Hon. John M. Alexander See Rating Details

Circuit Court
St. Johns County
7th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. John M. Alexander



Comment #: FL5894
This person and I use the term lightly is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen! I He cares not for the children at all breaks the law and is an over all piece of garbage! Makes me wonder what he gets in return from them!!


Comment #: FL5805
Rating:Not Rated
Worst judge I have ever seen. He already had it marked down what the verdict was and sentencing before the case was heard. I saw it written when I was near him. Did not care what was said and cut any comment he did not agree with down. Was not accommodating to people lives and work schedule basically said I do not care if you loose your job yiu will be here in 3 hours. Very unprofessional judge


Comment #: FL4865
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is very biased against men/fathers trying to have a relationship with their child, in this case a five month old baby girl. My son had previous misdemeanor charges from seven years ago that were brought up in the courtroom...why? My son was the plaintiff and he had a very timid attorney. Unfortunately, the defendant's attorney was the judges cousin, it was obvious they were all in cahoots. My son now has to have visits that are supervised at a bridge house only when convenient for the mother. The reason my son started this whole process was to protect his parental rights because the mother would never let him see his daughter, now he's being punished!!!!!This family type judge/attorney cousin relationship should NEVER be allowed!!!


Comment #: FL4804
Rating:Not Rated
I do feel badly for him, as he is clearly overworked and dealing with an incompetent DCF staff. However, upon substantial compliance with my case plan, I was not reunified (although it was the concurrent goal along with the other goal of 'maintain and strengthen with father'). Father awarded custody and 'mother's visitation to be addressed in upcoming family law case'.

Ultimately I've had to file for divorce, which turned my aggressive and vindictive husband even more so. My father had to pay for the divorce lawyer as I have no money left. My children were never (in reality) dependent on the state, however Alexander's ruling that they were in fact dependent has ruined MANY lives, the most atrocious being the lives of my 4 and 2 year old sons. He needs to do what is right and not what keeps the money flowing. His actions in my case are nothing less than a disgrace, both to his charecter and the Florida judicial system.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL4104
Judge John M. Alexander does not care about the Law of Florida 'He makes his own Law' and destroys Families without mercy. Witch-hunt is what is been done in his Court room. Evidences DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ! HE makes his Judgement within the first 5 min of the case and sticks with it and nothing can be done to change that. It does not matter if your evidences are correct and right and the other side has none or is not even there or even dead and unrepresented (like in my case) He makes a decision which side he is taking and than the other side is DONE. Do not expect mercy or any kind of legal balance If you are male there is no chance for you, do not waste your money for attorneys unless they are connected and go fishing with him or have a close relationship to his family.

This Judge is a disgrace to the Florida Judicial System !!


Comment #: FL3998
Judge prejudged case without even hearing the other side. Refused to listen to one side and let his "favorite" write the ruling for him! He berated us and our attorney! He should not be a dog catcher let alone a judge!


Comment #: FL3997
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Alexander refuses to believe in Parental Alienation Syndrom. He allow video testimony from my twin 9 year olds and primarily based his findings on this. J.A. constantly refuses to enter professional testimony from psychologist and attorney of Ad litem to substantiate the PAS my children are living. He has also stripped me of all parental rights, refuse to enforce family counseling and berates me every chance he gets. The man is a disgrace to family law and and to his profession. A man of this arrogance should NOT hold this position in any court. J. Alexander is a bias individual and sides with the female gender for the most part. After five years and numerous court dates I finally started to get through to J. Alexander and we set another court date and he unprofessionally kicks the case to a new lower magistrate. Apparently he has a problem after brutally berating someone and destroying a loving family and look them in the face and correct his lethal findings even when proven wrong. This is a man that hides behind close door and makes his rulings. I have sincere empathy for any family facing the man in family law. What a disgrace!!!


Comment #: FL2096
He was unprofessional, refused evidence, berated attornies, did not go by the law...made his own "LAW". He has tried to backrupt me, destroy my home and its value, took my property away from me. He is a menace to society!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL2095
This judge refuses to go by the law, he makes it up as he goes along. He refuses to hear real evidence, he goes by what his budy attorneys tell him. He is prejudice and extreme. He is out of control and should be fired immediately!