Hon. Paul B. Kanarek See Rating Details

Circuit Court
Indian River County
19th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Paul B. Kanarek


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL8507
Judge Kanarek ignored applicable Florida precedents dating to the 1920s to deprive the litigant of title to property interests not named in the complaint as special damages. He ignored the law requiring proof of misconduct or unjust enrichment to put a lien on a homestead property and ignored the precedents on proof of domicile. I had heard bad things about him but my experience with him was truly horrible. There was no relief from the 4th DCA or the Florida Supreme Court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL6348
Extremely biased and shameful behavior during trial. He has distain for the judiciary and lawyers who work in it... which is ironic for a judge. He scowls, shakes his head, huffs and puffs during questioning to try and sway the jury. It’s an embarrassment. Now trying to keep the public from being able to vote for his replacement? Not surprising from a Judge with such a lack luster career and performance ability. Disrespect earns a lack of respect and he disrespects just about any attorney who states a record that he doesn’t want. What kind of trial judge has never been in trial himself?


Comment #: FL6016
The worse judge in Indian River
Is clear his is pro rich people
Bad record on Spanish community case
Not the all balanced
He had a attorney favorite
His attorney favorite not get close to loss a case

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL5176
Very evenhanded. Willing to make the tough rulings.


Comment #: FL4498
Rating:Not Rated
This judge ordered 100% of all debt to me while giving me only the assets that were underwater. He then ordered me to pay durational alimony to my ex with over 30% of my income and to pay for my ex's legal fees, other 15% of my annual income. It was like he didn't even read his own notes. My ex didn't take care of the kids (I had my son with me and had a nanny for my ex so my kids wouldn't be in danger... Kanarek said the nanny was for me even though she lived with him), the house had mouse dropping and human feces in it that was molding, and my ex never paid for any of the household expenses. He used that as a basis for punishing for making more money while rewarding him for being lazy. I was assigned 95% of the responsibility in the marriage. None of the payments I'd made keeping my children safe and the family home went to my credit. The decree left me negative ($22,000) and my ex positive $5000 on paper but MUCH more in debt in reality. My ex refused to take on work and refused a promotion that was offered to him but that wasn't taken into consideration. I was penalized based on my income potential even though I was making a fraction of my former income. My ex was rewarded for turning down promotions and failing to contribute voluntarily even to his own phone or utility bill. He got credit for caring for the kids even though I put them in daycare and paid for nannies because he WASN'T caring for the kids. I went homeless while paying for his housing. My ex tossed me across a room after the divorce hearing when I went to pick up my adult special needs son for court ordered visitation. He was arrested twice for battery during the marriage. I was court ordered to pay for my abuser. I do not understand this judge. This is neither fair nor equitable. I had hoped to be rewarded for my hard work and effort keeping the kids and house afloat due to the sacrifices I made alone. My ex husband dumped our special needs son directly off on me and I was more than happy to take him shortly after the divorce hearing. My ex was keeping all of Reid's money and using it to pay for his personal luxuries and his lawyer while I was paying over 80% of Reid's expenses and all of my ex husband's housing because he refused to leave the home that was only in my name and solely paid for by me. My ex was no good while I was married to him, but leaving him was scary and left the kids in jeopardy. Once I found the courage to leave him and figured out a way to keep both my sons safe, my ex gets rewarded for being lazy while I'm ordered to pay out to the guy who abused me. I wish I'd never met this man and I wish the judge weren't so biased. I don't know why the judge hated me so much. I'm the one who kept the kids going at great personal expense and sacrifice. Chris was only ordered to pay child support. I make $6400 per month and was ordered to pay $2200 of it to my ex for his housing and monthly fee to pay off the lawyer he already paid for by stealing from my son.


Comment #: FL3768
Rating:Not Rated
Very Unjust. Does not take the time or
even care about looking at the facts.
Seem very bored with his job.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL3268
He is a complete loser who takes sides with lies, and the father of lies. He trumped up a charge against me after a year and a half, which was dropped by State's Attorney David Dodd. He asked -- and this is no joke -- why he should not give me 12 months in jail. Well, it will be a joke when RICO comes to town -- a federal suit is waiting to be served. He is one among many who have the "black robe disease." The abuse of power is rampant among the American judiciary.


Comment #: FL3230
http://www.ircjudicialcorruption.com/victims-of-judge-cox/ http://www.ircjudicialcorruption.com/the-entities-involved/

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL1715
Judge Kanarek appeared disinterested and even bored or annoyed at certain points during the trial. He seemed to be angry that the case was contested, and his demeanor at the end of trial was that of a factory worker when the whistle blows. I almost wanted to apologize to him during the trial, but then I realized that my client and I had invested substantial time and effort in preparing a case and in trying the case. He seems to dislike civil litigation and is more concerned with administration.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL1569
Great judge. He will always read everything submitted before the hearing and gives thoughtful opinions. He is prepared and expects those in front of him to be prepared as well. Evenhanded and a pleasure.