". He is clearly "Biased" which is nothing new. It's time for him to STOP disgracing the integrity of the Court.


Comment #: CA24703
My 10 year old life time brain injured son unfortunately lost the judge in charge of his case for almost 7 years. Sadly McCarville was available and we got stuck with him at the last minute.
He yelled at the father for "reacting" to "inaccurate at best" statements by the CVUSD and attorney Michael Marlatt and defense attorney's hired witnesses (under threat from the defense attorney, these are my "OPINIONS") and biased the jury.
The "justice system" can not be worse off with this judge retired. I wished he had retired many years ago and would have been tax-payer dollars spent to get rid of him.
Notice to all Jurors..... I have literally removed myself from the voters list to avoid jury duty and wasting 3.5 weeks of my life listening to "lies*" (*it was impossible to conclude both sides were telling the truth - someone HAD to be lying) the "justice" (this mccarville guy and defense attorney \michael marlatt of thompson and colgate) system allows, then to learn, one side lied and I got it all wrong. Yes, a juror that is an Unites Airlines pilot in less than 7 seconds changed his "verdict" after learning that Michael Marlatt of Thompson and Colgate, along with the CVSD, photo shopped a picture of the "crime seen"... they removed caution tape warning of a dangerous condition that the defense put up. Be carful on any United Airlines fight and the pilot being able to recognize a TRUE dangerous condition!!!

At the end of the trial..
The 10 year old life time brain injured boy owed Michael Marlatt of Thompson and Colgate an estimate of hundreds of thousands of dollars .... just for getting a life time brain injury and seeking "justice". YES you read that right, with "judge" mccarville, the "justice system" and michael marlatt of thompson and colgate, this 10 year old life time brain injured child owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars.....

Welcome to the American "justice" system.....

BTW.. jurors..
There ARE NO consequences for lying in court. ABSOLUTELY None!!! The oath against "God" and not lying means NOTHNIG!!!!
Don't be fooled by a judge - use YOUR judgement. Don't be fooled by any attorney that "dances" like a balarena around the court room and calls the other opposing attorney "my honorable college"... they actually HATE each other.
Don't be stupid jury.... there are many bad judges and the most evil defendants are the ones you think are the most innocent........ like school boards & their insurance company who is who you are Really dealing with...
Surprised.... ??????

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA14616
Judge McCarville will let you try your case. He tries to be even handed, but leans a bit toward local lawyers. I found him to be wise and generally fair. I would recommend you keep him if you draw him as your Judge. You could do a lot worse and he earned my respect.


Comment #: CA14164
Rating:Not Rated
My case was handled unjustly. Judge, Mccarville prevented my case from going before a jury. He had in his possession statements from both parties and deemed on side hear say without supporting documentation or cross-examinations. I clearly did not understand why this could not be determined by a jury. This was concluded after a Motion Judgement Summary. And yes my case was triable. It was a poor judgement on his behalf and caused my family and I hardship.