Hon. Kenneth R. Lester Jr. See Rating Details

Circuit Court
Seminole County
18th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Kenneth R. Lester Jr.



Comment #: FL7262
Lester is bumper car buddies with the inept Galluzzo. Lester orders the hearing and Galluzzo appears as the judge and vice versa. They ought to take their act on the road far from Central Florida and preferably on a one way trip. Lester is a ghoul, likes signing DNR's and cremation orders. Halloween is every day in his courtroom and life. A disgusting creepy character. Karma is on the way.


Comment #: FL7159
Lester is a horrible judge. Attorneys and Seminole Court Staff refer to him as "Judge Jester," and his record speaks volumes as to why he should be disbarred.


Comment #: FL7012
Lester gave INJUNCTION against me to my ex husband so I could never see my daughter again. I have no history of anything no criminal record, no drink, no drugs No violence I'm a USAF Veteran homeowner since 21 yrs old...he issued my ex husband a permanent no end date injunction and gave him custody of my daughter july 03 2002.

My daughter never attended school was being sex trafficked by age of 13 turning tricks SHE TOLD ME HERSELF. Now after multiple arrests for drugs prostitution even caught in FBI sex trafficking sting now shes DEAD.

TY JUDGE LESTER FOR GIVING MY CHILD TO A MAN WHO DIDNT CARE ABOUT THE CHILD THATS WHY IN DIVORCE HE COULDNT GET HER. It has taken me years to be able to look lester up without threatening bad things to him. He took my daughter who was 8 yrs old and broke her heart and mine. Now shes DEAD at 22 yrs old after yrs of sex trafficking and total neglect by her father lester GAVE HER TO. I had 2 pimps tell me her father knows where she is he doesnt care So why do you care? He even let pimps sell her out of his home in Longwood. I found her at 16 yrs old on 11 escort websites being pimped at 16 yrs old she was a pro with years of experience. NOW Shes buried in Gotha Fl, that's the only place I can visit her. Even in death her father disrespected her with a hideous gravestone "I fled, you have a good time" is what it says..even in death her father couldnt be nice to her. She didnt commit suicide her babys father killed her he just got sentenced 188 months to FED prison, the same guy who her dad told me was a good guy..imported fentanyl killed many.

JUDGE LESTER failed my child her life was spent being raped pimped hotel to hotel off backpage.com and 10 other sites underaged. And because I had injuction no end date No one would listen to me to get her help oh the angry mom bs.

Lesters poor ruling cost me greatly and my child's life. Kenneth Lester should be disbarred.


Comment #: FL6204
Rating:Not Rated
Funny how u leave a review and it’s taken down ASAP

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: FL5865
Unjust. Still attempting to rationalize his ruling.


Comment #: FL5676
Rating:Not Rated
Kenneth Lester hides in his chambers, then comes out and does as he pleases, regardless of the U.S. Constitution. He's a criminal himself, and one with a horrible anger problem.

As for intelligence, he called me a "liar" and locked me up for not following his orders, then watched videos of his previous orders to realize it was ALL his mistake. Not a very bright man. And no character; not so much as an apology.

Kenneth Lester is a criminal, not a just judge. He represents everything wrong with the legal system today. No character, just greed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL4488
I've practiced in front of Lester for years, and it's always a pleasure. He trusts the defense and prosecutors regarding their cases, and he calls balls & strikes when needed. So, if you're having issues and need a 10th continuance, Lester will do it. He understands. And, he will not fiddle with your plea agreements, he understands that the state and defense know more about the case than anyone else, so I haven't seen many pleas blow up in his court room. That being said, he has little tolerance for lying witnesses. If he catches your witness in a lie--it's over. But 99.9% of the time, he's smooth and understanding, though you may not win many defense motions. I believe that most of the Orange County circuit judges could benefit from watching how efficient Lester is with his docket. It's amazing. 200 cases, out the door by 9:30. Seminole County is lucky to have Lester.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL4103
the best always ready gets it right has the experience very decent person

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL2725
To prepare to appear before him, I advise watching My Cousin Vinnie.