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Superior Court
Ventura County
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What others have said about Hon. John R. Smiley



Comment #: CA16683
There is nothing Honorable about John R. Smiley. He has no respect for anyone. I’ve never seen such a miserable man. He needs to retire!! He is destroying people’s lives.


Comment #: CA16167
Judge Smiley is given incentives that are created for our children to be taken from loving parents because of divorce or CPS. This judge specializes in Family Court Terrorism.


Comment #: CA14030
Dishonorable Judge Smiley discriminates against abused parents. He has no right to sit on the stand. He is a master only of judicial conspiracy. He does not follow the law. He is the biggest criminal of all in family court. His appointment is a disgrace to Ventura County. He thrives on power and wealth while disregarding child’s best interest.


Comment #: CA13628
After finding me "beyond all reasonable doubt" innocent, his decision still supports a fugitive and criminal mother. He has kow-towed to the overly feminist agenda of these present days. He should retire now, as he plans to, before he harms more males and their families.


Comment #: CA13203
Judge Smiley seems most interested not in being just or evenhanded, but in moving as quickly through the day’s docket of cases as he possibly can. My ex was guilty of identity theft and tested positive for hard drugs while on probation, as well as admitting in court to having untreated bipolar disorder that caused uncontrollable anger at times(it’s the truth, one couldn’t possibly make this stuff up). Supervised visitation was set up, except though he’d verbally stated that overnights could no longer occur, he failed to remove the language from the final order. (There was a previous order that limited my ex’s time; ex-parte RFO was filed when the arrest happened). The attorney attempted to bring the issue respectfully to the Judge’s attention but was not even given the decency of a reply by the judge himself. He sent the court clerk out to state that he had “changed his mind immediately before signing the order”, and it would stand. I’m not sure how a visit can be supervised as is detailed in the forms handed out at the courthouse, when I sincerely doubt the supervisor (ex’s enabling mother) is going to be with the parent/child 24/7 for the two days straight that was given. Judge Smiley was clearly more concerned with his own reputation and pride than my child’s welfare. I was truly disgusted with his behavior and demeanor.


Comment #: CA12699
When I divorced my husband, Judge Smiley sided with my ex husband on custody at first. Things did not go in my favor, but I still felt he was fair, and he gave me the opportunity to prove myself.
In my opinion he is an exceptional judge who is gifted in reading people, when given the opportunity.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: CA12273
His interest seems that of expediting the matters before him rather than that of a search for truth and the dispensing of justice. His ability to reason seems, at best, to be limited. Any sense of humane justice he may possess seems hidden under an almost mechanical political and social bigotry. He has my righteous and indignant contempt as a jurist and as a man.


Comment #: CA12272
As a plaintiff I had a motion for reconsideration of the original ruling in my divorce made by John R. Smiley. To my dismay the judge sitting to consider my motion was that same Judge John R. Smiley. I had also written a civil yet negative review of Judge Smiley shortly after his original ruling of which the judge must have been aware. How is it possible he was not required to recuse himself from deciding my subsequent motion? He must be considered to have prejudice and bias yet he was allowed to decided the matter. I find him a juror of questionable ethics and honor and challenge him to find me in contempt for this opinion. He has my indignant contempt.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: CA11035
As a PRO PER petitioner in my divorce (my wife had a lawyer) I was well aware I had a fool for a client, however, numerous reasons had led to a protracted duration of time after which I was broke and had no significant credit to call upon so I fired my incompetent lawyer and went PRO PER much to my apprehension. This was especially difficult because of my health limitations but the day finally arrived, the day of the trial I'd been hoping for almost five years (I told you it was protracted). Of course when time came to hand 'evidence' to the clerk I missed one piece of evidence. Unfortunately it was, you guessed it, the most important point of my entire case. I suppose the Judge Smiley was within his right to refuse the evidence for a procedural error. That's okay too, I can't expect the court to cut me any slack because of my PRO PER status and I must accept the fault but one thing truly offended me. Judge Smiley made what could be nothing other than an insult from the bench. While I was holding two letters of total disability from a reputable doctor he looked at me and said (paraphrased), "You speak well so I see no reason you can't go look for a job." That's very hard to hear as I was holding legitimate evidence from my physician saying the exact opposite. He was making a veiled socio-political statement. I respected the court and will continue to do so but his statement was a prejudiced and negatively discriminatory opinion of my character and an insult to myself for which Judge Smiley owes me an apology yet I'm not so vain as to think he might feel inspired to do so.


Comment #: CA8887
Nightmare Judge failed to follow caselaw, statutes and the parties' marital settlement agreement, and instead did whatever he wanted to...

He was reversed on appeal for erroneously ordering me to pay my ex's legal fees, which were impossible for me to pay, due to his prior orders which were unsubstantiated and which crippled me financially. He also perjured himself in an affidavit, in order to avoid being removed from the case, due to my objection to his being able to serve as an impartial judge..

The appeals court itself only had the guts to reverse him in part, allowing this tyrant of a judge to continue destroying lives with impunity.

His unfair and biased rulings permantantly damaged relationships between the parties and their extended families, while attempting to reward local attorneys with erroneous and legally unjustified fee awards....


Comment #: CA7463
He refused to listen to evidence and went against every female in the court room, unless the other party was a no-show. My ex husband was a no-show at our last court appearance, but Judge Smiley allowed him to use his cat died as an excuse. My ex submitted a lot of false evidence and I had facts proving the truth, but he refused to look at it or listen to it.


Comment #: CA3432
In the spring of 2010, I enlisted the aid of a victim’s aid at the Simi Valley, CA in Ventura County Attorney’s office in seeking an order of protection against my daughter’s father Randall Bond. He lived in Tennessee. I had sole custody of my daughter Madison Liberty DiConti since the day she was born in 2004. We were never married. He refused ot be ion the birth certificate at her time of birth. He refused two paternity tests. There were no court orders, no child support awarded and no visitation scheduled), I appeared in Judge Smiley’s courtroom in Simi Valley Family Court for a hearing. I missed the initial hearing due to illness but maintained contact with my victim's advocate. She was a heavy set blond woman in the District Attorney's office. Judge Smiley reset the hearing for later in the afternoon and, after taking no evidence but listening only to the unfounded accusations against me by my daughter’s father as he retaliated, Judge Smiley ordered my child Madison be taken from me.

Since then it has been one hellish nightmare. I was made the subject of unfounded accusations, my daughter has suffered horribly, and I have yet to find an attorney intelligent enough about "UNWED MOTHER'S RIGHTS" in the state of TN to point out that my daughter was wrongfully taken from me by Judge Smiley. No one has been able to help me make sense out of what is happening. I am so distraught having sought the protection of the court only to find my daughter being taken from me on nothing more than the wild speculation of CPS workers and a man I escaped domestic violence from. No one will explain how my daughter was able to be taken away. How can I be accused of things without being charged and without a chance to defend myself. The father appeared in court and presented false documentation and lied, but the DA is not financially set up to penalize, punish or prosecute for perjury in family or child custody cases. Many litigants are not prepared or even aware for this. How can judge Smiley, without any independent investigation take my child? How can he violate the Tennessee unwed mother's rights act? TENNESSEE LAW STATES unwed mother automatically has custody over her children. The unwed father does not have any rights in this regard even if his name is on the birth certificate. This means he has no legal authority to make educational or medical decisions for the child. The putative father may petition the courts for custody rights.

Visitation Rights
The mother's absolute right to custody includes the right to determine who will see or interact with her child--including the child's father. The father must go through the courts to get the right to visit his child.

Randall Bond did none of these things and relied solely on the stupidity of the court and lied. http://www.sitemason.com/files/h7D5Uk/Unwed%20Mothers.pdf

Read more: Tennessee Laws on the Rights of Unwed Mothers Versus Paternal Fathers | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6861566_tennessee-mothers-versus-paternal-fathers.html#ixzz2M1hNDirk