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What others have said about Hon. Bridget J. Hughes



Comment #: IL1827
udge Jane Hughes found me guilty of criminal charges (That were over turned on appeal)
In regards to an incident in which I was assualted by 2 hospital security guards.
I was not a patient of the hospital, I was walking towards my taxi OUTSIDE the hospital when I was slammed to the ground and assualted.

I was Falsely charged by an Hoffman Estates Police Officer/

In court in front of; Judge Bridget Jane Hughes in 2010
The Judge showed obvious bias against the defense.
(She verbally abused my attorney, kept texting on her phone and excusing herself from the bench to talk to her "Personal Trainer".)

Despite the fact that these Security Guards threatened me with violence and mace.

In front of the the Judge; the Security Guard testified that they had no powers to "Arrest or Detain" anyone.
The guard also testified that he told defendent he was a "Police Officer" *(Impersonating a Police Officer),
Yet they handcuffed me, then physically forced me inside the hospital.

They just ruled against me stating that in the future when a Security Guard tells me to "Get on the Ground" I should obey this (Unlawfull) order!


Comment #: IL1623
I found Judge Hughes,fair ,compassionate , willing to listen and firm.
She collects all the facts in the case and asks the questions necessary to proceed.
She is right for the job.


Comment #: IL1622
Rating:Not Rated
Outstanding judge. She is given big assignments because she is most capable. Has been unfairly attacked on this site and by nasty, petty attorneys. Her job is stressful and she handles it all with a lot of class.


Comment #: IL1458
Excellent Judge. Extemely hard working. Treats all defendants fairly. listens to all sides before making a decision.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1412
If you are thinking of SOJ'ing Judge Hughes do yourself, your client and society a favor and file the motion ASAP.

Judge Hughes is exactly the type of person you DON'T want in a position of power. Worse than her average intelligence, she is as petty as a middle school bully. She doesn't understand that her decisions are not tools to use in her feud with the prosecutors, that they have real world consequences for the litigants (defendant and victim) in her case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1320


Comment #: IL1292
Very disrespectful, two long years of waiting for a trial and having to re-live the death of their son. Judge Hughes dropped the felony aggravated DUI charge to a misdemeanor DUI after hitting and killing a teen that was walking home. This was his second DUI in three years and she sentenced him to two years probation and 500 hours of community service. She had NO feelings for the family and friends that lost a son/friend. She could have cared less, she has no heart at all. She should not be a Judge with her heartless attitude. She actually let a 2nd DUI offender walk after killing somebody. Wow! If you get a DUI this is the Judge you want!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL1009
Rating:Not Rated
Very unfair comments. Judge Hughes has the most cases and moves the court call very well. Her sentences are fair and predictable. A very good judge.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL889
She must have great clout, because she has no ability and acts like a spoiled brat. Thankfully, a friend told me to file an SOJ.


Comment #: IL542
The worst judge iv'e ever encountered (out of like 20 different judges) Bridget Hughes not only hates the majority of people who walk into her courtroom she won't even let you elaborate on the circumstances of the situation, and even if she lets you elaborate chances are she doesn't care and shes not listening. I've had her twice and the first time she sent me to jail for 7 days (even tho i had an very well respected attorney) for aggravated speeding 90 in a 55 highway 53. Keep in mind i work for an attorney as a paralegal and she knows this because my attorney also my employer explained it to her. second time i saw her she was mad because court started at 9 and by the time she called my name it was 11am and she had another court room at 1030 so she immedietly sentanced me to 300 hours of community service. no ifs ands or buts again this is for a driving on suspended first offense and i didnt even know my liscense was suspended. worst judge ever doesnt care about people at all no respect for anyone

Court Staff

Comment #: IL492
She is always on time in the courtroom but if she does not like someone she is always snickering about them or gives them a hard time for no reason. If there is a spanish translator in the courtroom Judge Hughes will purposely talk really fast and snicker and laugh as the translator is trying to translate. She is nice to who she wants to be nice to and the rest of us is just a piece of garbage.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL491
Acts like a little spoiled brat on the bench. Rude, demeaning, and acts like a 3 year old in the way she treats people with her snide comments. One of the worst, if not, THE worst Judge in Cook County. Beware of her, BEWARE. Former prosecutor, Daddy was a cop. Mean, vindicative, and plays favorites. The poster child for what you do not want a Judge to represent. She needs to be removed as a Judge.