Hon. Angela White Dalton See Rating Details
Superior Court Judge
Superior Court
Monmouth County
Vicinage 9
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What others have said about Hon. Angela White Dalton



Comment #: NJ2572
I agree with many of you. My ex was emancipating our daughter because she wasn't in college because of medical bills she had to pay. My ex was responsible for her health insurance. I sent a letter and proof of everything I wrote in the letter. ( divorce papers, bills, ect.) 2 weeks prior to the court date. (Overnighted)
Day of court.... We had to be in court at 8:30 am. She didn't call us up until after lunch and had started hearing the afternoon cases before calling us up. When we got up there she asked me why my daughter wasn't in school. I started to explain when my ex started to speak over me. She NEVER even opened the letter I sent or looked at the divorce agreement. She not only emancipated my daughter but didnt enforce back Child support and made the emancipation retroactive. The short of the long of it, before I received the court papers my ex claimed he had a friend on the inside who advised him to stop the Child support and informed him it would be taken care of on the court day. Fair?? I think not!!!! She made me feel like a POS. My daughter was there and she didn't even bother to ask my daughter why she wasn't taken classes. Just to show the character of my ex....he didn't even say hello to our daughter nor has he contacted her since.


Comment #: NJ2560
Angela White Dalton is the text book example of a truly honorable judge; for all people, parents and law students. In my case, where the bitter mother took it all the way she did the RIGHT THING. We were one of the last cases in Essex. It does not matter whose favor it's in. You have to do the right thing. God bless Angela and her family, you know who I am ;) My daughter will be better off in life because of you and your values! Every child needs both parents!!! My heart goes out for you and you daughter. I'm speechless.


Comment #: NJ2545
Hon Dalton had made in haste an unfair order but unlike many lawyers and/or judges reversed her ruling. I was proud of myself in not rushing to judgement before I allowed the judicial checks and balances take it's full course. I also am IMPRESSED with any professional being able to reverse there desicions when shown the complete or additional evidence . I had a $31K Lien Placed, but then within a few short months Judge Dalton corrected this near life changing decision . My 18 yr old would not have been able to utilize Financial Federal Loans or Grants or Federal grant funds available to my girl.I was a Dentist until 50 but need Shoulder surgury.My Disabilty policy is PRIVATE for Dentists being disabled due to work.All in the end the judge ruled correctly.


Comment #: NJ2380
in my opinion this judge just wants to get through her cases so that she looks good.Deciding cases on their merit is not important to this judge.Her number one priority is to help women even if they are abusive and commit perjury in court. How can the courts allow this women to function as a judge?A disgrace to the legal profession.


Comment #: NJ2026
This judge helped my wife get out of a prenuptial agreement. This judge also helped my wife get out a tevis claim for domestic violence, She also allowed my wife to commit perjury and allowed her to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars and my house. I am now a homeless professional with no home. This judge actually ignored a report and a letter from two different psychologists stating that my wife was abusive. The judge was only interested in getting through her cases. If you are a man do not expect to get justice in her court room. A disgrace to the legal profession.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: NJ2013
My pension was evaluated for its value. She didn't have my wife's pension evaluated for its value.Complete gender bias. Also, she was not interested in the domestic violence that I was subjected to. She just wanted to get through her cases and help my wife from being held accountable for her domestic violence and emotional abuse that she committed during the marriage. A disgrace


Comment #: NJ2011
Judge Dalton was fair and reasonable. She was firm when called for, but I never felt uncomfortable. I represented my self and she gave me opportunity to present my side.


Comment #: NJ2003
This judge is just interested in getting through her cases. I do not believe that she even reads the paper work that lawyers submit to her. If she had then she would have discovered that some attorneys actually make up things in order to gain an advantage and manipulate the justice system. Perjury it seems is acceptable in her court room as long it is either a female or a lawyer that's doing it.I believe that the family courts in Monmouth County are a disgrace.


Comment #: NJ1989
This judge is only interested in getting through her cases. She would rather let women get away with domestic violence rather then make them accountable for their actions.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: NJ1981
This Judge makes her own laws and doesn't follow any protocol. We have also filed a complaint against this judge and should not be in office.