Hon. John G. Dalton See Rating Details
Subcircuit Judge
Circuit Court
Kane County
Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
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Attorney Average Rating:   2.7 - 4 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   1.0 - 4 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. John G. Dalton



Comment #: IL2554
Rating:Not Rated
You can't put ZEROs for him... This is an awful definition as a Judge. Does he even have children, how can you judge in family law with NO personal EXPERIENCE.H runs his court like a show and he is the conductor... sorry judges have common sense...not this guy... he would rather spin around in his chair and make unethical calls... REMOVE IGNORANCE PLEASE!!!


Comment #: IL2509
This man doesn't understand anything about being fair. Our lawyer has even heard him say "f*** the constitution. That s***'s outdated." He doesn't care about the law. He doesn't care about evidence. He picks a side on each court date, and nothing the other person can say or do is right. What's worse, is that he changes sides every time people go to court! It was horrible waiting in fear, because today he may be on your opponents side, just because of the mood he was in. I've never in my life, seen a judge who is as unpredictable, unfair, and despised as much as Judge Dalton is.


Comment #: IL2502
Racist, letting white men be late years and African Americans and Mexicans put in jail for a week behind. He also sets thousands of dollars bails for only a few hundred dollars owed. He is known for debtors jail even when cause to be behind. He is teaching Elizabeth Flood who to hate as he does. He does not follow the law or the State Attorney and disrespects the State Attorney openly in court. He looks for sympathy from all in his courtroom who he has harmed by talking about his personal life woes and looking for sympathy when he is a heartless and intentionally cruel to others. It almost seems sociopathic how he feels so much for himself and so little for others. He is a disgrace to Kane County.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL2474
Dalton gets joy out of harassing lawyers and litigants alike. He doesn't look at facts or evidence in determining his ruling and frequently will state "I enforce my orders" but everyone who has ever been in his court room knows that he only enforces monetary orders. Any other parenting order issues will not be addressed other than a mocking lecture. He lets his contempt known for the litigant he just chooses he doesn't like, whether its because he doesn't like their eye color, hair color, or skin color, he just chooses to not like someone and all the evidence in the world will never change his ruling or opinion on the legal subject matter. He's moody. He's rude. He's an absolutely disgusting judge. Probably the worst I've ever seen in 10 years of practicing in Kane County. He needs to be removed from the bench and sanctioned. He should never be allowed in a court room again. And in my opinion his actions equate abuse towards the individuals that stand before him looking for justice, fairness and help with a conflict. He just makes the conflict worse. And he knows it. And enjoys it.


Comment #: IL2143
Kane County residents should be embarassed for appointing this man. He is more concerned with discussing his personal life in the courtroom than he is actually giving the consideration needed to the case in front of him. Uses emotion and personal bisses to decide case outcomes rather than facts and evidence. Even questions why he made pervious orders in cases such as "i had ruled on this before and then ruled again later. Why did I do that?" Also clearly has favorite attorneys. If your attorney is not one of his preferred attorneys he will rule against you the entire case. Does not follow court procedures. If he is low on patience or sick of your case he will not hear your arguement or evidence and just rule. I witnessed an attorney ask for a 3 day trial. Judge Dalton said he would give 1 day. When that 1 day wasn't enough he admonished the attorney for not asking for multiple days. Then when he ruled on the case he said in his ruling that maybe if the trial had more time the full extent of evidence could have been presented and changed the outcome. He is on record stating he just wants to push cases through the system, and that is shown. If a party is indigent he will not only hold them to a lower standard of behavior in the court room and life but he will rule in protection of their behavior, thus hurting the children living in the impoverished conditions. He should be investigated for his inconsisitency, lack of respect, clear personal biases and absolute disregard for procedure.


Comment #: IL2139
Doesn't make it an easy court room visit. Maybe he should remember he is human like everyone who stands in front of him. Disrespectful to lawyers and make people feel be littled. My advice is look into his style. He is in divorce court... Not people's court. Bring on December 2018. Someone who doesn't have children should not run a court room that deals with children

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL2094
Judge John Dalton ignores the extremely important evidence that is placed before him. He is very biased. He just gave custody of my daughter to a man who stood in his court room saying he couldn't afford to feed our daughter. There is a 604(b) psychological evaluation going on in the household that he placed my daughter in, due to another custody battle that is occurring in the house, with allegations of neglect and abuse. He ignored the allegations that her father didn't take my daughter to the doctor, even though she was sick for five weeks. We also told the judge that my daughter said that she can't stand the fighting in the house. The "man" has no right being a judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL1782
He is a terrible person, he allowed my daughter to be placed with her abusive father while I work instead of allowing me to place her at a daycare center run by family at no cost to her father.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL865
This judge has an unfortunate inability to consider legal arguments beyond those that he has thought of himself. He is far too glib with comments that can be taken as offensive and/or biased. Not recommended.