Hon. William O. Carr See Rating Details
Chief Judge
Circuit Court
Harford County
3rd Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. William O. Carr



Comment #: MD5127
Rating:Not Rated
Please visit Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities; Recent Public Actions Of The Commission;

CJD 2013-138, CJD 2014-002, CJD 2014-022, CJD 2014-089, CARR (issued 12-16-14).

1. Private Reprimand
2. Waiver of Confidentiality

Notice the frequency of "Private Reprimands". Legal language is drafted to protect the publicizing of information regarding the reprimand. Not in support of the language in its current format, as it further exemplifies a veil of secrecy unfair to public citizens. Nevertheless, citizens are restricted access from this information.

MD5126- Nearly everything you stated below is exactly what we have encountered. One difference, in our case, different judge, same conduct, in neighboring jurisdiction.


Comment #: MD5126
Rating:Not Rated
I have been going through a divorce case with the Harford County Circuit Court for three years. I have filed numerous complaints and concerns of discrimination against me by Judge William O. Carr and it has fallen on deaf ears throughout all of my attempts and has negatively impacted my hearings and their outcomes. I have once again filed a requests with the court and have again been denied by Judge Carr, who continues to be allowed to rule on my requests even though my complaints are against him. I am desperately seeking someone to give me guidance and help on who I can contact to have my complaints and concerns heard prior to December 14, 2015 when I am scheduled for another hearing. Every time I have gone in front of Judge Carr I have been yelled at and belittled, refused to have an opportunity to actually speak and say more than two words and he has failed to review any documentation prior to entering the courtroom. I just want a fair hearing and a fair chance based on our case and the facts, not on continued discrimination! There are numerous complaints against this Judge, more than I could read, and they all sum up exactly what I have faced for these last 3 years, yet I cannot get anyone to hear me or stand up against this matter. If anyone reads this and knows how to help, please contact me. Any guidance and support would be so greatly appreciated!


Comment #: MD3000
Mr. Carr allows frequent violations of the Hicks rule. He also allows constitutional violations in abundance in most cases. He seems to be in total collaboration with the prosecutor's office. With him, Marshall and Eaves working together, they have committed Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law many times over in their Court's Circuit. He and his cronies should be in Federal Prison and not sitting in a position of honor and integrity in the great State of Maryland. Someone, please investigate and force this man out in Harford County. You will be doing the world a huge favor.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD2140
He does not care if men hit women. He granted my ex-husband through a ex parte order custody of my daughters while he was on probation for assaulting me. I have not seen my daughters since. The studies all state that abusers use the court as weapons and that they destroy the mother-child bonds, which is exactly what happened in my case. He allows men to use the court system to torture women and abuse the children. I hold no criminal history or mental health history, but his office has continually attacked my character for reporting a serious crime and expecting my human rights to be enforced and that of my daughters. He is aware of the injustice in my case and refuses to correct it. I was married for 22 years and I am now homeless, childless and penniless after filing for divorce and reporting a crime. My ex enjoys a six-figure income. Apparently, women have no rights in his courthouse. The evidence regarding my ex is heavy, and he still refuses to allow me to even see my own daughters for no reason given and no evidence presented in court, other than that I am a loving mother. He obviously does not support motherhood or women. He gave my only daughters to a man that attacked me. I had no attorney to represent me or my daughters. I requested one for both of us. He does not believe in civil rights for all. His standards for a mother apparently are not the same for fathers. Women have a right to stay home and raise their children without fear of losing them if they report a crime.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD1997
Judge Carr is hardworking and industrious. He gets to court early every morning. He spends many weekends writing decisions and handling clerical matters. He is one of the most effective settlement judges in the state. On the downside, he can be extremely rude to both counsel and litigants, on and off the record. He appears to be part of the "good old boy" network. He can hold up a trial date endlessly if he doesn't like your case. He keeps the Circuit Court in Harford County running as cost-effectively as possible with maximum efficiency.


Comment #: MD1711
Rating:Not Rated
Due to Judge Carr's lack of concern for our case, and for his lack of respect for Judge Marshall, he really ruined our lives and that of my fiance's son. He just disregarded things and put items onto his marshalls. He totally ignored Judge Marshalls decision at the trial. The man just is not really there to do the job he was hired for. IT HAS BEEN A TRULY TERRIFYING AND DIFFICULT 8 YEARS. WE LOST EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF HIM.


Comment #: MD1062
I was in the courtroom of Judge Carr just by chance. I had nothing to do with the case. A woman was asking for a protection order against her ex for sexually abusing their 4 year old daughter. The judge walked in, threw the files on his desk and immediately began berating the woman for making these accusations up so she wouldn't have to share custody. He granted the order of protection "so no more false allegations could be leveled at the father". It was unreal. When it was over, the woman went out into the hallway, weeping. Then a second woman left the courtroom and spoke to the mother. The second woman was the Maryland State Trooper that had investigated the case. She said to the mother "Ma'am, I am stunned. I have been a policewoman a long time and have never seen or heard of anything like this. I am so sorry you were treated that way. I am livid. I spoke with that little girl and I know the truth." When the mother asked the tropper why she didn't speak up, the trooper apologized and said she would have been held in contempt. I don't know if the allegations are true ot not, what I do know, as a US Citizen, Honorably Decorated Combat Veteran, I am shocked and hurt that a man in a position of power like that would behave so unprofessionally and petty. He should be ashamed. He is definitley NOT and officer and a gentleman.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD435
Agree with Comment # 212.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD212
Judge Carr handles mostly civil motions and other pretrial matters, and a lot of criminal pretrials. He does not try cases. He devotes substantial time to pretrial settlements, and through his own involvement in the process, has a very good record of resolving cases at that point. He makes himself available with a phone call on almost any pretrial matter in spite of his exceedingly heavy docket. He is in the courthouse twelve hours a day and on weekends. Any criticism of him for not "reading memoranda" may be true in some cases, but only because he cuts to the chase in the cases before him and puts procedural minutiae aside. He is extremely bright and has the ability to hear complex issues, but has his own approach in running his courtroom which he thinks nets the greatest benefit to the litigants and therefore to the citizens of Harford County.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD170
Worst temperment of any judge in all 24 counties and D.C. even to the point that another sitting judge expressed amazement and dismay at his actions which he observed first hand.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD48
Completely unwilling to read the briefs relating to a complex issue. Forces settlement at any cost rather than read briefs and make a decision (that could later be overturned).