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Circuit Court
Collier County
20th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Elizabeth V. Krier


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL4514
Judge Krier is the epitome of a fish out of water. Would actually be more accurate to say a fish in a desert. With absolutely NO background or experience in civil or business litigation, the "great" 20th Circuit somehow decided she is fit to preside over civil cases. She lacks even the most remote concept of reality in how civil/business litigation actually works and continuously enforces irrelevant and erroneous family law rules against giant national corporations. Her inflexibility is rather comical, although it usually serves to severely prejudice plaintiffs since the big bad corporate defendants she hates oh so much can afford to deal with her rogue rulings, even though they should not have to. Maybe the 20th Circuit is using Judge Krier as a line of defense to limit the number of cases filed... although that would be contrary to the purpose of our legal system, it would be right in line with Judge Krier's openly prejudicial rulings. What makes all of this even worse is that the heinous Judge Krier has been a known offender of our legal system for many years now, yet she is still sitting up on her pedestal talking down to every litigant in her ever-so-gracious condescending tone.


Comment #: FL4500
To #FL 4499 you are 'SPOT ON' about Krier.
She is a disgrace to the legal system, and is rude and insulting to just about everybody who comes in contact with her in a courtroom. Recently, she turned to an expert witness on the stand and said: "I hope you're not here to explain the law to me"! Well, somebody should, she just doesn't GET IT. She is projecting her anger and maliciousness towards the vulnerable public who have the right to DUE PROCESS. What is her problem, anyway? Time to investigate privately, perhaps??? Something is wrong and more and more innocent people are seeing their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS violated by Krier. Why should we accept this? What can be done to remove her from the bench?

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL4499
Judge Krier has an absolutely absurd view of the role of the judicial system and her role in the judicial system. Aside from being downright unpleasant at all times, she hides behind a facade of being a stickler for "the rules" but yet refuses to entertain BINDING case law on how to interpret those same rules! Then she will conveniently decide not to enforce other rules as they are plainly and unambiguously written. She denies Joint Stipulations as a regular practice. No one knows how their case should be worked better than Judge Krier. But what's even worse is that she has been denying JOINT Motions to Continue Trial as if satan himself would strike her down if she granted them. Completely disregarding the fact that the case hadn't even been to mediation (which is REQUIRED!), neither party was remotely ready for trial, both parties would incur an incredible amount of prejudice if forced to trial, and this was the first request to continue, she denied a Joint Motion to Continue after not allowing a hearing on the motion but requiring it to be heard at calendar call, and then giving just 1 minute to only 1 party to make an argument. Even worse is that she based her ruling on the fact that "you both chose this trial date," which is a complete misrepresentation because Lee County forces every case onto a trial docket even without a motion from any party, which was the case here. She then went on to say that the requests of both clients to engage in settlement discussions in an attempt to resolve the matter without incurring any unnecessary client or court costs was immaterial and not worthy of discussion? Hmmmm, encouraging settlement and preservation of client and judicial resources, those sound familiar. Oh yea! It's because they are MAJOR tenets of what our judicial system stands for! We've all encountered unreasonable, biased, unruly, pompous, and even somewhat incompetent judges before, but Judge Krier makes every other judge in this state look as if they should win a Nobel Peace Price. I would recommend that she be removed from all civil/business litigation and go back to family law, but surprisingly she doesn't have a great reputation in family law either. Shocking. Complaints to the Judicial Qualifications Commission have apparently gone unnoticed, as she has been the subject of many. Hopefully the JQC finally gets around to explaining to Judge Krier how the law exactly works, or hopefully she decides for early retirement. My advice, waive venue and file in other jurisdictions where she can't ruin cases.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL4250
ignores the LAW and gives all consideration to Plaintiff, regardless if Plaintiff is correct or not. Violated Defendant's constitutional right to due process, what kind of justice is that?


Comment #: FL4249
This judge should go back and take a "refresher" course in basic LAW 101.Not competent to make complex business rulings, better stick to family court. Will file a formal complaint very soon to Judicial Qualifications Commission.Anxious to hear THEIR opinion.


Comment #: FL4049
Judge Krier should remain in FAMILY COURT, and not attempt to cross over into other areas of law where she has no experience or expertise.


Comment #: FL3303
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is known to be biased when it comes to family court. She is not fair, and it is apparent by the comments that she makes on a personal level during proceedings. She does not allow family intervention in DCF cases, and is quick to take the parents' rights away and leave the family out in the cold. She promotes adoptions and foster care, thereby costing the state money rather than restoring kids to their families.