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Circuit Court
Pinellas County
6th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Marion Fleming



Comment #: FL5489
It's absolutely unbelievably unacceptable that Judge Marion Fleming is keeping a one year old twin in custody with a father who physically abuses and neglects her. Judge Marion Fleming, I have read some awful things about you and terrible decisions you have made in the past throughout your career as a judge. You cannot possibly be a mother because a mother would never be able to live with herself knowing there is a child so young and helpless suffering each and every day and walk away like nothing even phases her. For those of you wondering what this is about, Judge Marion Fleming ordered that a one year old identical twin be separated from her dying sister while the dying sister attempts risky treatment procedures at a hospital in Ohio. The identical twin was sentenced to stay in Florida with the biological father who had nothing and wanted nothing to do with the girls until just a few months ago when he forced the dying sister to delay treatment, shortening her life expectancy, and requesting the girls be split up at that time. Since then, the twin who is being held under his care has been suffering physical abuse and neglect. While the mother fights to have her helpless daughter saved from this hell-like structure, Judge Marion Fleming ignores the mother each and every time. I beg of anyone in the legal system to please step in and do something about this!!! I see that Judge Marion Fleming has needed to be put in her place in past court cases by other judges and I pray and beg with all I have that someone will do the right thing and step in on this case as well. The world should be a beautiful place for a one year old, full of love, laughter and learning new, wonderful things. This world is a very sad, cold, and ongoing painful place for this one year old when she is forced to be placed under the care of a biological father who has stated several times to the mother that he will do anything to hurt her and the twin girls. If cyber bullying has grown to be such a big issue nowadays, how can such a major problem such as this go ignored and unpunished?! Where is the justice in that!? Judge Marion Fleming needs to stop ruining the lives of others, especially helpless babies as in this case. Please help!!!!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL5487
The Sixth District should be ashamed and embarrassed to employ a Judge that could deny deprive deny a child emotional support while fighting for their life.. .


Comment #: FL5486
By the looks of your page it looks like your district is proactive for children within your surrounding community. I love to see that. It appears to be positive. But what concerns me the most is to have a Judge M. F. Unethically immorally separate 1 year old twins during a custody battle.. all awhile 1 twin has to get care out of state for chemo- transfusions.. to fight for her life.. legally separate them from each other.. both twins have regressed emotionally.. cognitively.. this person is representing your judicial team..and to reinforce twin sibling deprivation especially during a fatal fight is only fueling emotional distress for our future foundation that is in our children! I hold the Sixth District accountable for any and any possible repercussions development for these two children & even the mom.


Comment #: FL3132
Rating:Not Rated
You are no judge of any kind. I think you were paid off in my case. You made a liar out of yourself using your own words. I can prove it.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3131
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Fleming, I said some things that aren't like myself. However, you did give Sue Little Bit to hurt me. You hurt that little dog more than you did me. A judge is here to do God's work here on earth. You should have heard that little dog cry. And then after getting back to San Diego, Sue would call me and let the Little Bit hear my voice. Sue is going to take the people next door to court for not paying rent. At this time, if you just sit in, you will find out how good of a man I am.

Thank you,

James Raeuchle.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3130
Rating:Not Rated
Back to my divorce. You gave Sue Little Bit. I want you to know I offered Sue the land next door and the $25,000 just to let me keep Little Bit. Sue told me she didn't care about the dog and she was doing it to hurt me. If a judge can change a person's life and a little dog's life also, you would think she would have the common brains not to block a busy road. You need to get on a plane and go to 7281 Jacmar Ave., San Diego, California and bring me Little Bit if she is still alive. You fail for all the lies she said. If I had my wits about myself as I do now, Sue would not have Little Bit. It's your mistake -- make it good and go bring me my dog. As I said before, I just lost my Mother and the lawyer I had to handle the case had the paper where Sue put the dog in my name. But you would not look at it. But you wanted me to pay $8,500 for my part of the divorce. What about all the years of me paying taxes, and the $3,000 I paid the vets for Little Bit. You call yourself a judge? I'm going to keep writing on this page you got that?