Hon. Michael R. Pearson See Rating Details
Associate Circuit Judge
Circuit Court
Prince George's County
7th Circuit
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Attorney Average Rating:   6.2 - 2 rating(s)
Non-Attorney Average Rating:   5.0 - 7 rating(s)
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What others have said about Hon. Michael R. Pearson



Comment #: MD7275
My name is Sylvia Olden and no,I don't think judge Pearson is prejudice at all. I believe he loves everybody equally. His judgement may not always be on point but he has been fair with my son. I don't think he was fair with me @ the end but that was based on the lies that was told to him about me. When I google him I'd learned that he's from DC which means to me he should've known just because the father side sat there quietly doesn't make them innocent. You can't fool DC people born and raised we know better but overall judge Pearson is cool, smart, fair and on point 99% of time.
He will shut you down when he's fed up with the situation and that can make him seem unfair and arrogant but he's really a great judge who's willing to take time time to listen to your concerns and come up with a decision that will help everybody involve. Now, my son's lawyer on the other hand was down right rude to me because I went to the judge instead of her but I pepper her right there where she gave it to me. I get why she was mad, she just went about it the wrong way. I'm glad it's over they has me thinking I was accused of a crime.


Comment #: MD6716
Wow ,I just found this website and I can't believe how many comments display such accurate detail that lines up to the experience I have had with judge Pearson . How can I judge have their own agenda he comes off super biased and has even said degrading comments to me , based on absolutely zero factual data . I'm not from Prince George's County which is a majority African-American county and I think that Judge Pearson does not like Caucasian females , which I believe are a minority in the county . But on top of that to be presented clear evidence and to disregard anything and micromanage the details in order to do so it's a grave didservice to our community. I do not agree with what other comments say he is a fair and smart man . The detail required in presenting cases and responding back is not evident . Being able to manipulate in speaking in and to talk about general ideas without backing them up is about all I can see which does not indicate A person's intelligence , more of a charisma. That said having a charisma that achieves ones own sense of bias is not a character trait of a judge. Judges are to use the law and spirit of the law for betterment of the community, not to understand it enough to be able to help the dark side win. That's more of somebody that could be a great criminal defense attorney for guilty criminals . This judge doesn't have a connection with positive truth , what is good and morally right . It really makes no sense. If I had time I'd really like to know the details of other cases where this manner of judgeship has been displayed . It makes me wonder if something can be done since my situation is not one off and this is something that others have noticed .
I hope that others who have situations where Bias or abuse of discretion can be clearly defined and they submit appeals to higher courts so that there is something on the record as to multiple cases for this is occurring . On another note I hope that the good Lord would fill him with the love of God and open his eyes to see the affects of his actions so that he would be better motivated to be a peacemaker and uphold the truth, rather than the damnation that he will surely earn for the mishaps and evil forces that he is aiding and abiding in through his lack of discretion and upholding the law and truth for families

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD3856
Judge Pearson is smart and comes on the bench prepared -- a good combination for a judge. He is fair and he is courteous to counsel.


Comment #: MD3569
Judge Pearson was competent, cerebral & professional. Although I didn't agree with all his rulings, I do feel that he was firm, fair & consistent.


Comment #: MD2945
he is a good judge. Smart and works hard


Comment #: MD2238
He is a nasty man and a nasty judge. The comments posted here are accurate. If you draw him for a family law matter, pray.


Comment #: MD1643
I found Judge Pearson to be thorough and patient. Although his ruling was not entirely in my favor, I honestly cannot say it was wrong. In fact, it probably was the fairest decision possible. In the end, that is all you can ask a judge to be--fair.


Comment #: MD1606
I found J. Pearson to do basically the same thing on the bench. He did not use judicial prudence, and gave all appearance to have some sort of own agenda in mind. It was very clear what truth was presented in my domestic case, and very obvious what decision should be made, but Judge Pearson gave no reason, but a default reason to execute his judgement. It is very clear that there is something wrong with his trustworthiness as a judge. I hope that a more honorable, fact following, and law abiding judge can take his place some how.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD1078
I can only comment on J. Pearson in a domestic case context. Frankly, he should stick to criminal law. First, he completely misapplied the rules of evidence and excluded documentation, citing a Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art. that only applied to District Court. Then, he proceeded to give the opp. party in a contempt action legal advice.

He is a decent man off of the bench, and I cannot comment on his ability in a non-family law case. However, he leaves much to be desired.