Hon. Daniel R. Mumford See Rating Details
Associate District Judge
Circuit Court
Worcester County
1st Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Daniel R. Mumford



Comment #: MD6094
I am a hobby court observer and have been present in Judge Mumford's courtrom for a number of years. He sometimes appears to not be listening, but trust me he is! He applies the law, shows compassion when warranted, levies fines and punnishment fairly. He is an and excellent Judge for this community and the cases he is assignedam.


Comment #: MD5585
Judge Mumford is very active in his church and his community...serving on the board of the Worcester County Historical Society. From his modest background and fine education, he rules with impartiality strictly interpreting the evidence presented.


Comment #: MD5584
Mumford is not honorable, he is biased and unfair. I remember when he was just a weasly prosecutor.


Comment #: MD3887
Very well-spoken and takes charge of courtroom proceedings. Hon. Judge Mumford pays strict attention to case details and gives an informed decision based on evidence presented.
Works well with both prosecutors and defense attorneys. He is well-liked in the legal profession.


Comment #: MD2447
Hon. Mumford was arrogant from the beginning and could come off as extremely rude on a whim. I witnessed him basically just impose a minimal fine on a repeat offender with two failures to appear in court, currently on probation from a previous dui, and the subject was being seen at the hearing for violation of their probation for theft of over $100 and resisting arrest. The defendant gave one hell of a sob story of how they were just accepted into college and playing field hockey saved their life??? Needless to say, Hon Mumford fell for the story like a ton of bricks rolling of a 10 story roof.

After more of the regularly heard charges, a young man was called before the bench for a probation extension due to a large restitution payment plan still owed. This young man was standing before the same judge that had charged him 3 years earlier with malicious destruction of property over the value of $20,000. This young man caught my attention and I listened very intently to his case. The young man stated that he had picked up a second job and was working 14-16 hours daily while providing for his young two year old daughter and his wife who was in the audience. The young man was very courteous to the judge unlike any of the other persons I have seen that day. He stated that he was paying $250 monthly for the last three years as ordered by Hon Mumford. Hon Mumford asked him if he would be willing to extend his probation for another year to finish paying the restitution. Hon Mumford then made a disturbing comment to the young man along the lines of him paying the remaining balance of over $12000 or he will sit in jail at the end of that year. He then immediately told the young man to go sit on the side of the courtroom and wouldnt afford him the oppurtunity to say anything. The young man's po called him outside of the courtroom. A short time later, the po came into the courtroom and requested the judge to hear more about the details of the charge. Come to find out, the young man explained that he was supposed to be only paying 1/3 of the restitution amount while two other individuals who were also charged have never paid a dime of their debt. The young man over payed his share by almost $2000. The po was then talking to Hon Mumford and stating the young man never missed or had a late payment, passed any random drug screens given over the 3 years, and he was her most trusted responsibility. I was blown away by the sincerity of this young man and his respect towards everyone who spoke to him. He took care of business and stepped up to the plate to right his wrongs. You could just see the change in his body language. Sadly, Hon Mumford barely listened to the information about this young man and told him he would keep extending his probation year to year for 8 years to pay that restitution the other boys never payed. How sad I felt for this man. When I got home and searched his name, I found out that he was sold out as a primary suspect by his friends for reward money. The article stated that teenagers were drinking in a empty warehouse that was being renovated and having parties which police found hundreds and hundreds of beer and liquor bottles. So ONE individual gets sold down the river for the actions of wmany more people involved. This case was biased I believe. Hon Mumford was rude to the young man and took time to listen and rule to everyone else's case. I witnessed some cases with serious charges getting off almost free. HON Mumford needs a transfer or early retirement. For some unknown reason, he had his sights set on this man. He has lost the meaning of his SERVICE to local goverment and is bitter and unpredictable.


Comment #: MD2111
The best judge in Maryland. He keeps Ocean City's outrageously massive docket moving and is truly fair with everyone that comes before him.