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Circuit Court
Martin County
19th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Lawrence Mirman


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL6352
Well I am convinced that this judge Mirman totally has no clue what it means to render justice. This young man with no criminal past, who was not a drug abuser, had no violence in his past foolishly tried a recreational drug for the first time and it really messed him up. What he did was stupid and he should pay for his immaturity. BUT NOT 10 (TEN) YEARS OF HIS LIFE. He didnt kill anyone, the victims have forgiven him, he apologized and is willing to provide restitution. But this incompetent judge, who has ZERO empathy or sense of true justice uses his so called power and throws this kid away for a decade. IF THIS IS JUSTICE THEN SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON the Judge and this broken system. No man with his ego should ever serve as a judge. I am embarrassed to have someone like this represent justice in our criminal system. I wonder how many other young men have lost their entire youth because of this man. We are going to his superiors for an investigation.


Comment #: FL6351
He has no mercy for first time offenders and uses each situation to further his twisted cause of justice. When a victims in open court says please don't send this person to prison he completely ignored the victims request and the plea for life saving redemption was ignored . All he cares about is incarceration of anyone who lands in front of him. The defendant according to law did not even score enough points for prison and got 10 years this is not justice. I will fight till I have no breath left against this un just treatment how shameful this judges conduct is he should be removed and put in a position where he can't exercise his over inflated ego


Comment #: FL6350
Rating:Not Rated
Pathetic handling of a case, absolutely NO JUSTICE was served whatsoever!

True justice is when the victim, the state and the guilty party all are made whole. No one was made whole in this case, only a disgusting and serious INJUSTICE that even the victim felt was completely wrong.


Comment #: FL6349
Absolutely terrible. A judge, despite the audience or other potential offenders of the law should NEVER use an injustice of someones life to make an example. He was careless, unreasonable and worst of all unjust... worst judge I have ever listened to in my life. He basically passed judgement on a young man for a crime he "could have but did not commit". The real crime is how the judge handled this case.


Comment #: FL5943
Doesn't appear to have any understanding of the law and ignores reality. For example, he ignores the fact that conditional charges based on sworn testimony which is known by him (and proven) to be false fails to fulfill the condition to "constitute" the charges and cannot be pleaded to due to complete lack of merit. He seems to think that charges that "no merits" somehow means "not guilty". No one can say they will or will not pay charges which have no merits. This is law 101. When the bill is false and without merit... there is no question as to payment.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL4579
As a pro se litigant, in an "unusual" case, I was lucky to have Judge Mirman to rule in my hearing. I found Judge Mirman to be knowledgeable of my case, thorough, diplomatic, fair, patient in explaining matters, and by far the best Judge one could hope for. I praise his demeanor and convey much appreciation to his position in the judicial position as the honorable Judge that he is.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: FL3349
Judge Mirman came into a property case just before summary judgment. I worried that he might be a "good old boy," inclined to favor home town lawyers and unable to fully grasp the legal issues. I was wrong. At the hearing, it was evident that he not only had read everything in this fact-laden case, but was clear on the legal issues -- some of which were specific to a narrow area of property law. After he awarded summary judgment, attorneys on both sides complimented him on his thoroughness and ability to zero in on the critical issues. That is a true compliment. Judge Mirman was fair to both sides, allowing both to fairly present their case. His temperament is unassailable. I agree with the criminal defense lawyer that Judge Mirman is among the best judges that we have, and is a true credit to the bench.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: FL662
Judge Mirman is an absolute credit to the bench. When he first started as a judge I was a little concerned that we would end up with another less-than-bright former state attorney with no experience in family law matters. I was wrong. Mirman hit the books and learned the law. He now has a very good grasp of the family law area, although sometimes he misses the boat on the finer points of the law. He is amazingly fair and lets both sides try their case. Sometimes he is a little too fair and lets people argue too much after he has ruled. I have sometimes seen certain lawyers contuinue to argue after the court has ruled and cause a complete flip-flop. His written opinions are quite scholarly and well-reasoned. Overall, a credit to the bench. Things to work on: he tends to give much too much credit to the honesty of police officers and the impact of a criminal record. If the litigant on the other side is sitting in "Jailhouse Orange" don't worry about the turkey for Thanksgiving because he's already cooked. Overall, though, I would rate Judge Mirman among the best.