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Associate Judge
Circuit Court
Cook County
Cook Judicial Circuit
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Attorney Average Rating:   4.8 - 2 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   2.0 - 6 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. John Thomas Carr



Comment #: IL2475
Takes parenting out of the hands of parents. Doesn’t listen, read briefs or follow case law. Claims he is a family man who would do anything for his. But will destroy the families who stand before him!! The guy is off his rocker! Speaking with other judges in his field, they have no respect for him and think he is incompetent. Needs to be removed from the bench. His bias overshadows what a judge is supposed to do. Nothing fair about this guy!


Comment #: IL2020
Totally horrible. Never really wanted to hear the facts or do anything that was equitable. He has a predetermine formula to make you go away and even if you go through the process has not interest in changing his mind. Sad that these are people's life's that he doesn't want to spend the time on. Retire my man, the game has passed you by


Comment #: IL1942
ASSOCIATE Judge Carr has to be one of the worst associate judges I have ever seen. He does not read depositions, nor looks at any evidence presented to him. He did not take any recommendations from previous Judges in my case and has made his own decision based upon emotions. When I asked how my ex-wife qualified for maintenance, he could not answer the questions and just said she did. He made a $300,000.00 decision and felt he did not have to give an answer. I believe that Associate Judge Carr makes his decisions upon the empowerment of his office and any citizen who questions him about it will feel his emotional wrath. I have no problem discussing the above items and provide supporting documentation.

Tom Smyth (case: 14D63 Circuit Court Cook County Room 1608).

Tom Smyth (case:


Comment #: IL1456
Not only was he late, he took his time getting ready. When it finally came time to grant divorce he made it seem like it was an inconvenience for us to even be in court. His directions were unclear and quite frankly it made the divorce process worse than it already is.


Comment #: IL1299
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Carr told the opposing attorney that she would always be right, even when she cited law incorrectly, because she was running for Judge. He took the side of colleague over the truth.


Comment #: IL1298
He was very insensitive to my domestic case. He literally humiliated me in front of the respondent. He allowed the respondent to walk close to me, talk over me, inturpt him, and disrespect the court. This judge abused his power and authority and totally practiced sexism and I was the victim. He was totally rude to me, every time I asked to to speak he told me no! We'll be with you in a second, as in the respondent and him. He and the respondent held full conversation on my expense, he was totally on the the respondent side, and acted as though he didn't want to give me a restraining order nor a divorce, he didn't even let me establish a history of abuse before granting only a 6 month restraining order! I was very disappointed in the judge behavior and disgusted at the legal system! The scarification of my divorce from my abusing partner wasn't even joyous because of this awful experience.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL776
This judge is very biased against males, and alluded to some connection to and bias for the legal aid clinic. He should be removed from the bench.


Comment #: IL626
In pre-trial conferences for a divorce he was very no-nonsense and respectful to both sides making it abundantly clear that behavior would not impact his decision on a settlement and that it was all a math formula and that was it... no fault state and he is obliged to that and would not veer from the requirements the state puts on him in that regard. Much more fair than other judges in pre-trial conference that basically say, "If I were to settle this today this is what I would decide" He won't do that. No. He winsomely encourages parties to come to a settlement of their own accord repeating "If I have to make the decision someone is always unhappy so you really want to decide this between the two of you." You really have no idea how he would have decided if you had gone to trial. He shined above every other family judge I have been before in that he does not sit there in a superior stance looking down on you. He has no airs about him at all. I can say this of his attitude in settlement matters. We will see if he changes when dealing with an OP next. I will say he insisted on the OP hearing occurring after the finalization of the divorce saying if it fell into the lap of another judge he did not want the accused to have their settlement impacted by a swayed opinion of behavior that could occur with another judge. He didn't say it was because he wanted to disarm the accuser, however, he just really felt strongly about the no-fault laws in our state and wanted to be certain this was handled correctly in light of that.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL205
Very practical and his experience in the field of family law adds to his credentials as a judge