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Superior Court
San Diego County
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What others have said about Hon. Susan D. Huguenor



Comment #: CA6526
All the comments here re Judge Huguenor are horrible! And rightfully so! I have nothing more to add except that Judge Huguenor does not realize that she is dealing with human lives and that her rulings affect the lives of the litigants and their children FOREVER. My husband is still trying to recover from the damage her rulings brought not only to his relationships with his children, but also to his finances. He will NEVER get back the years that Judge Huguenor, through her incompetence and laziness, took away from him and his children. I am so glad she is gone....I only wish that she could be held accountable for all of her bad decisions. I wish her all the pain, sorrow, estrangement from her family, and financial ruin in her retirement that she brought upon innocent parties in her courtroom through her incompetence, stupidity, and ignorance of the law.


Comment #: CA5110
I rate Susan Huguenor the worst because she allows one side to be oppressive and unjust with the law. I believe Susan and judges like her is the reason law will be outsourced to China. In my case, my ex husband, a lawyer would not negotiate any type of settlement. He insisted on going to court. And he knew full well that he had controlled every penny of the marital money. And he had dictated the roles in our marriage. Susan rubber stamped whatever he wanted, even illegal things.


Comment #: CA5051
Citizens of San Diego, particularly those going through divorce or child custody are so lucky that Susan G. Huguenor has retired!!!


Comment #: CA4808
Judge Susan Huguenor practices bias and prejudice.
An odor of cronyism permeates her orders.
In my case, I gave her evidence and my testimony that my ex-husband committed insurance fraud, tax fraud, and worse. There were doctor reports of his abuse and domestic violence. There was more evidence, but Judge Huguenor refused to hear it.
I was an innocent party in this divorce. I did not even see the divorce coming. My ex-husband took and hid assets before he filed for divorce. He then blatantly lied in his sworn testimony. When I pointed out the lies, and gave the evidence from experts refuting his testimony, the judge got nasty. My ex-husband provided himself with hundreds of thousands of dollars for his vacations, his real estate purchases, and to pay his attorney. Judge Huguenor refused to make him pay even a decent hourly wage to my attorney. She should not be a judge.

Fundamentally, all citizens have the right to expect that a judge will use their professional discretion to do what is basically an upholding of human rights. The judge will discern the equitable, the equal, the fair, the right and the just.

Judge Huguenor, on the other hand, was very abusive of judicial discretion. I do believe that she defines the idea of discretion as her right to do whatever she pleases, because her orders are cruel, abusive, and missing whole sections of the law and anything else that is even remotely wise or upholding of basic human rights. This judge used her power to omit any factors that favored me. She used her knowledge and skill to harm one party (me), and favor the other, more powerful party, my ex, in an over-the-top way.

And this judge apparently cannot do simple arithmetic. Every time that I talked to someone there about my case, they told me that she cannot do arithmetic, and I believe that is pathetic and a solid indication that she should not be a judge. Numbers, whether in the Bible, in business, or in divorce, are all about the sense and ability to balance. This judge's orders in my case reflect a profound lack of balance and lack of balancing ability. And she refuses to acknowledge the lying with numbers that my ex-husband did, because she favored him.

Please, San Diego -- we need to insist that our Family Court judges are honest, fair, wise, and competent, at least at looking at all of the factors and balancing things. Judge Susan Huguenor omits factors that do not favor her chosen favorite.

Several attorneys told me that our Family Courts have a horrible reputation -- I heard more than one attorney call them "kangaroo courts." And I find this assessment true, especially with Judge Susan Huguenor.

Our entire society will fall apart if we allow the judges who deal with the basic, fundamental elements of society -- children, mothers, and fathers -- to do so in such cruel, unbalanced, biased, and unreasonable ways.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA4619
San Diego deserves better. This is Jabba the Hutt wearing red lipstick. Please can we retire it? Please? We have here a caricature who "holds court." Judge Huguenor acts like a queen, not a judge. She decides who she favors and bestows her favors that way. This woman does not understand the English language and its usage. The prior judge wrote a complete, intact judgment that used the past perfect participle form of a verb. Meaning that: the past judge gave and the ex-husband received, in the past, sufficiently everything in the judgment. This woman let the ex-husband modify the judgment without a motion to modify. And this woman paid my ex-husband double what the judgment gave him. And she gave him illegal things. This "judge" cannot even read a judgment. Oh please, oh please San Diego, we deserve better. Judge Huguenor has no evidence to substantiate what she does. She abuses judicial discretion, and bestows favors on those whom she favors. This is worse than the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Retire her!