District of Columbia Judges - Last Name B

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NameTitleCourtRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Judith BartnoffJudge Superior 9.56
Hon. Sherri Beatty-ArthurMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Ronna BeckJudge Superior 5.84
Hon. Julie BeckerJudge Superior  0
Hon. Steven BerkJudge Superior  0
Hon. Joseph BeshouriMagistrate Judge Superior 8.31
Hon. Rahkel BouchetMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Rainey BrandtMagistrate Judge Superior  0
Hon. Julie BreslowMagistrate Judge Superior 5.51
Hon. Patricia BroderickJudge Superior 6.24
Hon. Zoe BushJudge Superior 5.04