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Dakota County
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What others have said about Hon. Arlene M. Asencio Perkkio


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MN29
Rating:Not Rated
This judge is the reason individuals no longer have faith in the judicial system. She is lacks judgement, is biased, inconsistent, and a joke. When I was looking for an attorney and showed my previous case ruling by Judge Perkkio, they all knew of her horrible reputation. One said, "It is like throwing mud on the wall and seeing if anything sticks." There is no judicial bases for her decisions. I hope no one else has to experience the burden, suffering, and nightmare that she has placed on my family with her very poor decisions. Insecurity is a horrible trait and especially from a female judge waiving her "power card". I feel sorry for anyone who has to appear before her, especially if they think they are going to have justice served and upheld.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: MN10
Rating:Not Rated
This "judge" is a joke. She turns good people into criminals and criminals into victims. A child is being abused and she refuses to stop it. The promotes child abuse as long as the abuser is a woman. What a disgrace. This isn't Judge Judy, real children are involved.


Comment #: MN9
Rating:Not Rated
Wow Judge, you just ruled against a homeowner for the bank to take their home and 3/4 of a million dollars,without doing any case law study on their defenses. Turns out, these are the very same people that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States,to get this law nullified,and she refused to acknowledge it, and used old case law in her opinion. What a huge blunder! I wonder if the chief judge in the first district is paying attention to this case. She already got the same case reversed and remanded back to her , for a bad ruling. It's obvious! She is in bed with the banks! She 0-2 on our case , and she still won't realize what she did wrong,until the chief forces her early retirement. Oh yeah, she behaves like she thinks she is Judge Judy. Judy is one hell of a lot smarter than "the dishonorable judge perkkio"


Comment #: MN4
Rating:Not Rated
This judge has continued to insist that a known drug addict and child abuser have contact with the child she abused. The child has severe mental disorders including severe PTSD. The child has been unable to heal because this judge continues to insist that the child visit with this abuser. The people protecting the child have been threatened with jail time if they don't allow the child to go with his abuser. It is sad how much power and effect this judge has had on a small child's life.