Hon. Robert A. Greenberg See Rating Details
Associate Circuit Judge
Circuit Court
Montgomery County
6th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Robert A. Greenberg


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6882
Judge Greenberg should just stay home since he does not listen to evidence nor does he consider anything the defense says. Always take a jury trial if you have enough misfortune to get this very prejudicial judge. He is a shameful embarrassment to Moco.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6798
Seems like a nice enough guy but he botched my child custody matter. He did not know the law. By his standard, my wife would have to be giving my daughter illegal drugs or endangering her life to make any changes to the visitation plan. Very one sided toward the mother.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD6698
Bob has a tendency to pick a side & not give the other side the chance to present their case. He's prejudice at times and it's concerning.


Comment #: MD5752
I found Judge Greenberg to be a very fair, polite, and professional judge which is I hate to say a rarity in Montgomery County. Be forewarned however come into Judge Greenberg's courtroom perfectly prepared. I am not exaggerating when I say Judge Greenberg pushed me to make the best legal case I could in a way that no other judge or lawyer has pushed me. The lawyers on the other side were having documents and copies of statutes and decisions run over from the lawyers' offices by their staffs. Judge Greenberg sent his law clerk to the law library to look up statutes while Judge Greenberg presided over the trial.


Comment #: MD4584
Judge Greenburg acted egregious in Court. I question is ability to be a fair Judge. I can't believe he is on the Judicial Committee Board!


Comment #: MD2383
Rating:Not Rated
Honorable R. Greenberg heard two Motions recently - denying a request for an emergency Visitation Change and referred BIA request to Family Law Judge. Greenberg (aka the Court) had reviewed the three previous hearings, leading up to this trial, including the rulings of these by three separate judges - these had ranged from a TPO for alleged DV (lack of evidence, defendent exonerated each time and plaintiff ruled uncredible.) Greenberg will be presiding over this custody case now...we hope the wisdom and discernment in fact-finding and truths will continue. Thus far, in our personal experience in this court system, these Judicial Ethics and Qualities have been evidenced through previous Judges...Rubin and Quirk and Greenberg. For this, we are grateful. We pray for continued wisdom and truth to prevail...not only in this courtroom, as well as in our Judicial System.


Comment #: MD2328
I am extremely dissatisfied with Judge Greenberg. I agree with the others who said that he blows family law rulings, and knows little about substantive or procedural family law. He's just one of those judges who follows the guidelines because it's easier and he thinks he won't get overturned if he does, which is improper and unethical. I disagree strongly that he is cordial. He was heavy-handed, condescending, and verbally abusive. Indeed, he insulted me in a courtroom full of people, even though he didn't know what he was talking about and I busted him out right there in front of everyone. I felt like I was in a kangaroo court arguing before a dictator. He is a disgrace to the bench, and a microcosm of everything that is wrong with America's justice system.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD2022
One of the top three trial judges in the county. Wonderful, even-handed temperament and very knowledgeable on the law. Trying a case in front of him, whether my client prevails or not, is always a very satisfying professional experience. Would that all of our judges were this good.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD1304
Judge Greenberg has the right mix of thoughtfulness and seriousness on the bench. He gives each side an opportunity to fully present his/her side. I lost my civil bench trial but felt that the judge carefully considered the issues before making a decision.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD1225
Maryland now ranks among the three most corrupt states in the nation, as reported in a study published by the Washington Post. Is it any surprise that Montgomery County, a seat of wealth and power, has become the epicenter of that corruption? Now here we have Judge Robert Greenberg of the Montgomery County Circuit Court. When it comes to overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of a cover-up of criminal acts by a fellow member of the bar, and even a fellow judge’s rewarding of that criminality, how does Judge Greenberg respond as he is required to do under Canon 3F of the Code of Judicial Ethics? You guessed it – “La La La La La I can’t hear you.”
Unable to find any law which would provide a convenient pretext to deny relief to the petitioner, and thereby sweep the whole embarrassment under the rug, he will instead seek out his own “facts” no matter how far-fetched and implausible. This is a judge who actually ruled that a litigant who properly entered an intersection on a green light, and had the right-of-way to complete passage through that intersection, and had carefully completed passage through 6 out of the 7 lanes at that intersection – was at fault for not driving fast enough to get out of the way of an illegal alien driver who subsequently blasted into that intersection at 96 mph and broadsided petitioner’s car, putting petitioner in the hospital with permanent injuries. As if the driver rightfully in the intersection is supposed to just vaporize into air to make way for an illegal who wishes to ignore the traffic already in the intersection. Would Judge Greenberg also blame the Nun in Manassas, Virginia, who was killed by an illegal alien driver who smashed into her car? This is the same judge that ruled that lack of jurisdiction does not provide automatic grounds for appeal from the District Court, or any grounds for that matter. This is the same judge that ruled that a judge’s pecuniary interest in the outcome of a case is not grounds for that judge to recuse himself, or even offer to recuse himself.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD388
A very nice judge, with a good temperament. However, in a family law matter I think he completely blew the ruling. The result felt like he was trying to do what was safe rather than what was right.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD196
Obviously very bright; very polite on the bench. However, he knows very little about family law or procedure. Also, he demonstrated an unwillingness to revisit his rulings (e.g., to address an issue he failed to address or decide).

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD168
I have tried two cases recently before Judge Greenberg and found him to be intelligent and careful about his applications of the law. He was polite to everyone and "right-on" with his application of the law and facts. I believe that everyone gets a fair deal with him and that he understands the law and applies it.