Hon. Kent M. Kellegrew See Rating Details
Superior Court
Ventura County
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What others have said about Hon. Kent M. Kellegrew


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10622
Very disappointed in this judge who regularly complains in open court that he has too much work to do. Says the only motions he hates more than discovery motions are demurrers. It is apparent as he fails to review written motions and forms opinions with no evidence. Sad to say many think he is one of the "better" judges in Ventura County.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA10529
Very pro-insurer. Even for Ventura, he is among the worst of the worst.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA9945
He is a horrible horrible man. I don't get how he is doing that job. Major loss for the Ventura County Court System.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA7887
This is the only judge we have challenged for cause based on his relationship with an insurance defense firm.


Comment #: CA6804
The worst!!! how is he still on the bench is beyond me. Giving someone 15 years for a NON VIOLENT offense is mind boggling.
We have rapists, killers and child molesters who get less time.
Not only that being sent to a PRISON where violent inmates are is again mind boggling.
Where The non violent inmate was attacked unprovoked!!


Comment #: CA6105
This man has good spots but is overall self-serving and power happy. He seems to want to do just enough good to be presentable, the rest of the time, he's headless and heartless and above the law! He thinks nothing of overstepping his position and personally ridiculing not only people on trial but their families as well. He has a sneaky way about him of seeming to be a fair guy when he is actually likened to a snake! I would give a snake more respect than him. I have seem him in court, at sentencing at conversations and at various times at different circumstances and his personality remains the same. He's a racist in such a way that he is married to someone of a different race and is partial, or "ex parte" to anyone of her race who is on trial????The guys a creep like most of those people there. It's been that way since I've been small child in Ventura. The County Courts have always been run by the wives of "bookies' and big betters and tax evaders and drunken bartenders and bowling alley owners, why should the judges be proper??A lot of redemption to be made over there....woohoo!!


Comment #: CA6092
Rating:Not Rated
Why didn't Kent Kellegrew recuse himself from the pension ballot matter...as a former ventura county employee, he is in the pension system.

We need an investigation of Kent Kellegrew and Citizens for Retirement Security, the county employee ant-taxpayer group run by the fire and police department.

Kellegrew's one vote against the pen sion ballot measure...prevented 800,000 ventura county residents from voting on the matter.

Kellegrew has no understanding of the law.


Comment #: CA5481
Judge Kellegrew is fair to both sides of the lawsuit. He was patient and explained all information throughly. He gave both parties equal time to present their case and defenses. I am th plaintiff in an unlawful detainer case. I am very thankful to have this jusge review my case. He was fair and objective.


Comment #: CA4402
All it took was a very few days witnessing a trial to see how ex parte Judge Kent Kellegrew allowed the trial to be conducted. In every way that he had the power and duty as the judge to exercise his control, he failed to do so! It was a total disaster in favor of the Deputy District Attorney and the client they favored! There was absolutely no defense at all for the accused: evidence that was not admissible was accepted without question, and tax issues concerning the IRS were being tried in the Supreme Court?


Comment #: CA3752
Rating:Not Rated
As the last commenter pointed out, Judge Kellegrew is very biased against out of town counsel. This is taken to the extent that he hold this against local residents; denying a fair trial for the sake of sticking it to the out-of-town attorney.
He looks to the DAs for legal application and precedent; which again leads bias.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA3639
This judge should not be on the bench. His demeanor is seemingly very civil but he performs the duties of his office poorly. He delays inordinately in issuing judgments in probate cases -- months or years -- all the while signing his salary affidavits and drawing his pay. His practice of holding trial days only on Fridays contributes to this. He home-towns any out-of-town counsel -- to him it is all about Ventura-based counsel and parties. Chronically tardy to the bench (up to an hour) and once saw him berate a young pro per litigant who had missed her hearing by a few minutes because her bus was late -- this shortly after he had taken the bench 45 minutes late -- the message was, it's OK for him to be grossly tardy, but not OK for a young unrepresented person to be a few minutes late (her matter went off calendar so who knows if she got a chance to be heard again or if so when). Kellegrew masks all of this behind a seemingly very courtly and polite demeanor making it seem on the surface as though he is very fair and even-keeled (which he is not).