Hon. Angela M. Eaves See Rating Details
Associate Circuit Judge
Circuit Court
Harford County
3rd Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Angela M. Eaves



Comment #: MD6581
Judge Eaves is not fit for her current position and should be immediately removed from her role in the judiciary arena.

Despite our rigorous efforts to follow the law, five (5) expert witnesses and troves of clearly documented evidence, she lazily ruled 110% in favor of our opponent that provided little-to-no supporting evidence.

Absolute disgrace to Harford Co. and the State of Maryland. If you feel strongly about your case, we HIGHLY recommend requesting a new Judge (at whatever cost; not worth the risk). Best of luck!


Comment #: MD6536
Rating:Not Rated
Huge chip on her shoulder. She is definitely NOT for stay at home moms. She completely disregarded my medical condition and disability and ruled that I drive nearly twice as far as 2 other judges ruled previously to exchange our daughter. She completely disregarded evidence from the courthouse and believed his hand written documentation of child support payments. He did not have/show cancelled checks to support it...who does that? She was appointed by Martin O'Mally go figure.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD6151
Has no intellectual curiosity as to what the law actually holds and only has a passing interest in the facts. Very pleasant but frustratingly unaware of the law.


Comment #: MD5595
I have been in front of her twice for custody battles. Even though the first time, she didn't agree or grant what I was asking for, the second time (when what I said came true), she admitted she was incorrect and rectified it. She has also been the only judge I felt actually knew the case, and was able to see through the lies of the other party. Maybe it's because I was on the positive end, but I thought she was overall fair and reasonable, gave both parties time to explain their situation, and thoroughly explained (whether we agreed or not) why she came to the decision she did.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD5588
Very competent judge; great temperament; polite--really enjoyed being in her Court

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD3981
She preyed upon a vulnerable adult with a prosecutor and took children out of safety and placed them into the custody of a dying cancer patient. This was a unfair abuse of power and should be criminal conduct on her and the prosecutors part. I would like to see Eaves removed from duty as she failed to listen, or respect, everyone except the people who are paying her off to do just what she did. Harford County Circut Court Judge Angela Eaves is a corrupt official and should be removed from power due to abuse of this power.


Comment #: MD3804
She obviously has a bias on her cases. She stated in court she had enough information to make a decision without even hearing both parties to the matter. There was obvious evidence of purgery and she totally dismissed them. There was also proven contempt of court issues that she dismissed and totally ignored. Worst case of injustice I have ever seen.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD3072
Not intellectually curious about civil law, domestic law or general equity law, nor is she motivated to allow herself to be educated by precedent. Very courteous and passive- won't ask a question for fear of exposing the lack of substantive familiarity with civil matters. Good on run of the mill auto torts


Comment #: MD3001
Frequently takes part in the Harford County Judicial System's practice of Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law by violating the 5th Amendment involving bail issues. Once she holds you on a high bond amount, or without bond with no justification, the prosecutor then extorts a conviction from the defendant by making you sit in jail until you take a plea deal. She and the rest of the Harford County Circuit Court do not recognize any rights Under the Hicks Procedures. Knowingly and willingly violates the constitutional rights of many who pass through her shameful court.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD2168
I recently tried a civil matter before Judge Eaves. Her courtroom demeanor was very good. Although the proceedings sometimes moved slower than they should have, overall, I believe that her handling of this trial was very good. Generally, she was right on the money in her rulings on evidentiary issues. She was pleasant and even-handed with both attorneys. The case was not all that complex, but I certainly believe that she has the ability of handling matters with some complexity.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD2139
Judge Eaves granted me a protection order against my husband in 2007. I was married for 22 years and he battered me by strangulation. I wrote those exact words in my complaint. I went to trial alone in 2009 with no attorney. She granted my attacker custody of my daughters, after she had already issued me a protection order including my daughters in 2007. I have not seen my daughters since 2009. I have no mental health history or criminal history, unlike my ex-husband. She now blames me -- the victim. My ex-husband was even on probation for assaulting me and got my daughters through a rotten ex parte hearing. The judges are allowing abusers to use the court system as a weapon of torture. Judge Eaves has no morals or ethics. She lies and covers up things that occur in her courtroom. Parent reunification was ordered, and no family therapist was ever named for my daughters. She, in a legal way, cut off my parental rights for no reason other than that I reported a crime in 2007 -- which my ex-husband admits to. I filed for divorce and I am now homeless, childless and penniless after a 22-year marriage where I was the primary caregiver. My ex-husband remarried and has a six-figure income. Judges Eaves should be fired for what she has done to me and my daughters. I cannot have more children. The cruelty is beyond belief. I have not seen my daughters since 2009, after the reports were made of my daughters verbally attacking me like my ex-husband did. Judge Eaves is not for women, and discriminates against stay-at-home mothers. I did not receive earned alimony, and was ordered to pay my attacker child support for teaching my daughters to attack me. I am homeless, and was ordered to pay my attacker. I begged for an attorney to be assigned to my daughters and one for myself. She refused. It is like my ex-husband paid this judge off. She is rotten and lies to cover up her mistakes. She refuses to address her errors. My case is a classic example of a battered mother, and she just allows the abuser to abuse my daughters and I. Evidence abounds regarding my ex, and I have a pristine past. She is a horrible judge and is a cruel woman to stay-at-home mothers. She clearly does not know what equal rights are. The Justice Department has studied judges like her, and they clearly say that Judge Eaves failed to follow federal laws. She ignores both civil rights and federal laws that clearly stand for domestic violence victims.