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What others have said about Hon. Nancy J. Katz



Comment #: IL1524
Rating:Not Rated
This Judges courtroom is a circus litterly, It has 2 different acts one with the court reporter in the room where they mimic and portray they follow the Illinois supreme court rules and domestic relations rules, in front of the court reporter its a act like follow you rights, even then they still manipulate and bend the rules in favor of the female litigant and her attorneys. ,Its real dog a pony show with 2 acts ( When a court reporter is there and when there is no Court reporter) and 2 different rules and set of standards. when the burden of proof shifts to the Pro Se Litigant where he is asked to prove a positive. (Like visitation weekly). For example the judge will ask you to look for court orders for visitation or other facts when the court order had the female litigants attorneys letter head on it, The female litigant attorneys lie threw there teeth, Where the notes of such orders are right in the judges Laptop she uses, the POS Child rep is useless and just covers the child abuse and neglects that happened to your child to keep from going on record in front of the court. Even if the ex wife's boyfriend is a endangerment to the child or your then Pre-Teen daughter was getting sexually abuse during out of state visits the child rep is an enabler who enables it to continue to happen. They will push for a unlawful continuance of an order of protection to keep the abuse from coming to the surface. They will ignore red flags and red herrings of the child withdrawing socially from her only cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts, god father and childhood friends.
Then when the court reporter is not in the room, its a real free for all, ex wife's attorneys screaming at you getting in your face, child rep doing them same, spitting on you there are so close yelling. , The judge letting it happen not having them follow basic litigation rules, double standards triple standards. had a different set of rules and standards where the blandly don't follow the Illinois supreme court rules, Local Domestic relations rules of 13.2 they will violate your rights, the minor, child's rights (Who is 2-3 years younger emotionally then her actually age because of her Mom's brainwashing and mental illness is being hard wired into the child), they will even violate your civil rights and the child's also, who does not even need to be present. Just the child Rep who is just another attorney for the wife to had abuse with deceptive practices and parlor ticks. If you have a pre-teen child that you love with all your heart, get out of this courtroom. If you ever have the ex wife playing games, manufacturing conflict, then she gets an order of protection against you to bi pass the parenting agreement. Then you hear something like therapeutic visitation get a SOJ right away and a special deputy of the court to look after your child best interest.


Comment #: IL1508
Rating:Not Rated
One of the worst Judges to have if you have a crazy ex-wife that uses your kid to abuse you. This judge NEVER held a woman in contempt NEVER. She has child representatives coach the female litigant to use deceptive practices and lie to get an order of protection to Bi Pass the parenting agreement and also to cover Child Abuse, Neglect and child sex abuse when my child was out of state when she was 12 yo. The judge does not think its not normal for the child to speak to the father side of the family, grandfather or only cousins. This judge is big on using order of protections to hide abuse, crimes, other issues from coming from the surface in her Therapeutic Visitation model they use. If you ever hear a child rep use that term NEVER AGREE TO IT, Run and get a SOJ right away. Actually never agree to anything in front of this judge such as a agreed order, they will play a shell game as to why the court order has not been followed, that's usually some BS order of protection excuse.


Comment #: IL1414
how is there no one to oeversee the enforcement of the law, if it's not applied by judges? This woman should be barred for life. I understand why people lose all faith in the justice system. Under Judge Katz, there may as well be no laws. she makes her own.


Comment #: IL1325
Rating:Not Rated
WORST JUDGE EVER!! No ability to act within the law whatsoever. Gender biased and remarkably ignorant on every level. Illinois is being served a great injustice under her.


Comment #: IL1004
Rating:Not Rated
BIASED in divorce situation is an understatement- ignoring an obvious fraud perpetrated by ex as well as emotional damages to my child, in favor of saving face?

Any attorneys interested in taking a whack at my case and potential damages, contact media at


Comment #: IL768
Judge Nancy Katz is so obviously gender biased against male litigants that I was initially shocked by this display. I began to expect it after a couple of appearances before her. She tries her best to side with female litigants. For example, my ex-wife indicated that she had not worked for the majority of our 13-year marriage. I handed the ex-wife's resume that she had made to Judge Katz, and Judge Katz brushed it off by saying that I had "probably" perjured myself, too. The resume showed that she had always worked in professional capacities, consistently. I knew Judge Katz's mindset at that point, and her bias remained consistent throughout my case.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL636
Judge Katz is biased, favoring women in divorce cases. She does not follow the law when a women is in contempt, ever. JUDGE KATZ HAS NEVER HELD A WOMAN IN CONTEMPT OF COURT! She instead punishes the former husband by ordering him to pay the ex-wife's legal fees! And even awards the one in contempt more maintenance! How's that for fair?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL206
Judge Katz is the best judge in the divorce division. She is very bright and practical. She keeps up on the law. She is even-handed to both sides. She is organized and thoughtful. She has great insight.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: IL185
Judge Katz appears to be biased in divorce situations. It seems that she favors women over men. She needs to be more open-minded with regard to the father's rights, not just the mother's rights.