Michigan Judges - Last Name C

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NameTitleCourtJudicial DistrictCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. James CallahanJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Michael CallahanJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Clinton Canady, IIIJudge Circuit 30thIngham 0
Hon. Richard CarettiJudge Circuit 16thMacomb 0
Hon. William CarmodyChief Judge Circuit 11thSchoolcraft 0
Hon. William CarmodyChief Judge Circuit 11thAlger 0
Hon. William CarmodyChief Judge Circuit 11thLuce 0
Hon. Nancy Tolwin CarniakJudge District 6thOakland 0
Hon. Michael CarpenterJudge District 42ndMidland 0
Hon. Stephen CarrasChief Judge Circuit 42ndMidland 0
Hon. Ruth CarterJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Michael CavanaghJustice Supreme 30thIngham 0
Hon. Mark CavanaghJudge Court of Appeals 30thIngham 0
Hon. Jerome CavanaghJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Miriam CavanaughJudge Probate 44thLivingston 0
Hon. Richard CelelloJudge Circuit 41stDickinson 0
Hon. Rae Lee ChabotJudge Circuit 6thOakland 0
Hon. Paul ChamberlainChief Judge Circuit 21stIsabella 0
Hon. Laura Cheger BarnardJudge District 40thLapeer 1
Hon. Patrick CherryJudge District 30thIngham 0
Hon. John ChmuraChief Judge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Eric William CholackJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. J. Michael ChristensenJudge District 17thKent 0
Hon. Mary ChrzanowskiJudge Circuit 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Michael ChupaJudge District 16thMacomb 0
Hon. Elizabeth Biolette ChurchJudge District 50thChippewa 0
Hon. James ChylinskiJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Sandra CicirelliJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Michael CiunganChief Judge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. David ClabueschJudge District 52ndHuron 0
Hon. Terry ClarkJudge District 10thSaginaw 0
Hon. Arthur Clarke, IIIJudge District 36thVan Buren 0
Hon. Hugh Clarke, Jr.Judge District 30thIngham 1
Hon. Ward ClarksonChief Judge District 35thShiawassee 0
Hon. Harold Closz, IIIJudge District 14thMuskegon 0
Hon. Donald ColemanJudge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. William ColletteJudge Circuit 30thIngham 0
Hon. Tracy Collier-NixJudge District 7thGenesee 0
Hon. Robert Colombo, Jr.Chief Judge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Richard ConlinJudge District 22ndWashtenaw 0
Hon. Patricia ConlonJudge Probate 9thKalamazoo 0
Hon. Timothy ConnorsJudge Circuit 22ndWashtenaw 0
Hon. John ConoverJudge District 7thGenesee 0
Hon. Richard CooperJudge Circuit 51stMason 0
Hon. Michael CooperChief Judge Probate 46thOtsego 0
Hon. Richard CooperJudge Circuit 51stLake 0
Hon. Pablo CortesChief Judge District 17thKent 0
Hon. Arthur CotterJudge District 2ndBerrien 0
Hon. John CourtrightChief Judge District 3rdWayne 0
Hon. Kevin CoxJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0
Hon. William Crawford, IIJudge District 7thGenesee 0
Hon. Kevin CroninJudge Circuit 48thAllegan 2
Hon. Janice CunninghamJudge Circuit 56thEaton 0
Hon. Daphne Means CurtisJudge Circuit 3rdWayne 0