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County Court
Pinellas County
6th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Myra Scott McNary


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL6937
Is very hasty WILLING and WANTS to ship over LAW and FACTS to find what she wants to find and "HELP" people as she thinks are the people she wants to help
DO NOT waist your own time effoert to read bring the LAW the facts the contract the lease etc she not going to read/understand any of that

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL6487
Im a landlord, and it was like I wasn't there. I believe she had her mind made up before entering courtroom.I had 5 exhibits and she refused to let me present anything. instructions given to Tenant and myself to send any new info to each other 10 days ahead of trial. neither tenant or i Had any changes from the last time we talked to mediator She allowed tenant to speak saying 1 lie after another without proof allowed her to show video about Hurricane and damage, allowed her to submit exhibits which proved nothing about the case. I was not allowed to present anything even pictures because of not submitting the same information. Tenant didn't submit anything to me either but was given a chance to submit everything. I have never been in a small claims run like this. I had 15k in damages, and had a judgement to pay tenant. Insult after injury. Landlords RUN! Better get a Legal Degree before going before her...

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL6437
I have been before this judge several times as an attorney. I have won some and lost some. I believe a lot of the negative opinions are inaccurate. My only complaint would be that it is difficult to schedule hearings and also difficult to get signed orders back. I expect that this may be an administrative issue and not a judicial issue. Judge McNary has consistently been even-handed, knowledgable and gracious with her time, allowing hearings to go over into her lunch period when opposing counsel has failed to procure enough time for their hearings or otherwise attempts to prolong the hearings to delay proceedings. Judge McNary maintains excellent control of her courtroom. In my experience, she has always patiently listened to both sides before rendering her opinions.


Comment #: FL4228
Rating:Not Rated
awful-awful-awful. An embarrassment to the bench, McNary is the worst judge, too lazy to look at the documents, exhibits, and evidence. She is totally uninformed as to the content of the court file and pleadings, oblivious to the facts, ignorant of the law, unfamiliar with the statutes controlling landlord tenant law, biased in favor of scofflaw non-rent paying tenants, if you are a landlord, and you get this judge, you better work out a deal with your scum-bag renter, because you will lose in this judge's court.


Comment #: FL4137
Rating:Not Rated
I have been in front of Judge McNary on two occasions. In both cases she clearly had very little regard for the intended purpose of "civil court" being a court for THE PEOPLE, not just for people represented by lawyers. On several occasions she actually asked the opposing atty. Luczak, what she should do????? In my opinion there was even a "personal/professional" relationship with the atty. that clouded and governed her procedure and decision in my case. What a shame that "justice for all" seems to have escaped not only this judge but many in the Pinellas Cty. Court system.

Court Staff

Comment #: FL4129
If there were 0 stars to rate this judge, 0 would be it. Not only is she incompetent -- not even a donor clinic would take her brain -- she has a serious God complex. She is like getting stopped by the rogue police officer people pray they are never stopped by. She is the rogue judge that has no business sitting on the bench. She is rude, hateful, and it is apparent she has her mind made up before she even walks in the courtroom. She will belittle you, embarrass you, accuse you of lying. She won't let you offer any case law when you have it, nor exhibits. When you attempt to rebut the opposing side, she shuts you down and lectures you. She is all about bullying and making sure you are treated like the person she is: crap. If you are pro se, be warned because she figures you won't appeal, and second, who is a pro se person to file a complaint against her? I mean, really, it's her word against yours, but don't let that stop you. She needs to be revealed for the piece of crap she is. She deserves the same treatment she gives to those who walk in her courtroom. I would be interested to find out if those she sides with have donated to her campaign fund. She is where she is because obviously she runs unopposed. You certainly don't see her running for a spot in a higher court, do you? She doesn't belong in a courtroom, except for in front of a jury of her peers being judged, WITHOUT hearing any of her evidence. The constant scowl on her face is just a picture into her soul. People who put others down to make themselves feel all powerful are the most insecure people in the world. They are called bullies. Yes, McNary, you are a bully. That's the wonderful thing about karma. What comes around goes around.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL3721
Judge McNary is an embarrassment to the Sixth Judicial Circuit. She has difficulty grasping basic, fundamental principles of law, rules of civil procedure, and rules of evidence. When confronted with a statute or rule that contradicts her ruling, she insists that she is right and the legislature or Florida Supreme Court are wrong. She has a clear bias against the business community. If you are a landlord, just dismiss your case - she will rule against you every time. Her background at Gulf Coast Legal probably introduced her to the dregs of Pinellas County and she is still representing them, only now from the bench. It's a shame that she was re-elected because she was unopposed. Next election cycle, I will be donating to the campaign of anyone, ANYONE who runs against her. We deserve fair and impartial application of the law - frankly, we deserve better.


Comment #: FL3158
Rating:Not Rated
Judge McNary already had her mind made up when she walked into the courtroom. This was a one-sided case where she gave the defendants 4 months free rent in my rental house. Without knowing all the facts, she completely shut me down when it came to be my time to speak. She saw that there was an issue that had been filed after I had given the tenants a 3-day notice for non-payment of rent, and she couldn't have cared less. She said that the only thing that mattered was that there had been a complaint to the city filed against me. I think that because this was between a white plaintiff and a black defendant there was some strong prejudice apparent. If you have anything going on before this judge I strongly suggest you try to get it switched to another judge. Let's get this one off the bench. She is not fair and shouldn't hold title of judge. Speak out, America -- it is your right!


Comment #: FL3118
Perhaps the reason some find this judge unacceptable is because she uses not only her knowledge of the law but her knowledge of life to aid in her decisions. How can any judge not use both of these in any decision? Unfortunately, it has been my experience that most judges do not have the ability to see right from wrong and rely only on laws to make their decisions. This judge gets two thumbs up from me!


Comment #: FL2805
Horrible demeanor and attitude. In one case she coached the Plaintiff's attorney on what they needed to file for a successful judgement. How she is allowed to stay seated on that bench is beyond me. Good luck to anyone who gets her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL2245
She is just unenlighten. Her demeanor is not judicious. Just lazy and dumb. Easy to confuse her because she does not pay attention. Can rarely find a thread of legal basis in her opinions. Lets others write opinions even when they are wrong she will sign them.


Comment #: FL1699
This judge seemed to already have her mind made up about the case before she heard it from the bench. Her attitude was dismissive and sneering about my presentation of facts. She completely ignored the illegalities committed by the process server. On the other hand, she did not give the opposing party anything other than the actual damages.