Hon. Kimberly M. Thomas See Rating Details
Associate District Judge
Circuit Court
Baltimore County County
3rd Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Kimberly M. Thomas



Comment #: MD6830
Each time in court, we were unfortunate to keep getting this Judge. Her mind was made up before we got to speak and when asked if we could speak and gave proof of facts, she disregarded it completely. No fairness in her words/actions, rude facial expressions, voice tone is disrespectful and has misquoted statutes and wouldn't except she made an error. There are two sides to every story and she only sees one. I would assume that Law School teaches you to listen and represent the law as it should be and not turn our time and money into a VH1 Reality Show. Blatant disregard for the facts and a fair trial. Everyone has rights and should be treated with respect, not wonder who will be her daily pick that will count that day. If it were possible, I would forever ask for a different Judge that allows that Black Robe to mean what it should. I also think we should have the option to answer the same questions an Attorney if offered while writing this rating.


Comment #: MD6036
I commend her stewardship the way in which she handles these types of legal matters and ruling with an unbiased approach. I would say she is one of the most respectful and fairest I have had the opportunity to observe. Contrary to many of these post I think the laws and state recommendations offered by the presiding are conscionable and unequivocally proper. Kudos to Madame Judge Thomas


Comment #: MD6009
Dissabled Army veteran
This judge was a joke, I was trying to get a protection order on behalf of my only sons safty due to his mother's negligence and substance abuse. She wouldn't even look at my hard evidence to show the fact. She just rolled her eyes and denied the order. If my son gets harmed in any way I'm making her my personal project. Others are right, she does seem like she very racist again white males. Gutter trash to say the least.


Comment #: MD5008
My grandfather was an attorney have a great amount of respect for not only the bench court. This woman is an utter disgrace to both. I have never witnessed anybody violate people's rights so blatantly without a care. I do sincerely believe that this judge has serious racial problems. All litigants of any color male or female even violent repeat offenders were not so much is given a smack on the wrist and sent on their merry way. But God forbid your Caucasian then you enter her courtroom you might as well do yourself a favor and just plead a jury trial and get out of there because she will do everything and anything in her power to give you the most harsh sent and stipulations. My grandfather always said justice should be tempered with mercy. The only thing I can figure is welcome to the last desperate act of Martin O'Malley only someone that stupid could appoint someone like this to the bench.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD4475
I believe that she has let her black robe get to her head. Tries too hard to run the courtroom in a military style. Appears, through facial expressions, to have made a decision before actually deciding the case.


Comment #: MD4329
A truly disgraceful individual. Disregarded a written contract,testimony, and other evidence in lieu of what she "felt" the defendant intended. Created testimony never introduced by either party in the case. Top all of this off with a healthy dose of hubris and smugness. An arrogant unqualified individual is the kindest summary I could provide. Who in their right mind appointed her? Even her professional background (education/experience listed in her bio is a joke) raises the question of how? She could not have been the most qualified choice.


Comment #: MD3503
Rating:Not Rated
If you read the other review on this judge He nailed it! She is RACIST! Just read his post! I'ts what I would have said! I am not a racist but she let off every African american in her court that day. So if Your Black you probably have no worries! She was very rude to me and my attorney and nailed me to the wall! Karma will catch up to this woman one day! She is a B CH!


Comment #: MD2415
My only explanation for the sentence that this woman handed down, is that she is an entitled, reverse-racist, who feels it her job to penalize any upper class white males who have the unfortunate experience of being in her court room. I sat in her court room and saw many african-american litigants receive barely a slap on the wrist for repeat offenses and blatant disrespect for not only the law in general, but the court as well. Then as soon an obviously upper middle class white male defendant came up, she screwed with his life as much as she felt she could get away with, without risking being overturned on appeal. 1st time DUI charge, perfectly clean prior driving record, no criminal history of any type, full complete and courteous cooperation with officer - PBJ (which she had to give or risk appeal) but slammed on 1 full year of supervised probation, plus fines, plus 26 weeks additional bs counseling, even after recommended counseling had been completed prior to trial. Beware of this white male hating, racist Judge.