Hon. Mimi R. Cooper See Rating Details
Associate District Judge
Circuit Court
Harford County
3rd Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Mimi R. Cooper



Comment #: MD8877
Rating:Not Rated
Why is she still on the bench? She routinely does whatever the hell she pleases. Has had DWI in her past and yet she is allowed to Judge those with DWIs? Only in Harfortucky.


Comment #: MD8862
I am thankful for Judge Cooper to recognize the physical abuse is wrong and not tolerated. he gave me a safe space to exit my abusive situation and protection in the law from my abuser.


Comment #: MD8828
Rating:Not Rated
My name is Christopher Perkins. Judge Mimi Cooper convicted me after my mailman got out of his truck and spit in my face on July 15, 2020. Check the transcript. She actually stated that I should have had more self restraint that abused my mail for 6 weeks, then got out his truck to assault me because of what I said to a neighbor and my BLM flag. I have proof of all that I'm claiming


Comment #: MD8769
She is like a woman straight from hell. She yelled and screamed belittling others. Making people in court feel ashamed, embarrassed over her complete mean-natured spirit. She changed her mind after asking me do I want a postponement. I also told her that I had submitted the causes of actions Tort amendment. She didn't even listen to me or let me address the defense oral argument it was 4 of them I got in one and then she abruptly dismissed the case. She is loud and nasty like a woman having PMS but with her head spining spitting up green vomit like the original exorcist. She is vile and no one likes her at all. But judges behave badly all the time without repremand and she is one of them. She thinks she is Judge Judy and she is just the rip off. Lady your are supposed to get to the truth and let people voices be heard. She got mad at the case history and someone who works for her was not in her court MIA so she held up court for like 15 minutes and took that issue out on everyone in court our case was up next following that incident. The opponent's lawyer lied in court that he had not received it when I talked to him over the phone after court he remarked that he receives thousands of mail. So I sent him the document 18 times repeatedly and he said that he would get back to me and hasn't.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD8085
This Judge Cooper is unreal. She's most definitely pro prosecution no matter how deceptive plaintiff's provable intent reveals itself. Now in line myself for circuit court appeal. Had no idea why I was being attacked by Judge Mimi Cooper in court. Seeing commentary, I understand and agree with said commentary listed here about absence of professionalism, unbiased jurist deportment and rather condescending communicate towards an individual is rather disgusting-- and that's been polite. If anyone thinks that transexuals are unbiased, even keel, and prone to respecting all other people...including men, they've another thing coming!!!


Comment #: MD8061
Rating:Not Rated
She is make desicion my case with out any knowedge very poor communication with plaintiff very bad judgement very sad our court systems sucks


Comment #: MD8045
There's a reason why most people who end up in her courtroom end up going to jury trial instead OR if they do go to trial with her, they end up immediately putting in for an appeal. I've heard (and I'd imagine it's true) that defendants in her courtroom have the HIGHEST rate of appealing a sentence/ruling she's handed down, or taking it to jury trial/circuit Court before it can get to that point. Why is this? Her insane sentences she hands down for the most ridiculous things! I agree that law breakers should be punished, but judge Cooper is in no way reasonable, with the majority of her cases at least.


Comment #: MD7672
Rating:Not Rated
Horrible just horrible should be dispared. No sense a Real. Stupid All lawyers Cant stand her. Cover up her DUI

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6587
Judge Cooper is a hypocrite and a poor example of an unbiased jurist. Considering her own personal problems displayed in the public media, she's an extremely hard sentencing judge. She's very pro-prosecution and not at all versed on recent Supreme Court rulings (confrontation clause cases like Crawford). She presents poorly in the courtroom as someone in a position of authority. This is not a judge who is held in high regard by anyone who appears before her.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6099
Unprofessional. Needs to go back to school for evidence. Pro-prosecution and biased. Poor example of a jurist with power to decide cases and render sentence.


Comment #: MD3825
Rating:Not Rated
hi mimi,
it's johnny waldon, who was in your jail last year. I now am in Cheyenne, Wyoming, trying to make it again, here. for some reason, my homecoming in 2012, wasn't successful. as of now, I'm situated and establishing an online business. I still want to return home, but I can't get situated there. if this business goes well, I hope to return to Harford county. we'll see!!

anyway, I want to try to establish an ongoing correspondence with you. if you recall, I use to write you while in the jail. that didn't go far. now, I'm not in a county or state institution, so I want to get to know you on a more personal basis. I liked you, despite what I've heard from others. you treated me well, when I came before you. I don't see you as having problems with me. I'm in your corner(smile). I don't know if youre married, and I don't care. I want to know you on a personal basis. I know it's not everyday you get email from ex-inmates, but I like you, and I want an ongoing correspondence with you.

I hope you return this email. it's better than writing a letter, in my opinion. here's my address/number/email address. hope to hear from you soon.

johnny a waldon 3338 belaire drive, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001/ 307 25-6453/ johnnywaldon@gmail.com

with much respect,

johnny a waldon