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What others have said about Hon. Patrick D. Robben



Comment #: MN50
Rating:Not Rated
Judge robben is a very bias judge. His ruling through the whole case was based on hear say. I had actual evidence showing that I was being harassed by my child's father and his girlfriend and told me because I chose to move away from the situation that I was in the wrong. He never look at the actions of the other party just mine and he took my child away from me and refused to give me any custody back. He felt that even though me and my child have a very good bond he made his ruling on who had the more financially stable . he felt that since I'm not able to afford a trip from chicago to Phoenix two weeks that I was financially unstable. He didnt care that me and my child had a strong bond nor did he care that the child had siblings. He felt that I should be ok with just seeing my child on a video chat what the other party saw fit. He wants to me that because I moved that I was emotionally endangering my child because by keeping my child away from the other parent which wasnt true, but yet make a ruling of the exact same but don't feel that its not emotionally harming by making sure he's keeping a child away from her mother with this ruling. Its been a year since I physically seen my child and now I have to try to save to go all the way to Phoenix to try to get my baby home. Long story short this judge completely destroyed my family with his unfair, bias ,one sided ruling!


Comment #: MN32
Rating:Not Rated
I am a pro-se litigant dealing with a family court matter before Judge Patrick D Robben.

Based on my experience, Judge Robben is very slow to issue a ruling. It has been common to receive an order on the last day, by law, that one must be submitted.

In my case, I submitted 20+ pages of evidence regarding my issue. Judge Robben disregarded the evidence and instead rule on the hearsay testimony of the other party. Judge Robben's order included personal remarks about me that were negative, defamatory and were not issues brought up in hearing by the other party. When I filed a motion for reconsideration, Judge Robben denied the motion and refused to look at additional evidence I gathered... at that point the other party had lied in court regarding material facts, which could be easily proven. So now Judge Robben's ruling is based on lies, and since he refuses to consider the evidence I have no recourse.

Judge Robben also seems to overly rely on the use of Guardian ad Litems, and rubber stamp whatever recommendations are made, even if those recommendations violate state law or Best Interest factors. In my case, Judge Robben asked the GAL to perform duties beyond what a GAL is mandated to perform (mediate between parties, give psychological opinions, facilitate parenting time). When I objected, I was placed into supervised parenting time without any justifiable reason.

Judge Robben also seems biased against victims of domestic violence, and takes the stance that an abuse victim is "hostile" or "not cooperative" or "engaging in conflict". His rulings have posed a risk to my safety, and have promoted parental alienation.