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Circuit Court
Miami-Dade County
11th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Stanford Blake



Comment #: FL3792
I had a relocation case a little over 2 yrs ago...

Guardian Gloria Gonzalez.. lied on her report, she stated....distance was thousands of miles away..In reality it was only around 825 miles. Among other things my ex had a federal case in the past drug possession with intent to distribute and she didn't bother to add that to the report/he also had domestic violence against his own then 16 years daughter by another marriage ...other lies she Mrs Gonzalez stated in report.That his grown children all lived in florida...( One daughter was and is in Virginia and the other lives in New Mexico along with their respective children and husbands) She stated their relation would be inturrupted...Where he lived...{too funny he rents from his ex wife inside her house....My children sleep in his bed at lovers house/while she the lover sleeps in her other room where she doubles as a cleaning business...He was and is a trucker,travels up and down eastern coast yet I couldn't move to NC even though he has been traveling their for last 30 yrs....Despite me telling Mrs Gonzalez..father was taking our children to lovers house to spend weekends,when in town.(still is btw)... It was a circus... He couldn't and wouldn't pick up children on a reg basis because of out of state schedule/She stated I interfered .......And till this day he has missed at least over 50 nights.I was kept from relocation despite father never married me or having/claiming paternity of the children (8 and 5 at the time) and furthermore if he had issues with visitation why didn't he take me to court in 8 years.....hmm to say the least.... Which btw he only submitted just when I got married.. I don't want to bore you......fact is that Mrs Gonzalez has no place in family court !!...btw....What is the saddest of all...Court has become a place that whoever is craftier in lying wins........The truth is not even considered. Judge Stanford Blake allowed it...He ruled in their favor...Even though in his own words...He said: I had been very candid in my testimony...


Comment #: FL3428
Dear Robing Room, RE: Judge Blake

*The Judge Blake Naysayers who are critical about this judge clearly are the more rational & scientific reviewers -- when compared to the Judge Blake Supporters who are emotional, use extreme words to describe this judge & who give No hard material data to justify their claims of why they like Judge Blake.

*Here is the Data: Naysayers: #1. Dr. Hamer of 1/23/14 & other dates, Litigant Commenter 12/15/10 & "Other" Responder of 4/26/10 -- All provide facts, evidence & examples to justify why they give Judge Blake the worst score of only "1"/one.

*The Judge Blake Advocates: Civil Litigation Private Commenter of 4/17/14, Criminal Defense Lawyers of 11/14/13, 8/28/13, 4/26/12, 8/19/8, 2/4/8 & 11/29/7 -- who give Judge Blake scores of 9/5 to 10 -- All make emotional, superlative & unsubstantiated statements regarding this judge. For example, A Judge Blake Attorney supporter states that this judge is a "Gator" -- Judges are Not elected to be sports celebrities. Another Attorney backer says that Judge Blake is "Funny" --Judges are Not elected to entertain us with their egos; Rather than winning a popularity contest, Judge Blake should be focused on being impartial & neutral. One Judge Blake Attorney defender of 8/19/8 rhymes his comment & says: "Stan is the man". Another Attorney crusader states that "I'm happy even when (Judge Blake) rules against my client". To Attorney apologist of 11/14/13: Your happy losing statement seems insincere & your happy loss probably would not be well received by your client. Also, strangely Many of the Judge Blake Attorney commenters & campaigners speak similarly & seem to be the same person.

*In Conclusion: In general, the Judge Blake Naysayers give more honest, rational reviews -- & the Judge Blake advocates make more emotional & unproven statements that seem dishonest.

Thank you. Respectfully, Mary Hamer MD.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL3427
One of the best judge in Miami-Dade County. He's a great judge no matter what division he's in, and is the entire package - smart, funny, highly qualified, and with the perfect judicial temperament.


Comment #: FL3322
Dear Florida Governor Rick Scott, The US Supreme Court, Judge Stanford Blake & Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez:

#1. NO FAIR TRIAL: Judge Stanford Blake wrongfully convicted and sentenced an innocent man, Michael Seibert #105669, to death in 2003. Danny Karkour Mavarres allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend Karolay Adrianza on 3/17/1998. But, because the body was found in Mr. Seibert's apartment, Judge Blake and his courtroom made gross errors in judgment and used poor scientific reasoning to wrongfully convict Mr. Seibert of murder and to send Mr. Seibert to Florida's Death Row.

#2. FLORIDA’S FLAWED CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM: Mr. Seibert can cite many examples of injustice and flaws in his case in Judge Blake's courtroom, including: judicial misconduct, police errors, witness perjury, prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective legal counsel and factual disputes. Also, based on Judge Blake's errors, Florida has wrongfully denied Mr. Seibert an evidentiary hearing.

#3. MIAMI BEACH POLICE: My own investigation of Michael Seibert's case through a Freedom of Information Act request of the Miami Beach Police records reveals that:

A. The Florida legal system allowed the key wealthy ex-boyfriend suspect Danny Karkour Mavarres to leave the United States and escape to Venezuela only one week after the 3/17/1998 homicide of Karolay Adrianza -- which Judge Blake allegedly supported.

B. Also, the Miami Beach Police accepted a poor alibi for Mr. Mavarres: “hiding behind a closed door” -- which Judge Blake accepted.

C. The Miami Beach Police also failed to ever acquire any DNA from Mr. Mavarres -- which Judge Blake approved.

D. Mr. Mavarres has different dates of birth [2/22/1978 and 2/20/1978] and many different versions of his name in the Florida criminal justice system and Venezuelan records (Miami Beach Police, Florida Supreme Court, Florida Driver's License, Venezuelan Justice system, etc.) [Daniel Karkour Mavarres, Daniel M. Mavarres, Danny Korkour Navarres, Daniel Karkour Mavares.] Judge Blake failed to acknowledge this fact.

E. The Miami Beach Police witness statement for Danny Mavarres is blank. Why?

Judge Stanford Blake, the Miami Beach Police and Chief Raymond Martinez refuse to answer these many questions about Judge Blake, Danny Karkour Mavarres, Officer Bales and Sgt. Zeifman. Is the Florida criminal justice system engaged in a cover-up and obstruction of justice? God holds you, Judge Blake, responsible for Michael Seibert's welfare.

Thank you.

Mary Hamer M.D.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3248
One could not ask for a better judge. I'm happy, even when he rules against my client (!), because he will always, and I mean always, have a substantial basis for it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3097
Best judge in town. Period.


Comment #: FL2908
Rating:Not Rated
RE Comment #:FL2906 My friend is Innocent & Wrongfully convicted on Florida's Death Row; Judge Blake allegedly gave permission to the Key Boyfriend suspect to leave the US & escape to Venezuela. Did the Wealthy Suspect Bribe the Justice system?


Comment #: FL2906
Rating:Not Rated
My friend is on Florida's Death Row & states Judge Stanford Blake #1. made "Findings of Fact contradicted by the Evidence". #2 Judge Blake acted as an "Adversary" against the defendant during his trial. & #3. Judge Blake "Intentionally" altered the testimony in order to Justify his decisions & converted the illegal Police information into "Lawful" evidence. The Florida Judicial Commission refuses to Investigate Judge Blake. Judicial Misconduct? Cover-Up?


Comment #: FL2292
He's a wonderful judge.


Comment #: FL1786
I have a lot of question about at Injuction against domestic violence.
Can anyone just open an injuction without evidence?
I have two children Boy(10) and Girl(9) they were separate from my regular visitation because she took them away, we are separate since 3 years ago.
Can someone help with that situation I didn't talk with my divorse lawyer yet?


Comment #: FL1672
When he was an attorney he lied to me had me plead guilty instead of fighting it.He even told me he was a fishing buddy friend of the judge!Therefore the judge would be lenient towards me.He SUCKS!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL1271
Stan is the man!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL902
Our Chief Judge. Former PD and defense attorney. A gator we are proud of. The best judge one can get. Too bad there are not more on the bench like him.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL652
Simply stated, he is the best we have on the bench in Dade County.