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Family Court
Kenton County
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What others have said about Hon. Christopher J. Mehling


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: KY11
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Mehling is Less than a zero is the most sexist and worthless judge I have ever came across. His rulings are sex based and does not care if the kids are being abused or mistreated will always give the kids strictly to the mother


Comment #: KY8
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Mehling and his misguided supporters such as the Kenton County attorney "Edmunds" who thinks Mehling "puts Children first" need to look no further than his case Lunsford V. Lunsford 11-CI-1056, in which Mehling placed a child with a custodian parent who is a monster... First this custodian parent had a child die in her care, her own daughter, then Boone county family court Honorable judge Linda Bainbridge removed her biological son, and striped her of her parenting rights, as being unfit, her involvement and association with sex offenders.. Now presently this child who is "not" a biological offspring to this custodian parent that Mehling choose to replace her mother, now the child is suffering abuse, changed schools 5 times this year, homeless, and resides with the custodians mother and I am angry that no-one gives a dam.. where is this eight year old child's help at, as a tax payer and property owner in Kenton county we deserve more from our elected officals, put Judge Mehling in the unemployment line, please get out and vote people, we cant let this happen to any other child. thank you Dennis Phillips