Hon. Duane C. Dougherty See Rating Details
District Court
Douglas County
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What others have said about Hon. Duane C. Dougherty



Comment #: NE9
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Dougherty submitted his own Order at the conclusion of the trial.
Order was incomplete and incorrect and Judge Dougherty refused to correct his own mistake.


Comment #: NE1
Rating:Not Rated
I am the mother of two boys, ages 12 and 13. Judge Dougherty oversaw my divorce and custody case almost two years ago. Let me start off by saying that my ex is a felon. He has seven DWI's, ten Domestic Assaults, and lost his license for fifteen years and spent three and a half years in jail for DWI and domestic abuse. I have no record, have never been to jail, and was a very involved mother -- not to mention took care of my boys on my own while their dad was in jail. My youngest son is autistic and has very specific needs with regard to his schooling. When my ex got out of jail, we filed for divorce and he was hellbent on taking my boys away from me because I had moved on with my life. I wanted to put his twenty years of abuse behind me. Needless to say, he hired one of those fathers' rights attorneys and was able to win custody, after proving that I was cohabiting with my boyfriend. Judge Dougherty immediately had the boys removed and awarded my ex temporary custody, and it was never returned back to me. Since that time, my ex has had the boys. I pay him $800 a month in child support. However, he can't drive because he lost his license for fifteen years, he drinks excessively, and he is emotionally abusive to my boys. Just yesterday I received a note from my son's teacher and it said that she is very concerned for my son's emotional and physical well-being, and that it's affecting his grades. She suggested a meeting with his dad, myself, the principal, the nurse and the counselor and my son. My ex informed me that he would not be attending. In addition, my ex shows up drunk to his kids' football games, and to doctor appointments, and it's simply out of control.
Please tell me what kind of judge would give custody to a felon with seven DWI's and ten domestic assaults and no driver's license simply because I went against a court order and chose to live/cohabit with my boyfriend. My life and the lives of my children have been turned upside down since that day. I simply don't have the money to go back to modify this order, and I feel like me and my children have been sentenced to a life of hell. This man continues to abuse me because Judge Dougherty gave him the ultimate power to do so: he gave him my children. My ex knows that by having them he controls me. If my ex doesn't feel like letting me see my boys, then I don't see them. At this point, the only way that I see them is if I spend the night at his house. Then he tries to sexually assault me. If I refuse, he tells me to leave, and I can't see the kids. It's like I'm being abused all over again. He did this to me for twenty-five years, and now the judge has given him the power to do it again, only in different ways. How can a judge sit there and listen to me tell stories of busted lips, a fractured spine, a bruised vagina from a kick with a steel-toed boot and a concussion and make the decision that he made that day? Does he have no heart? My ex is a felon and he has custody of my boys -- all due to Judge Dougherty!