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Circuit Court
Lake County
Ninteenth Judicial Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. David P. Brodsky



Comment #: IL2405
Horrible... Combines his duty as a judge and prosecutor when it comes to pro so litigants... even though he was a public defender for years.... go figure! Total jerk.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1219
Reading the other evaluation on Brodsky many of you summed him up exactly Lazy.My piece of crap lawyer quit in the middle of divorce for lack of funds took 4,000 dollars of mine and left me hanging. So I had to speak up for myself and Brodsky very rudlytold me to shut-up.Brodsky then orders a Guardian-ad-Litiun for the kids and tells me to pay a certain amount. Excuse me I could pay my lawyer where am i supposed to get this fee? See lazy and not concentrating on the case.Mary Jo Jaquette the Guardian ad Litum another piece of work my kids coundnt stand her told Brodsky that I was paying her. I told him I did't hire her never would of hired her and that he should pay her since it was his idea.Months later she hired a lawyer froze all my bank accounts took me to court trying to get me to pay.The freezing of my money was right around my kids birthday so I couldn't even get them a birthday cake. They (lawyers) disrupt peoples lives without a care in the world.I'm on social security disablity and she did'nt get a dime.Now if Brodsky would of listened to me and found out Im on social security he would thought of more maintainence for me and less child support from me.I make 17,000 and my ex makes 80,000 to 90,000 a year, do the math Brodsky.Brodsky is up on the 4th floor and won't be hurting families any more but god help the defendants up there. I'll pray for them


Comment #: IL1066
I was in court 81 times (6.75/yr), between 1999-2012. I am the Non-Custodial Parent who has visitation and pays child support. My daughter was well traveled and I never missed a visit. I appeared before the Honerable Judge Mullens, Judge Neidenripp, and one other over a 12 year period.
When my daughter was 13…. Judge Brodsky sat on the bench.

81 times I was in court in 12 years. Brodsky was too lazy to enforce his own rulings, and never reviewed my "1500 Page file" …. That is 3 Reams of paper. Obviously, there was as serious issue when there is 81 appearences for a father that pays support and never misses visits, but he was aloof.

In his laziness, he appointed Thomas Guriwitz as Guardian Ad Litum? I watched Guriwitz for 12 years sit there without a case? I adamantly declined him being appointed. I was overruled because “Guriwitz is certified”.

At that point, my daughter was thrown "into the system". Brodsky is Lazy. Guriwitz made all decisions for Brodsky’s Laziness. Of course Guriwitz was friends with my ex’s attorney. Brodsky allowed Guriwitz to send me and my daughter the “reunification counsoling”…. I argued “we have never been estranged, this is manipulation”. Your making me out to appear wrong. His answer and I quote "I don't know what to tell you"..... If he doesnt know what to tell me, he should resign he is a judge. Tell me something.

Brodsky did not care, and hurried himself from the case…. NEXT!

I was sent to Dr. Linda Hines, another part of the Lake County System, who proceeded to tell me “I don’t know why they would send you here, I do not report or testify to the judges”…. She reports to Guriwitz? who Brodsky put on the court ordered Tit to milk me dry.

Brodsky is offensive to family court. He follows no rules, and is not in tune of the effects on families. My case # is 99D1444 if anyone wants to review.

How this ended: My daughter is 15 and alienated from my whole family for 3 years now when I walked away after watching my child cry every week. Her Grandmother, nor I have seen her in 3 years. 81 court appearances, 1500 pages , and Brodsky does not see manipulation happening and did not show any interest. He is not suited for Family court.

I will never step foot into his court room again. My childs life is brutal now. Children need both parents to protect them.

He is a failure and I respect every review I read on here.

Again... 81 appearances and I live in Joliet, not Waukegan. 1500 pages in my file.


Comment #: IL634
Judge Brodsky does not have good grasp of the law. He has been appealed by many people and was overturned. I had a case go 4 years and never was one of our emergency motions approved, but most all of the others were approved. Should be fired costing courts time and money.


Comment #: IL633
Judge Brodsky failed to research his own case before starting a trail. He was not even aware of previous orders that he had written himself regarding parenting time, custody and child support before making rulings based on what he was told by a shady divorce attorney. This is An example of a complete failure of the Justice system in Lake county. Me and my kids will be paying the price for a long time. It appears that Judge Brodsky was more interested in clearing his calender than he was in making sure that my kids got was best for them.


Comment #: IL558
Lacks professionalism, does not handle the law properly. TO quick on decisons without thinking. This judge should stick on the law, not on whimisical feelings. I wonder if he was tought in law school to decide cases without using common law. And then after he makes his decisions he runs out of the court room without addressing any answers regarding his decision. That would be the professional thing to do.


Comment #: IL483
He favors certain lawyers and is never in favor of disabled women on disability very one side unfair


Comment #: IL330
This Judge, in post-judgment proceedings, granted my ex (an Illinois attorney) the last remaining approx. $80,000 in an escrow account in payment for his attorney fees, while I had not yet seen a penny of my "gross" maintenance. To this day, I have not received any of my gross maintenance even though final judgment was entered 12/31/07 (over 3 yrs. ago.) My ex was awarded almost $500,000 in attorneys fees from the marital estate, while I had received short of $30,000 during the approx. four years of litigation. Judge Diane Winter preceded Judge Brodsky in this court room and was our divorce judge. Lake County Courts are a country club with too much politics being played. If you are a spouse of a lawyer, judge or any law inforcement you don't stand a chance for a fair day in court. You will be railroaded and over-run by a tank. Also, keeping to the "official" court calendar appears to be more important than to see justice served.


Comment #: IL269
This judge is soft on people who do not follow child support orders. I have been in front of him for years and I get no justice. So if you want to get away with not paying for your children this is the judge for you.