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District Court Judge
Leavenworth County
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What others have said about Hon. Dan K. Wiley



Comment #: KS57
Rating:Not Rated
Dan K. Wiley is a horrible family court judge. The "Best interest of child" is never even considered in Wiley's decisions and actions. God help the children in Leavenworth that get anywhere near the courts and attorneys. Absolute nightmare for children in the Kansas courts.


Comment #: KS49
Rating:Not Rated
I am with the Family Court Anti-Corruption Coalition and witnessed through a public hearing in the Leavenworth Court Judge Wiley presiding case RE: 2020-DM-55, 2019-JC-204, 2019-JC-203.
- Judge Wiley ignored evidence of aggravated assault with a weapon against his child prior to the hearing on April 6, 2021 in violation of KSA-38-227

- Judge Wiley lead opposing counsel into making statements that they did not make.

- Judge Wiley "pre-judged" the case by not permitting the pro se litigant to submit to present their case with evidence.

-Judge Wiley threw several of the court watchers out of the hearing. When a court watcher asked him what statute and authority the judge was relying on to kick court watchers out of the hearing, he stated something to the effect of “I don’t know”. This is abuse of discretion as he has no right to prevent the public from accessing his courtroom.

Judge Wiley - When a court attendee said they would be filing a complaint against him (Judge Wiley) for throwing those out of the hearing he was indifferent, "saying "I don't care" and showed disrespect to the court by these actions.

He should be investigated by the Attorney General and Governor for his misconduct.


Comment #: KS48
Rating:Not Rated
April 9, 2021

To: Judge Dan Wiley
RE: 2020-DM-55, 2019-JC-204, 2019-JC-203
I am writing to you today on behalf of Family Court Anti-Corruption Coalition. We are a Coalition of 550+ citizens who aim to ensure that the Judiciary is acting in the interests of the public it serves. Although in its infancy, this Coalition has amassed hundreds of members committed to forcing Judicial accountability in the context of Family Court cases. Children are the least able to advocate for themselves and we aim to hold to the highest standard those who are charged with protecting them. As such, this Coalition holds a vested interest in cases on your docket. Namely, 2020-DM-55, 2019-JC-204 and 2019-JC-203. The above captioned cases include a party that has been convicted of crimes against a child. This Coalition holds that Aaron Anzicek is presumed unfit to parent pursuant to K.S.A 38-2271. This Coalition has reviewed evidence that appears to support claims that Judicial and quasi-Judicial actors have abused their discretion and erred as a matter of law by ordering joint custody to a party presumed unfit to parent.
This Coalition believes that the Judiciary has cancelled the web-hosted hearing in favor of an in-person hearing to shield itself from public scrutiny. The Leavenworth County Court website states all non-essential hearings be conducted via audio or video means. The hearing on May 12, 2021 is a non-essential hearing. Now comes this Coalition and demands as follows:
Make available via livestream the hearing on May 12, 2021 at 2:30pm so the public and this Coalition can ensure judicial accountability and adherence to Kansas statute.
Failure to comply will give the strong appearance of corruption and will result in over 500 individual complaints filed with the Kansas Commission on Judicial Conduct, US Attorney’s Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation. As stated earlier in this correspondence, this Coalition aims to ensure the Judiciary is acting in the interests of the public it serves. We are giving you the opportunity to assist us in this endeavor, but if you choose not to allow this Coalition that pleasure, we will enlist the help of the aforementioned agencies.
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter and we anticipate your prompt cooperation.
We are watching,


Comment #: KS19
Rating:Not Rated
"The constitution has no merit in Family Court."