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Associate Judge
Circuit Court
DuPage County
Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Richard D. Russo



Comment #: IL2293
I have first-hand experience with Judge Russo and his inability to uphold the law or even do the “right” thing. He is up for re-election in March 2018, and I beg all voters to vote for anyone but him. It’s time to take power away from those who choose to exploit the system.


Comment #: IL2062
I was just a bystander in the courtroom but I watched this judge intimidate a citizen and infringe on his 2nd amendment rights to have a firearm in his possession. The respondent did make some mistakes in presenting facts but never was it showed that he was not a responsible conceal carrier and FOID card holder. He was in what looked like a heated divorce and the soon to be ex wife had an order of protection on him. I understood that but the judge ordered that the property of the husband be given to a police department as safe keeping. The man was not wanting to comply, neither would I have wanted to have police hold my property for no reason. The man never used his firearm to threaten anyone and was willing to give his fire arms to a friend but the judge got pretty intimidating and. Asically threatened to take away his CC permit and FOID if he didn't voluntarily (not really) give up his 2nd amendment rights. The constitution in my opinion trumps everything and unless you display irresponsibly you should never be intimated by the government to give up your rights.

This judge is an appointed Judge and I would never vote for him if he ran for election.

This j


Comment #: IL2035
This judge did not bother to take the time to listen to my issue, nor did he look at any evidence I brought with me. I had the distinct feeling that he thought I was wasting his precious time. He showed no compassion or concern. This man needs a different job.


Comment #: IL1823
Did not do job correctly. Demonstrated heavy bias and did not talk to plaintiff with respect or validity. Denied plaintiff hearing based on personal beliefs.


Comment #: IL1643
Judge Russo does not care about the truth. Judge Russo does not care about the law. Judge Russo does not care about justice. Judge Russo does not care about facts. Judge Russo only cares about what best supports his personal gain. He even leverages other judges for personal gain. I will make sure he is not re-elected to his post. He is the epitome of what is wrong in Dupage County.


Comment #: IL1580
Unfortunately my experience seems to echo much of what I have read here and on similar sites. Its understandable that litigants may be upset post trial, but the fact that multiple complaints seem to specifically corroborate the self righteous, checked out, systematic attitude that I experienced is troubling.

I came to be in front of Judge Russo because an associate of mine decided that getting an order of protection from me would be a great temporary way of getting out of their responsibility and the money they owe me.

I figured it would be an open and shut deal as I went in with video, and written evidence that directly contradicted their initial claims and later what they recalled while UNDER OATH. Boy was I wrong! Judge Russo blatantly ignored my requests to show this information, all the while mentioning to various staff that they were running behind and didn't 'have time for this'.

My 'trial' was one of the last that day so I was privy to continued displays of his holier than thou attitude. It is almost as if he relishes the fact that he can step all over someone who because they are not speaking in perfect legal vernacular. His impatience with people who were not familiar with legal proceedings is almost disgusting. Almost no regard that others may not be as familiar with a courtroom as he is, he grew extremely frustrated when anyone asked for an explanation or clarification. Guess their well being wasn't as important as him being off on time. Troubling that an adjudicator would have such a difficult time considering another persons perspective.

Another thing that bothered me was how derogatory he was to those who came before him. He blatantly insulted me for not marrying my long term girlfriend after that fact came up in the proceedings (sorry I don't subscribe to your exact moral/religious guidelines, your honor)
After the part where they ask you your occupation I simply said I was in the pet industry (to avoid being long winded or pretentious) to which he told me I needed to get my life together. Guess I should wasted his precious time specifying I own the second largest company in my industry in IL.

Overall it is very obvious he has little interest in the truth and more in the process and going through the motions. No surprise that googling his name produces nothing but similar stories and recent demotions.


Comment #: IL1544
I was surprised to see the other negative remarks, but my wife and I recently had the opposite experience. I don't know him personally and only base this on one day in a courtroom with him. This was for a order of protection, and for various reasons it was a complex set of details. He was respectful to both sides and extremely logical in his words. What I found most impressive was how compassionate he was. I don't write reviews ever, but with the skewed remarks below, it's only fair to set the record straight that we found Russo to be top-notched. Thankful there are judges like this in the world.


Comment #: IL1432
I don't think he listened well enough to the facts and became distracted by a piece of information that had nothing to do with the case in front of him. My son was falsely accused of something he didn't do. Had a police officer there that testified that the accusation was false due to video evidence. Heard the accuser lie under oath. And then sympathized with the accuser and reprimanded my son. I was appalled! My son won the case but did not need to be made to look like he did something wrong when false charges were brought against him. He never reprimanded the accuser for filing a false report. What is wrong with this system?


Comment #: IL1302
He issued a plenary order of protection against me because he didn't like my facial expression during the hearing. He said "I know you think this is a big joke to you". I never said anything to that effect nor did i behave in anything but a professional demeanor. He basically issued the plenary order because my parents were crying and I didn't show any remorse or emotion. I didn't know you know you could win a case by crying. This isn't kindergarten or daycare sir. This a court of law and deciding it based on whether or not you like my face or based on the petitioners crying is not proper conduct of a presiding judge. I had revealed numerous inconsistencies and outright lies by the petitioner during cross-examination and this overweight, barney frank look-alike chose to ignore all if it and issued a full 2-year plenary order against me, forbidding me to return to my legal residence for 2 years. This is huge violation of my rights under Article 1 section 2 of the Illinois state Constitution regarding due process of law, and an abuse of process. He will be held accountable and I will gladly join any class action complaint against this unprofessional judge.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1260
basically threw out my order of protection request without explanation or reason. he's arrogant, pro-criminal and quite interested in saving Illinois money and not working for justice. He is a sad excuse for a judge and has shaken my trust and belief in the system. He's a politician with a misguided sense of 'compassion'. if left to renew him on election day I would vote a resounding NO


Comment #: IL1235
Hi: I found him to be the same. We made a motion to reconsider after a very little thought about distribution of assets (against the 50/50 precedent). August 2014. He did nothing to "un-couple" us after the divorce. He gave her ownership in an asset that she had nothing to do with before the judgement.

We had a scheduled date to hear the motion in Nov. 2014. 2 days before, said' No my ruling stands" . He never heard our motion. In private chamber, he told someone "I don't have time for this and I don't really care"

As of January 1, he was removed from the divorce bench. He was not trained, very unprofessional and not worry to be called a judge.

I am thinking that if we find enough people that he screwed, we can get a class action law suit and have his rulings tossed out.

Please contact me if you desire.


Comment #: IL1154
Rating:Not Rated
A motion was brought against me for child support, medical bills, and a request for lawyer fees. I went to court representing myself (due to my first lawyer taking $40,000 with poor results and very little work. I net less than $30,000). The motion was unfounded as I had the documents in hand to prove it, however, Judge Russo did not want to hear anything I had to say about the motion. I find this Judge very disrespectful as I have done my best as a father, emotionally and financially towards our daughter. My case continues to simply bleed the financial resources from our daughter because my x-wife will not stop bringing me to court and mediation. She is simply wasting my daughter's child support on court fees, and Judge Russo doesn't want to hear what I have to say. Shame on him as he does not deserve to be a judge if he is not willing to take facts into account. On several occasions he has ignored what I have to say.