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13th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Art McNeil


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL8379
Judge Artemis McNeil levied a DVI against a Parent who had a DoD/NATO TS/SCI clearance since 1996 without allowing continuance for Attorney Representation.
The Parent alerted this Judge that their Children's financial stability would become jeopardized as their salary was 4x the amount of the alleging Coparent to which he scoffed at.
Judge McNeil hadn't cared that the Accuser clearly perjured himself by stating "intimidation" rather than the allegations of brutal assault that were made in Police statements.
Judge McNeil imposed a permanent DV Injunction upon a Disabled Female Veteran that ultimately cost her the DoD Intel Community career without so much as a late creditor payment, parking ticket, or other Clearance compromising conduct, while the criminal background of the Accuser involved incarceration amongst other fraudulent matters.
Judge McNeil was "gracious" enough to dismiss 3 clearly Vexatious Litigations, however refused the actual Victim the courtesy of addressing the clerical error regarding the Children in common, allowing any counterfilings to be authorized for court scheduling, or any statements to be made by the Attorney of Record to even speak before final decision.
Judge NcNeil cares not that the DVI is now a weaponized legal tool against the Victimized Coparent and Children because the Police care not that the DVI Provisions enforce the Family Court orders that expressly states their Order of Precedence over the DVI.

It was later learned that the Tampa Bay Times article identified Judge McNeil in a DV Battery altercation himself with his own family member that was "diffused" in whatever manner.

It's a frightful situation when repeated Federal Investigators find no evidence of even basic moral misconduct for decades, but our District Court Characters of Questionable Misconduct can inflict their wanton disregard on an individual who spent their entire career, welfare, & personal safety defending our National Security & NATO Intelligence based on mere hearsay allegations made by a criminal who was expelled from High School as a Party to crimes of Breaking & Entering after he explained as to why the Coparent was angry about missed medical and bloodwork lab appts. Clearly, it is not without consequence to offend a Neglectful Parent while it is without consequence to the Neglected Children in Hillsborough County.


Comment #: FL8020
Judge McNeil had denied my retrial filing after listening to initial court hearing the I failed to request a pretrial due too enduring trauma by the Petitioner. I am a fully debilitated Disabled Verteran and had missed the trial due to illness. so had asserted perjury & fraud upon the court by the Father's constant fraud in ALL statements hr made.

His assistant advised to file for a retrial immediately after court.

While at one of the earlier hearings, I had requested continuance for legal counsel, but he proceeded with the hearing, and with no defense or evidence, he initially deemed a video between the parents as not substantiating DV Assault, yet upon fathers disrespect towards myself while in hearing, the judge immediately chose to deem it as DV Battery thereby making it permanent.

Had I recvd the continuance my attorney would have provided official records & DV Assault photos taken while I was falsely accussed in the physical altercation discussion of the official records of bruising to my person only, as observed in several areas & upon the false imprisonment, as is recorded by authorities.

I have been frivolously accused of 5 separate DVI Violations yet were found dismissed in all cases.

I begged him to reconsider as I had possessed a DoD TS cleared Leadership position with over $100,000 for child welfare stability that did, in fact. cost me my career with DoD TS duties since 1996.

A lack of a fair trail, attorney, evidence, & defense were futile.

Over a year later my attorney & I filed a Dissolution as the Father was using it as a tool to leverage for further alienation now one yr have I saw my kids. The Judge had not allowed my attorney to even speak, but kept the DVI Active & try again frutluosly in ay nother way. period.

Hoever, while the DVI has no bearing on the children as the family court orders supersede it unbeknownst the everyone who reads it.


Comment #: FL7310
Rude and unprofessional. I can't believe he is still allowed to be a judge. Guess they don't mind who sits on the bench out in Plant City.


Comment #: FL5294
Rating:Not Rated
Destroys lives daily along with Sheehan doesn't look at facts in cases allows fake documents without question

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL4932
Rating:Not Rated
This judge allowed falsified documents against my mother and caused more pain for my niece he is doing sheehan a favor. My mother never threatened anyone no police reports to back up their accusations and my brother committed stalking on my mother's FL Paige and has threatened my mom

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL3068
One of the best judges I have ever practiced in front of.