District of Columbia Judges - Last Name B

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NameTitleCourtRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Judith BartnoffJudge Superior 9.56
Hon. John Bayly, Jr.Senior Judge Superior 7.42
Hon. Ronna BeckJudge Superior 3.93
Hon. Joseph BeshouriMagistrate Judge Superior 8.31
Hon. Leonard BramanSenior Judge Superior 9.42
Hon. Rainey BrandtMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Diane BrennemanMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Julie BreslowMagistrate Judge Superior 5.51
Hon. Patricia BroderickJudge Superior 6.24
Hon. A. Franklin Burgess, Jr.Judge Superior 9.34
Hon. Zoe BushJudge Superior 5.04