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Circuit Court
DuPage County
Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Neal W. Cerne


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1085
Rating:Not Rated
Is it possible that Judge Cerne and Judge Konetski were separated at birth? Same courtroom....same blatant disregard for the law. Move along Judge Cerne. You've padded your pension robe enough now.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1083
Are you kidding me!? This judge tears families apart, and does NOT go by the letter of the law. He utterly disregards the family. He says that he is a Christian man, but does appears to be a judge who disrespects family, especially mother's. A very judgemental judge...so to speak. He seems to be part of a network and the fraternity of a good ol boys that roam the halls of the DuPage County courthouse that do favors for other lawyers, policemen, and any officer of the court. He answers to no one, not even a Chief Judge. He does not involve child welfare OR child psychiatrists EVEN when there are PHOTOS that show bruise. Instead, he makes rulings that tear families apart, for no other serious reasoning, except that he wants people to spend more money on appeals. In essence, it settles the score for bitter ex spouses, who use their free attorney friends to clog up the courtrooms and steal children away from a loving parent. It doesn't matter that children are crying or that they go to a home where abuse, both verbal and physical, continue He seems to not care about parent alienation. He is handed facts, by competent attorneys who do back breaking work to show a true picture, backing up their trials with truth and case law, then leaves people in courtrooms with their mouths hanging open in amazement, as he makes unjust rulings. God forbid that you hire a woman attorney, who know the law, but is not part of the "network" of the game playing peacocks that strut the halls. It's nauseating at best, and disgustingly sad on the other. This man should be shown the courtroom door, or be brought up on charges of abusing the children, that he is legally obligated to protect. It's amazing that even BEFORE a case starts, some people verbalize the outcome. How could that be? Do NOT vote for this man. Instead, do your homework. DuPage County does not need any more frat brothers making rulings. We also don't need months before the next court date or status dates, therefore stealing more time from children who need their other parent. We need fair, open minded men and women who respect the law, act with dignity, and honor all who enter their courtrooms. Judge Cerne....we ALL pay taxes here in DuPage County....not just your cronies in Naperville.


Comment #: IL1062
I don't know where to begin. This man just destroyed my life & ripped apart my family. I've had residential custody of my 3 children for 8 years, and to skirt responsibility for paying child support, my ex-husband a Naperville police officer, decided he wanted to modify custody. He had his FREE attorney in his corner. I accommodated his schedule to foster a relationship between him & the kids, there are zero drug or alcohol issues, I don't co-habitate with men, my ex-is $9,000 behind in back child support AND has yet to pay one penny from our divorce settlement in 2007! Despite 2 judgements ordering him to do so. Yet because he's a veteran of the police force, coaches sports and loves his kids ( don't we all?!) The judge stripped me of my custody ( he said I often fed them McDonalds for breakfast and they were habitually late for school) my children enjoy Egg White delights, aren't obese or even Fat, but in his eyes, McDonalds is irresponsible as opposed to sugar cereal. And with regards to lateness, I never received one comment from the school, and if my kids were late, so were the other 25 kids stuck in the car line. 8:01 is tardy. My kids are on honor roll, and have no behavior problems. That's it. It's public record, there's no skeletons in my closet, no dirt to dig up. So now I move on to the appellate court. I see them every other Fri-Sunday 6-6 and Wednesdays 3-7 for dinner. I paid for 2 Joint parenting agreements, and my ex never signed them. I'm shocked & sickened. My name is Laurie Geiger, my email is lgeiger4@gmail.com
I'm not giving up on my children. Even drug addicts retain custody of their kids and are given a second chance. What just happened here?!?!


Comment #: IL918
This judge defers completely to the litigant who can pay his lawyers, and issues devastating rulings against the downtrodden. Divorce attorneys should not be serving as judges.


Comment #: IL864
Rating:Not Rated
He discriminates against women in favor of crony attorneys who practice in his jurisdiction. He is disingenuous in his statements, and dangles carrots to elicit more funds from the plaintiff, only to do a 180-degree turn at hearing time. This is an institutionalized scam.


Comment #: IL862
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Cerne rendered an extremely inequitable and unjust ruling in favor of the criminal defense attorney respondent who practices in this courthouse, and against the plaintiff, his former spouse. It is very clear that the respondent perjured himself on several occasions, and outright stole funds from the plaintiff by not complying with voluminous court orders, and hiding cash and other funds in accounts considered untouchable by the judge. The respondent was not sanctioned equitably, and the plaintiff experienced great financial damage. Judge Cerne went completely back on his pretrial statements at the final hearing, giving the impression that something is greatly amiss in the DuPage County Court system.