Minnesota Judges - Last Name J

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NameTitleCourtJudicial DistrictCountyRate this JudgeRating# of Ratings
Hon. Debra JacobsonJudge District 3rdOlmsted 0
Hon. Karen JanischJudge District 4thHennepin 1
Hon. Lisa JanzenJudge District 4thHennepin 0
Hon. Jenny Walker JasperJudge District 10thAnoka 0
Hon. Jonathan JasperJudge District 10thAnoka 0
Hon. Krista JassJudge District 5thBlue Earth 0
Hon. Michael JesseJudge District 7thBenton 0
Hon. Lucinda JessonJudge Court of Appeals 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. David JohnsonJudge District 6thSt. Louis 0
Hon. Lawrence JohnsonJudge District 10thAnoka 0
Hon. Kurt JohnsonJudge District 5thBlue Earth 0
Hon. Matthew JohnsonJudge Court of Appeals 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Gregg JohnsonJudge District 2ndRamsey 0
Hon. Tad JudeJudge District 10thWashington 0