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Livingston County
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What others have said about Hon. L. Suzanne Geddis



Comment #: MI104
Rating:Not Rated
Contemplating sending this Judge to Judicial Tenure. She overlooks what is important. Her judgements do not typically go by MI State Law. I believe also she is ill both physically and mentally. I think it really is unbelieveable that Mcririe and Geddes are even allowed to practice Law in the same county. This gal does what she wants to do......DO NOT USE THIS JUDGE OR THE LAW FIRM OF NEIL NEILSON if at all possible.


Comment #: MI82
Rating:Not Rated
I have never seen a judge be so horrible in my life. She not only breaks the law but does not even care who's life she destroys. She does not ever read the motions or even listen to the lawyers. She is absolutely the worse judge ever on a bench


Comment #: MI79
Rating:Not Rated
Absolutely one of THE worst judges ever to sit on the bench! Passes judgement on the seriousness of the charge alone not actual evidence! Don't know if she's losing her mental facilities (shaking the entire time on the bench) or if perhaps medication is impairing her judgement. But, regardless she should be removed asap. Ruled in favor of keeping a baseless PPO based SOLELY on a UNRELATED incident that happened 3 years prior in which no charges were ever filed & no arrests were even made & had absolutely no merit or bearing on the PPO case currently before the court. And to make matters worse, Judge Geddis berated the plaintiff at the start for "PPO shopping" after the plaintiff's attorney failed to secure a PPO from another county. But oddly enough, Geddis let the hearing going on anyway. I say "hearing" because it wasn't in actuality a hearing, more like a sentencing. Geddis didn't give the defense a chance to speak at all. Did a complete 180 based solely on that unrelated 3 year old incident. Totally absurd BS ruling! Injustice if ever there was a such a thing.