Hon. Patricia Ann Muscarella See Rating Details

Circuit Court
Pinellas County
6th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Patricia Ann Muscarella



Comment #: FL7824
This Judge is a former land trust attorney with significant ties to big business, property management, without full disclosure of her formidable assets in trust. If you are Pro Se, she sees you as an asset to be exploited, you are not smart enough to be in her presence, and boy, does she love a home team...she will do the bidding with "special instructions" between her and the Plaintiff only. Go looking for her financials, it is appalling given the fact she is a sophisticated attorney, before sitting in the Senate (ring, ring that bell, she has had numerous cases reversed and remanded. Maybe at her age she thought that becoming a judge would be a comfortable paycheck with benefits, while fishing off the pier, of her self-dealing judgments.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL7112
If you get this judge I pray for you. She will side with whoever her friends, Kerry O'Conner and Tina White like. She has violated my civil rights and HIPAA rights, willingly. When she told me to file a motion for a specific issue i had she refused to hear it even after my ex's attorney admitted she had gotten it. I really wish someone that Actually could make a difference could see the horrific comments and snide remarks she makes towards people that are completely uncalled for. I'm a stay at home mom, with the financial ability to do so, and she told me I was a bad mom because I don't get out there and work and put my children in daycare. She is not interested in ACTUAL evidence and bases her rulling off lies from Tina White and Kerry O'Conner, both of which didn't know me from Adam. Yet wrote statements on how I'm a bad mother and my children are in danger with me and that I'm "unrepentant". I have sole custody of my other kids yet they feel I'm a danger? I've won multiple custody cases against my ex with other judges and this woman took my child and has treated me like the absolute worst criminal. PLEASE get an attorney. It's the only thing that'll save you. But it's difficult to find any that'll go up against her as she definitely holds grudges.


Comment #: FL7033
This Judge was a life-saver for myself & Special Needs child to obtain protection She should've kept the case in Pinellas b/c after it was transferred to HSFCourt that Judge's annoyance punished us for obtaining an Order of Protection. She'd saved us from further harm but another Judge reversed her Order, resuming abuses.


Comment #: FL6159
Rating:Not Rated
Not at all evenhandedness, but dirtyhandiness. I didn't follow my insticts, re:already established bad record and grounds I had to recuse, wanting to think the best. WRONG... What's our electorate got to when you have to base a Judge on the merits of a recusal?


Comment #: FL4708
This judge is an abomination! Pure anti male bias no matter the evidence presented. I have appeared before her twice for the same issue (restraining order) when I applied I brought police reports, notarized statements and witnesses concerning two separate attacks in two days... Was told to handle this in family court. My wife brings nothing except wild accusations and I present evidence that her story is impossible and judge muscarella simply ignored it (and her own advice for family court) and imposed the restraining order. Her quote " domestic violence happens behind closed doors" . Apparently accusations of domestic violence by woman in her court are all that are needed or wanted.


Comment #: FL4574
Judge Muscarella ignored case law and Florida Statute during a Motion Hearing re: Jurisdiction. Her attitude and snide remarks made me thankful that she actually ruled against me. I'm actually grateful for a Polk County Judge as I don't feel it would have been a fair day in Court with her presiding.


Comment #: FL4268
In my opinion; this Judge does not operate within the Florida Civil Rules of Procedure. I am not the only person who has made that observation.
Thank you

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3948
Either she's a complete idiot, or she doesn't read the motions for injunctions that show up before her, and grants them even if nothing warranting an injunction is even ALLEGED.


Comment #: FL3783
This judge is simply unable to comprehend basic mathematical issues let alone complex transactions. This shortcoming results in totally unequal rulings in divorce FJ. Even when pointed out by both sides I might add you are forced ton appeal to correct.
She is also easily swayed on emotional issues resulting in her making a decision even before the other side presents the evidence, conclusatory biased at its best. Once she makes up her mind no amount of evidence to the contrary will change her mind. Again, you are forced to appeal, terrible waste of litigants resources and judicial economy. This judge is the worst of the worst.


Comment #: FL3782
Inept is the word that springs to mind, along with blatantly biased. Does not understand nor can grasp or follow the law and rules whichever way the wind blows regardless of evidence or proof.

Multiple attorneys that we have worked with are in continued disbelief at her numerous incorrect rulings against all logic and evidence.

It's judges like Muscarella that destroy families with their inability to perform their job in an unbiased and morally upstanding fashion. She would easily be a top contender for the worst/most embarrassingly reprehensible judge in Pinellas county.

Do not expect a fair trial, especially if you are a male in divorce litigation.