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Superior Court
Santa Cruz County
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What others have said about Hon. Jeff Almquist


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA5960
The worst nightmare imaginable. He does not give a hoot about the law. His rulings are random and arbitrary.


Comment #: CA5704
He is without a doubt even a worse Judge then he was a County Supervisor-he is still extremely Arrogant, Rude and thinks he is above the law. He does not ask the proper questions, does not even bother to read the evidence placed in front of him. He makes up his mind based upon his own private bias- of who he likes and dislikes. He does not even have the integrity to excuse himself when he presides on a case that he knows he has a built in bias toward be it either the person or persons involved or the nature of the suit. This man is not qualified to be a Judge he does not contain one ounce humility or compassion.


Comment #: CA5660
Judge Almquist side-stepped the law, denying the rights of my two step children, ages 13 and 7, in a custody suit brought by dad. No allegations of abuse were made by dad, as no abuse has occurred at any time with mom. Mom goes to court with her attorney, judge orders a move away of the children out of their home with mom,granting dad custody, without an evidentuary hearing, mediation, or an evaluation. When mom's attorney requested emergency mediation, judge denied stating that a mediator was not available. Mom's attorney checked and in fact a mediator was available. Mom and especially these children have rights. Judge Almquist does not feel that way.


Comment #: CA5025
At first I felt like I had been pre-judged. Later on though, upon receiving further info I think he saw the bigger picture, and he admitted to making a mistake, and looking back, I don't blame him. We all make mistakes and Judge Almquist showed much humility, and I respect him for that.


Comment #: CA4918
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Almquist gets right to the point. Swift justice is a great use of taxpayer time and resources. I salute him.


Comment #: CA4719
My boyfriend appeared before this judge on 1/7/14. He is the absolute worst. Judge Almquist should pop a Midol before he enters his courtroom. He gave specific court orders for my boyfriend to follow, and they were followed to a "T." Judge Almquist contradicted his own orders, and allowed his ex to manipulate both him and the judicial system. When he appeared in court again, his ex continued to submit a stack of lies to the court. Since her papers were just received the day before their court hearing, my boyfriend gathered his response to her blatant lies. Included in his papers were a complete CPS report against his ex, two police incident reports against his ex, and photos of the scars that his ex left on their daughter, among several other documents. When asked if Judge Almquist would please look at the CPS report, he refused and made a rushed decision in the mother's favor. So now we have a child who is stuck living with a mother who hits her on the legs with a spiky belt, hits her on the face with a regular belt, gets drunk to the point where she soils her pants, gives her own child alcohol, allows her daughter to witness domestic violence -- and the list goes on. Judge Almquist refused to even look at anything. He clearly didn't have the child's best interest as a priority. He had his mind made up ahead of time, and did not want to hear any evidence to help a child. I just hope and pray that this child doesn't get beaten again by her mother. Judge Almquist seemed like he just wanted to get the cases over with and go home. I think that he should just go home and stay home if he is not going to be fair about his rulings.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA4695
Sad but true -- he has no respect and is often considered a big joke. It's time to retire and let a competent replacement take over.


Comment #: CA4591
Judge Almquist is incompetent. I was before him with a simple case of the law being broken. He did not care what the law said, and ruled against it.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA3668
Judge Almquest is just getting worse with each passing day. This Man has not a clue of what it takes to be a good Judge,I have witnessed Him sleeping on the bench Only to wake up and make a rushed ruling without knowing the facts.He should be removed.

Court Staff

Comment #: CA2501
Judge Jeff Almquist,has his mind made up before trial.Hes lazy dose not do the required work.if he dose not like you he makes the rules.he prefer everything kept off the record.I truly believe this Judge will be removed from the bench,not because of his actions towards people but because of the sheer amount of cases he has had overturned.he was not a very good lawyer and hes a even worse Judge.