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What others have said about Hon. Nicholas Geanopoulos



Comment #: IL2290
I'm still trying to figure out why this judge took my granddaughters out of my household. After I ask for Guardianship, the GAL Kimberly Boone and Elizabeth Mannix asked this judge to send IPS to my house without my request. IPS sent them a letter, Geanopoulous, Nicholas, Boone, Mannix and Unity Parenting in Chicago stating that they had no reason to ask her to come to my house.

Next, the two GAL demanded Unity to threaten me to get my foster care license within 30 days otherwise, they will remove my grandkids. Although it takes up to 90 days to get the license.

I had finished the process of getting the license. I'm in compliant with everything they have asked for. The next thing they asked of me, you won't believe.

The case worker from Unity called me and informed me that this judge honored the request from the GAL, Boone and Mannix, to send me, the foster parent/grandfather, to therapy and domestic violence classed with another request. It stated if I don't comply or improve, they will take my grandkids from me.

I'm a single man, trying to balance my life by working and taking care of my grandkids.

Now, I had to take days off work to meet with a therapist from Unity, Deanna Reed. Because I work as a Hiker moving trucks to different locations, I couldn't work on those days that I have therapy sessions because I could be on the road for 12 or more hours. We met up for like 10 weeks. I had lost over $2500 in income because of these people.

Long story short, Deanna Reed told me that she was going to give the judge a good report. Court day was in one week.

We made it to court and this woman told the judge that she had a meeting with her staff two days prior and her co-worker Ms. Guy had seen my daughter with her kids in February, that are in my custody. The previous case worker had already did an investigation into this matter on the same day in questioning and found that his co-worker had lied. My grandkids were at Disney World on Ice with the daycare provider and lots of witnesses.

That still didn't stop this judge from removing my grandkids from my home. He mention, "why would Ms. Guy lied about that"? She wasn't in court so his decision was on hearsay and no proof of evidence.

All I wanted to do is get my girls out of this system because the case has been dragging for three years. My daughter took all the classes requested by the cook county court, in Macon County.

We had made plans to gradually allow the kids to return to her home after one year because I wanted my girls to start the next school year in my town.

They removed my Grandkids and placed them in a stranger household that is NOT license, NOR family, with two male teenagers.

My daughter can not get a fair hearing in this judge's court room. The state and GAL abused their power by constant threats of do as I say or we take the kids. They DO NOT have my girls best interest! My girls lived in my house for 3 years with no incident and because I wanted to file for Guardianship, this is what they have done to prevent it and keep them in their system.

These people I have mentioned should not be trusted at all. They work together for one purpose, to ruin family.


Comment #: IL1284
This is NOT an honorable Judge. He should be removed from the bench for complete abuse of power!! Destroying people's lives and violating rights left and right. What he has done to Isaiah Rider and his mother Michelle is not only unjust but horrific and evil. Isaiah is a 17yr old Missouri resident and has NEVER lived in IL..his mother brought him there for help and instead they have had their lives destroyed by this man and the DCFS. Geanopoulos made Isaiah a perm ward of the State of IL last week.. A state he DOES NOT live in! How is this legal??? Isaiah is considered an adult in his home state and has expressed multiple times that he just wants to go home. But Geanopoulos refuses and continues to torment this family. It is an utter and complete abuse of his judicial power and he should be removed from the bench. FREE ISAIAH!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


Comment #: IL1281
Rating:Not Rated
If Judge Geanopoulus was truly a Judge for "families", he would see past the lies that are being spread about Michelle Rider. He would have put two and two together when Luries Children's hospital had to keep Isaiah Rider in the ICU for almost a full MONTH AFTER his mother was banned from seeing him. If Judge Geanopoulos actually cared about CHILDREN he would have IMMEDIATELY called for an investigation into the reports of abuse that Isaiah says he was a victim of. If Judge Geanopoulos cared about actual JUSTICE, he'd stand up for the families, not the corrupt government system that has proven time and time again that the only thing important is money.

If only Judge Geanopoulos's CHILDREN, of he has any, were going through this. Karma can be very cruel.


Comment #: IL1202
Rating:Not Rated
This judge does not care about Isaiah rider he is a traitor child stealer. Not sympathetic. At all about Isaiah. Rider suffering. Judge Nicholas. Is a heartless. And I think he is so very arrogant. He is not compassnate to Isaiah rider who needs help and proper medical. Care. Why is he doing this to Isaiah rider. What if this happend to his own kids!!!