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Circuit Court
Baltimore City County
8th Circuit
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General Inclination (1=Pro-defendant, 10=Pro-plaintiff)

What others have said about Hon. Lynn K. Stewart



Comment #: MD3524
Rating:Not Rated
Well it's about time someone with the courage and legal know how reported her before she destroys her reputation as a judge! Hopefully her monitoring period and meetings with a mentor will help her!hopefully this will alert some other judges to be more respectful honest and fair.


Comment #: MD3105
Rating:Not Rated
A Maryland judge who was “disrespectful, dismissive and intemperate” to a attorney in one case and “mocked and ridiculed” a defendant and his fiancee in another has been suspended from the bench for five days by the state’s top court.

Baltimore City Circuit Judge Lynn Stewart Mays, who sits in Baltimore, must also complete a two-year monitoring period and meet with a mentor, the Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD2196
This judge is clearly angry about something. She has a terrible temperament, and I am just thankful that I don't have to appear in front of her on a regular basis. I'm not really sure how she ever made it through the Trial Court's Nominating Commission, given her demeanor. It is very obvious that wearing a black robe is extremely important to her. It's a shame, because if she wasn't so impressed with herself being a judge, she would probably be OK.


Comment #: MD2188
Welcome to Bodymore Murderland...


Comment #: MD1823
The "Honorable" judge came off quite obviously as impatient, insensitive, and a poor excuse for BEing human. Seems to be becoming more the rule rather than the exception. Sad.


Comment #: MD1717
Rude, intolerant, unfair, obnoxious, unfair


Comment #: MD1656
Worse judge I've ever encountered ! It's a sad sight to see and hear this "JUDGE" speak! She blurts out ignorant comments like she's standing out in the street. Full of unnecessary drama.She acts like a bully too!Did Gov. O'Mally appoint her to the bench?When will her term be up? I hope soon!


Comment #: MD1654
Rating:Not Rated
"Judge Stewart doesn't like postponements."

As a victim of a theft in Baltimore City, I don't like
1.) Having my property stolen.
2.) Having the police arrest that person leaving my home with that property in their possession.
3.) Having a judge refuse to grant a postponement because the arresting officer was scheduled to be out of the country on the date the court picked to grant the defendant his trial.
4.) Granting the defendant a nolle prosequi and turning him loose back on the community.

Never mind the proceedings were already postponed once due to defendant's failure to appear in district court...3 months later, its all about speedy trial.

As a victim and a citizen, my multiple days lost waiting in court (and not at work) naively believing in the system cost me nearly as much as the original theft. Apparently, as a victim, I took my summons to appear more seriously than the defendant.

I am not frustrated, angry, and disappointed because someone was not punished or that I don't feel I "won."
I would have been fine with a not guilty or guilty or plea.
I feel the way I feel because, thanks to Judge Stewart's "efficiency" and disdain for anyone appearing before her, the defendant never had a day in court to face the evidence the state had prepared against him.

To those that feel Judge Stewart may be efficient, its at the expense to the criminal justice system and public safety.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD691
I am a pro se litigant who had the pleasure of having Judge Stewart hear my motion. My motion was ultimately denied, but at least she explained the reason to my satisfaction. I have to take exception to those who say she does not read the information put before her. Perhaps she doesn't stop the hearing to read a litany of case law presented at trial, but that is reasonable. How much court time should a judge spend reading something that should have already been in the case file. I would say, that next time, you find the case law and give it to her before trial when it is due. Even though she ruled against me I have to be fair to her. Of several different judges, including those on the higest court in Maryland, she was the only one who read and was intimately familiar with every page of the case file. Given the fact that most comments posted here are bitter snipes from people who have lost, I have to look at them with suspicion. Although I lost myself, I do understand why and she judged it correctly. Based on her explanation of her decision I was able to better understand the court system. I would suggest that these people who comment on this judge look at the judges canon of conduct. Judges are supposed to be blind, but they are not deaf.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: MD416
I have no awareness of Judge Steward's abilities in criminal matters. However, Judge Steward consistently interjects her personal beliefs of fairness into civil matters. She ignores any law, clear or otherwise, and refuses to read opinions that are handed to her during motion hearings for her edification, if the law opposes her view on the outcome of a ruling. I have yet to see her write a memorandum along with her orders, and believe this is because she cannot explain her rulings based on the law.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD413
I am unfortunately not surprised that Judge Stewart is not competent, at least when it comes to even simple commercial contract matters. What surprised me was her temperment on the bench. She was nasty and overbearing and treated a pro se litigant with obvious disdain. She would not explain her rulings because she could not explain them because they made no sense. Unfortunately, this is too common among the state court judiciary who are appointed for reasons other than their legal acumen. I was appalled at her behavior in court.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD328
Judge Stewart is a terrible commercial law judge. She never reads the motions before a scheduled hearing, is completely unprepared in front of counsel, and then she proceeds to deliver a monologue on a point of law that she knows nothing about. She even uses big words incorrectly as if she was on a Saturday Night Live skit. Overall, I would rate Judge Stewart as the worst judge sitting on the Baltimore City Circuit Court.

I understand that she comes from a criminal law background and is stronger in the criminal matters that come up before her.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD135
Judge Stewart is probably one of the most efficient judges in the state of Maryland. She's very knowledgeable when dealing with the law, especially with Fourth Amendment issues. It's a pleasure to appear before her.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD99
Judge Stewart is an exceptionally lazy and stupid judge. She does not read motions and legal memos in support of motions before oral argument. She does not understand the difference between issues of fact and issues of law. Complex legal issues are way beyond her intellectual ability. It is very dangerous having her as your judge for anything other than a simple tort case that could be understood by the average person off the street. The only nice thing I can say about her is that she is not biased, pro-defendant or pro-plaintiff. She is just incompetent - and both sides share equally in the risk that she will make a wrong decision.