Hon. Mary C. Reese See Rating Details
Associate District Judge
Circuit Court
Howard County
5th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Mary C. Reese



Comment #: MD7594
Rating:Not Rated
Rude, obnoxious, uncivilized barbarian of a judge. Yells at people in court, does not allow them to talk, is very unrefined in her mannerisms and her speech. Don't know where she went to law school, but she's a disgrace to the institution she attended and to the legal profession as a whole! Plus sometimes, you don't even understand whether she speaking English or another language. She talks very fast, her speech is incoherent and incomprehensible!! She's awful, and needs to be removed!!!


Comment #: MD7110
Rating:Not Rated
Worst judge ever. Violates her oath to the Constitutions, compels testimony from people charged with crimes in violation of Art. 22 of the Maryland Constitution and the Fifth Amendment of the United States.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD3542
Had the pleasure of trying a motor tort case in front of her. I was VERY impressed by her attentiveness to both the case law and counsel's arguments in a pre-trial matter.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD2903
This woman is fair. She just wants the facts. She is inpatient with ramblers.


Comment #: MD2902
This is woman just wants the facts. She is really FAIR and JUST.


Comment #: MD2614
As soon as I began speaking, she began yelling at me and she repeatedly ridiculed me continually, and very sharply, as if I was a complete idiot, as I I had tried to explain. But it was SHE who misunderstood what I was saying. When I repeated it, she finally understood There was absolutely no reason for type of cruelty and mistreatment. Once she caught on, she never apologized. She became quieter but was still curt with me. I was the last person to be heard, and so it was just myself and an officer, so I wonder if she would have done that if more people were there to witness her tantrum. When I went to pay, after I saw the same officer who just looked at me with a sad, apologetic look, as he made eye contact with me. I had already been nervous enough inside to about the issue that led me to seek a protection order, without being traumatized by her out of nowhere berating of me. She was very abusive and not in control of herself. No one should have to worry about being treated that way. She is supposed to be a public servant. I rated her as a 2 only because she did grant me the protection order.


Comment #: MD2377
In order to get a protective order from this judge, there has to be a dead body first. She is knee deep in corruption and the old boys. As even the domestic violence center recognizes, and the days she presides is not one to go for a protective order. Hello, one in four women are abused by their partners, and the most number of women are killed by their violent abusive partners. Wake up to the statistics. Greed and power, nothing about justice and protecting the battered woman victims.


Comment #: MD2275
Rating:Not Rated
She wouldn't even give me a chance to defend myself. The plaintiff was blatantly lying in court. His evidence proved that he was guilty.


Comment #: MD2237
@MD2234: Have you thought of reaching out to one of the many women's advocacy groups in Howard County? Or directing the victim to do so? If you google Judge Mary Reese, you will see a group of moms who speak about the same concerns they have in regards to Judge Reese's ability to maintain "the letter of the law in her courtroom without bias," and which states that Judge Mary Reese is one of the legal "predators" who "puts fear into the remaining members of our local legal establishment" who are trying to maintain the integrity of the court. There are many more like Judge Reese in our system who are beginning to outnumber those in Howard County who try to uphold the standards of the law. Some resources that question Judge Reese as a fair judge are listed on Moms Fighting Howard County Court Corruption. (See also Peck vs. Peck, Irani vs. Irani, Bouma vs. Bouma, and Alms vs. Alms.) It sounds like you have witnessed yet another grievance to be filed.
Judge Reese has her hands in with other groups, such as a pro-life advocacy group, but the air of her courtroom shows her allegiance more to the politics of Howard County's elected officials, and sadly the state prosecutors have less to offer the judges listed along with Judge Reese than defense attorneys, who are often paid big bucks by their Howard County clientele.



Comment #: MD2234
This judge has made a severely inaccurate decision in a criminal case regarding domestic violence. Judge Reese was unable to base her findings on the testimony of the State's attorney's witness and victim, and she didn't use the police officer's testimony that the defendant admitted to physical violence that led to his arrest. Judge Reese instead implemented her own feelings about the witness, and made a comment that re-vicitimized the State's witness. It is very concerning that the judge's findings could allow the defendant access to his victim, and this time it could be a much more severe injury that she suffers. At that time, what will Judge Mary Reese say about the only victim she saw when finding the abuser not guilty, and stating that the abused woman was the one manipulating the child. Judge Reese may not believe that domestic violence is a crime, but when a violent ex-husband takes the next incident too far, what will she then believe is a crime? It is a sad reality that such a biased judge such as Judge Mary Reese is able to take the bench. Howard County, Maryland has much to be concerned about with their presiding judges. Who will be liable when this man harms his ex-wife again, Judge Reese?