Hon. Garry T. Ichikawa See Rating Details
Superior Court
Solano County
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What others have said about Hon. Garry T. Ichikawa



Comment #: CA12827
When Judge Ichikawa was served a notice declaring a group's intent to recall him, he promptly told the election office that he would "resign" by the end of the month. He chose to instead retire early, and then believed he could usurp the recall process by coming back as a retired judge (since you can't recall a retired judge). Floods of evidence of his misconduct was sent in to the Commission on Judicial Performance, including the denied to restraining order request that resulted in the alleged murder of Kenesha Jackson. Ichikawa refused to believe the woman's evidence nor please for protection, and Ichikawa even went so far as to deny her request, in full, since he specifically didn't foresee a threat of death. In another case, Ichikawa refused to protect another little girl from her abusive father, which resulted in her molestation. Just one incident like this would be enough to keep him from returning, but, tragically, there are numerous cases that echo the same pattern. The result of his departure from Solano's family law bench, has been relief for many attorneys and women who he refused to believe about abuse, no matter how much credible proof they presented to him. Although too late for many, it does appear that justice has been served for several who may have an opportunity to appear before a new judge that will believe and protect them from legitimate abuse.


Comment #: CA12782
Judge Ichikawa is an excellent family law judge. He is extremely unbiased and knowledgeable about family law. He is also respectful and fair minded. Most of all he listens and reads, and only does what is best for the child. Too many times, parents come to court to lie and alienate children from the other parent. Judge Ichikawa doesn't allow those seeking to manipulate the system to room free and terrorize the other party with illegitimate legal tactics. Overall, he is one of the best family law judges the California court system has to offer.


Comment #: CA12388
This judge is completely incompetent and should not be allowed to try cases that involve abuse. He makes domestic violence victims tell they confidential address in open court, does not know the difference between an "unfounded" and "inconclusive" CPS report, can't keep cases straight and talks about other children that aren't even involved in the case before him, refuses to allow litigants to go to mediation, is completely biased against women and even has three stacks of brochures for fathers in his courtroom... nothing for mothers. In a case with a dv arrest, three restraining orders, dv witnesses and proof of abuse, he says there was no abuse. HORRIBLE JUDGE. He should not be allowed to come back.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA12221
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Ichikawa is a peculiar person. He is sometimes meticulous and thorough in written rulings, other times, he gets simple facts wrong. He is polite and does not abuse people in the courtroom. It's a shame we have to notice that, but compared to others (Unger), that's a plus.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA12215
I'm a local family law attorney. I'm sad to see Judge Ichikawa retire. To me, he is what a judge should be. He is an excellent judge.

He never loses his temper, although he is short sometimes and by no means is a push over. He is real big on answering just the questions during testimony and not providing an narrative answer. For instance, if the question is, "Did you go to the store yesterday," he expects "yes" or "no" and not "I want to the store and bought bread yesterday".

He is an expert in family law. He takes almost every evidentiary hearing under submission. His written rulings are full of good case law you'll want to save and use in the future.

I can't discern any particular bias he may have. Some female attorneys have told me they think he favors male attorneys, but I haven't seem any evidence of that myself as a male attorney.

He goes out of his way to make sure both sides have an opportunity to make objections and present evidence.

All in all, I can't think of a reason why any attorney or any litigant wouldn't want to be in his courtroom. He is one of those rare family law judges that is truly an expert in family law.


Comment #: CA11871
It is well known among Family Law attorneys in Solano County that John Hodson and Judge Ichikawa are buddies. Anything Hodson wants for his clients, he gets. Even if unfair or unjustified. Ishikawa allows Hodson to delay cases indefinitely.


Comment #: CA11738
Awful. Unlawful. Unjust. Tragic, to see someone so carelessly do such an important job. Granting custody to ABUSERS in the middle of DV cases. Children, mothers, families being permanently damaged. He doesn't take the time to READ the case files. He discriminates and blatantly contradicts himself. He's a poor excuse for a judge and Solano County should be ashamed that he represents them. He ignores evidence and professional opinions from doctors, lawyers, advisors. Ignores case sensitivity involving SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. It's Disgusting. This judge is a disgrace to the legal system and all that it stands for. He needs to go!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA11430
I tried a case Before Judge Ichikawa and I was impressed by his thorough approach and knowledge of the law, and his statement of decision included a spreadsheet which was very helpful to making his rulings clear. I felt that he worked hard to address all issues raised during the trial.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA6871
Judge Ichikawa is a good person. In civil/probate - he tries to be very fair and is very methodical, listens to all sides, and listens to input. He is very patient. In criminal and juvenile, he is just as patient, but he does tend to favor the governement. He fell asleep during a trial. We won, but it was disconcerting. Sometimes he seems uncomfortable with other people and it can feel unsettling, but I think that is just him working through personal anxietiies and in trying to be fair.


Comment #: CA5682
Rating:Not Rated
This judge deserves to be shot. He took my children from me, even after a mediator recommended they live with me due to violence in the other household and many other issues. My 2 lawyers and a social worker that I know said that they had never seen a judge go against a mediator and advised me to appeal. Unfortunately that is not possible financially. And they said most likely the judge would take more time from me because he would be embarrassed that someone appealed it. I talked to a radio show and they were so appalled that they wanted me to go on the air and tell my story. After he warned me that the judge could see me if he found out it was me talking I decided against that also. This judge coached the other witness advising them not to answer certain questions if they didnt want to. He flat out lied about many things that he said in the judgement, and I mean blatantly which I can prove through the court transcripts. For example the judge said I was not trying to coparent, yet when the other party was on the stand talking to the judge said they did not want me to be part of the kids lives. Judge also said the children were lying when they said there was abuse in the other house which is what they told the mediator. Just a poor miserable judge who I hope rots in hell.