Hon. Mary M. Kramer See Rating Details
Circuit Judge
Circuit Court
Howard County
5th Circuit
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What others have said about Hon. Mary M. Kramer



Comment #: MD9170
Judge Kramer was horrible. She kept leaving the bench to ask Gelfman questions about the case. She also allowed a BIA, Ria Rochvarg to strike every comment that was made that was true. That day, I discovered that the BIA headed Kramer's reelection campaign. This in itself should have required RIA Rochvarg to recuse herself.


Comment #: MD8975
Rating:Not Rated
This is an extremely bias (pro female) or prejudice judge; or perhaps a combination of the two. She is an awful judge. She gave my children's mother joint custody when I had been solely caring for our two children for close to 6 yrs. prior to her taking me to court. My children's mother is the one that walked out on us. My children's mother has an autistic son that she had out of wedlock before we were married. He later lied on me during a visit with his grandparents, accusing me of touching him inappropriately. She admitted that she knew it was a lie, because she knew that she took him with her anytime she had to go somewhere. She also knew that I never had a desire to be alone with him because I was uncomfortable with dealing with him because of his autism. My children's mother made it seem like I wouldn't let her see our two children, but that was very misleading. I was trying to protect my children from any potential harm her son could do to them. After lying on me, I simply didn't know what else he was capable of. However, this judge did not consider any of these things, and regardless of me having an underlying condition, she rendered a decision, giving their mother joint custody, and alternate weekend visitations as well as two-hour visitations twice a week at her place amid a pandemic, and prior to there being any vaccine. No matter what the weather, and regardless of them being in school all day, they can't relax. They must leave their home to go visit their mother. My children constantly complain to me and have been traumatized and stressed out because they don't like having to go to their mother's apartment. This judge does not exercise any common sense and does not make decisions that are in the best interest of children, especially black children. She needs to be impeached!


Comment #: MD8866
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Kramer is very fair. She considers all aspects of each case carefully and you can tell she really cares about children involved in custody and divorce cases.


Comment #: MD8373
Judge Kramer displayed disrespectful behavior to many participants in the courtroom. She rolled her eyes and made negative comments toward the work of others in the room--parents, Department of Juveniles, and lawyers not in her favor.
Her ruling only took one aspect into account. She focused on 1 of 5 criteria. Her judgement was harsh and not in the best interest of the defendant. Judge Kramer did not take into account the person who had mental health issues that are since being treated. She did not take into account the growth and progress the defendant has demonstrated.
She showed favoritism from case to case and lawyer to lawyer.
Time to retire.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: MD7283
Dumb as a post and biased.
Plays favorites so blatantly she might as well be arguing the case for her pet attorneys.
How long until she retires?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6689
Bad judge did not do the report gave it to someone else who clearly discriminated me this Court is racist. Opposite party never give the evidence and the report make me lose everything this is not fair. No child support reduction of alimony done by someone who wasn't there!!! Judge Kramer should do her job properly and not giving it to someone who want here during trial she need to be sanctioned!

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MD6525
The judge was over 2 hours late. I understand she had an appointment and was supposed to be an hour late. So she takes bench at 1045 and what really amazes is not one word of apology to counsel and the general public in the courtroom. To not apologize is totally unacceptable


Comment #: MD6468
DisHon. Mary M. Kramer, does not make her ruling based on the law. She make ruling base on whatever she feels and is a feminists. Not putting consideration of the fact that was present in court, the law and impact on peoples live. She gave me a order base on a in camera interview with my children which the mother came to house and took the children without me know. She order the mother bring the children to court. I had a option to have the interview record, I choose not too that the worst mistake I made. Kramer came back to the bench stating that my kids said horrible things about me. I was order a psychological evaluation, anger management and family reunification. She try to order me to sale my house. I almost everything I work hard for and love in myself base on false allegation with no proof or investigation.


Comment #: MD6433
she was a wonderful Magistrate. I guess she is now a very good judge! I am glad for her. she help my daughter so much!!! she is very nice and handle all her case like a PRO!!!!