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Cook County
Cook Judicial Circuit
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Attorney Average Rating:   6.6 - 2 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   2.0 - 7 rating(s)
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Involvement in Settlement Discussions (1=Not at all Involved,10=Very Involved)
General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Alfred L. Levinson



Comment #: IL1249
EXCELLENT! Judge Levinson was the ONLY Judge that finally removed my child from his abusive bio dad after so many years in court and lots of wasted money. All previous Judges were too scared to actually make the decision and defaulted to the money hungry attorneys. Judge Levinson was the one and only judge that gave my child a voice and finally removed him from the abuse! Thank you Judge Levinson for giving us our life back!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL1039
Very good judge. No. VERY GREAT JUDGE. He is such an asset. His memory of cases is scary.

My favorite is when he is not moved by a lying, crying woman. He is fair with his admonishments. Any he is not afraid to enforce his Orders.


Comment #: IL964
This judge is trying to punish my daughter after she took her baby to a medical specialist after being abused. The baby is now with the alleged abusers, and to date he will not return the baby to a competent mother that has not done anything wrong but protect her baby. Justice needs to be served. It is a shame what has become of this justice system, and it needs to be reviewed.


Comment #: IL949
The Honorable Alfred Levinson is a very poor judge. After having him hear my divorce case, I lost my faith in the legal system. He was not interested in the facts of the case, but just wanted to get it off his desk, so it was all signed without due process. He should be removed for the welfare of the judicial courts. It is judges like him who give Cook County a bad reputation.


Comment #: IL849
I totally agree with all the poor ratings of this judge. He makes decisions based solely on the emotions of the mother, and discards any evidence or facts. In addition, his friend Ms. Powers ruins relationships with the father and children. There are a lot of favorites in the court. He is against human morals, and is against anyone who has served in the military. He does not deserve to be on the bench. He needs to retire -- and, yes, bring back Judge Betar!


Comment #: IL731
Judge Levinson does not spend any time looking at the facts of a case, but simply bases his decisions on his emotions. I have watched many cases in his courtroom, and he attempts to come up with solutions that make no sense or are not in the best interests of both parties. He displays his bias and prejudice all the time. Hopefully he will retire soon.


Comment #: IL655
Rating:Not Rated
This judge not only is going against evidence, siding with the mother, going off hearsay, dismissing evidence from the appointed GAL, and down right making it hard/impossible to see my child, but also defamed the military. It makes me feel like my time served was a waste with the comments he made!


Comment #: IL653
I have had three judges in courtroom 106 in Rolling Meadows and I thought Judge Betar was the worst up until last Thursday. How anyone could let this man be a judge I have no clue. His demeanor and attitude was totally non professional - he reminded me of a wanna be wise guy with the way he spoke and his motions and body language was one of disinterest. Besides not hearing anything I had to say about my case on child support which I have been fighting in that courtroom for the past 10 years, he had the audacity to make fun of the size of my file saying that the "workman's comp wouldn't cover the clerk having to carry my huge file every time I had to come to court and that she shouldn't have to be subject to doing that". Also he stated that if he never had to look at my file again for as long as he lives it would be too soon. Those statements were exactly quoted from a man who took an oath to be on that bench. I did have the chance to say that those huge files represented the past 10 years of my life fighting for what was due my children. This man is a disgrace - I never thought I would say this but bring back Judge Betar!


Comment #: IL572
JUDGE LEVINSON IS NOT A FAIR OR CARING JUDGE! He rolled his eyes when people spoke, showing he was biased. After lunch... he was falling asleep and kept knodding off while on the stand. He fined us retroactively, starting whenever he felt like it, without due process, of a violation notification for many years back in time. He sided with perjured multi-millionare testimony. We had a IL Dept of Age State Inspector, 2 McHenry County Animal Control Officers, 2 McHenry County Health Inspectors, BH Code Enforcement Inspector/Officer who gave testimony on our behalf. Also the US Postal Service lady who submitted an affidavit on our behalf. Our evidence we submitted to him was lost and Cook County could not find it for our Appeal. Where did it go? He fined us $37,000 for having a log pile in our woods, having a compost pile and for raising dogs on our approx. 13 acres. We live in a village with "No Dog Limit", and he said we can only have pets and we can't breed or train or groom our champion show dogs. (They are out of 4 generations of Westminster winners, and champions from 15 countries. Question.... If you can't have a kennel on large acreage, where can you allow dogs to run and play in a fenced and gated property?)

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: IL527
Judge Levinson was clearly for the opposing party from the start, and was highly prejudicial against my client. He is almost completely for the mother in divorce litigation, and is very antiquated in his views-especially since the mother in this case was a career corporate type, and my client is a devoted father. It didn't matter-Judge Levinson was in her corner the entire litigation, and we were lucky not to walk away in a worse situation. He also would not sanction the mother, even though she continuously disregarded discovery deadlines, and orders, which was very surprising since Levinson is supposed to be a stickler for these matters. If you represent the husband in a divorce I would ask to change judges because I don't think that you will get a fair chance.